Why Bailee Madison Disappeared From Hallmark's Good Witch

The Hallmark Channel is mostly known for its large catalog of movies that premiere during the holidays every year, but a few shows have also gained traction on the channel. The series "Good Witch," which consists of seven seasons and 12 companion movies, became a fan-favorite franchise for Hallmark. The series starred Catherine Bell as Cassie Nightingale, and it followed her through the ups and downs of life as a witch in a small town.

One of the best parts of the series was the connection between Cassie and her daughter Grace, played by Bailee Madison. Seeing the young witch grow up and come into her own was a major part of the story, but Grace's story ended in the "Good Witch" season five finale when her character was written off and Madison exited the show. Thankfully, there was no bad blood between Madison and the series; the "Once Upon a Time" actress just felt like it was time to move on from "Good Witch" and explore other opportunities for her career.

Madison felt it was time to move on from Good Witch

Bailee Madison first appeared in season one of "Good Witch," suddenly a teenager after Grace had been seen as a child in multiple "Good Witch" films. Her relationship with her mom Cassie and learning how to control her magical powers is a big part of the show, as both mother and daughter deal with ups and downs surrounding their magical intuition. The duo quickly became fan favorites as viewers watched Grace grow up into a young woman, but they were shocked when Madison exited after season five. In her last episode, Grace graduates from high school and leaves Middleton to attend college. In an Instagram post, Madison opened up about what the series meant to her and why she felt it was time to leave.

"So grateful for five amazing seasons with Good Witch, the amazing cast and crew which have become like family and Hallmark Channel, who I've worked with since I was 11 years old ... I couldn't be more grateful for the new adventures ahead, and to have you all along with me on the ride as my story continues to be written, it's a thrilling one. With love, respect and gratitude, Bailee."

Madison remembered her time fondly when the show was canceled

Despite the popularity of "Good Witch," the show was unexpectedly canceled by Hallmark after seven seasons in 2021. Fans, cast, and crew were all confused and saddened by the cancellation, as "Good Witch" was one of the longest-running and most popular franchises to come out of Hallmark. The series finale aired on July 25, 2021, and even though Bailee Madison had been off-screen for two seasons, she posted a sweet message on X, formerly known as Twitter, thanking the cast and crew for her memorable experience.

"Tonight marks the series finale of Good Witch and my heart is thinking of my beautiful cast and crew that I shared five wonderful years with," she said. "I feel so fortunate to have been able to bring Grace to life for five wonderful years, and am so grateful to have been a part of the joy that filled homes. Congratulations to my GW family on an incredible run. I know you guys wouldn't have ever stopped sharing magic for our #Goodies, but I'm so proud of the love you poured into our show every day. I love you all madly! Xoxox Bailee, AKA your Grace always."