Kathy Griffin And Randy Bick Have A Bigger Age Difference Than We Knew

For a while, it seemed like Kathy Griffin and Randy Bick had one of the most successful age-gap relationships, but they divorced in 2023 after an 12-year-long relationship. In a 2016 People interview, Griffin revealed that she first met her future husband at a food and wine festival around 2011. Although they went on to have a long-standing relationship, it seems like Griffin had her reservations from the start because she believed their 18-year age gap would get in the way of something serious. 

She told People, "I thought he was just a man-whore." It seemed like he went on to win her over, as she gushed, "[W]e've been together five years now, and we have a great time, and he's very sweet and very mellow. He's like a regular guy. He's not like a Hollywood guy." She revealed that they had been living together at the time in Griffin's massive mansion, which was built for a family, but they didn't intend to fill it with children. 

The comedian added that she and Bick cherished their comfy night-ins, where they would sit on the sofa and binge-watch TV. It seemed like Griffin's relationship fears came true in 2018 when they split up for the first time. She took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to announce the end of their seven-year relationship because she didn't want tabloids to have a field day with their speculations. However, they got back together, and in that case, their age gap brought them closer.

Kathy Griffin's political views initially strained their relationship

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight in 2019, Kathy Griffin shared how her nearly two-decade age gap with Randy Bick brought things into perspective and helped them reconcile after a four-month split. She said, "Even though he's 19 years younger, we both turned to each other and realized this is the longest relationship for both of us, you know? We should fight for it and make it work." While admitting that brought them back together, they still had loads of problems to iron out. 

In 2017, Griffin received tons of backlash for her controversial Donald Trump photo, and she told ET that it also affected her relationship with Bick because his parents were Trump supporters. Nonetheless, the couple powered through and tied the knot on New Year's Day 2020 in an impromptu ceremony officiated by Lily Tomlin. The comedian later took to X to share that their unconventional nearly 14-minute-long ceremony started with Tomlin talking about how Griffin and Bick were destined to be a one-night-stand, but formed a genuine connection. 

She also revealed that Bick selected her wedding dress, and he had killed it by picking the dress she wore to their first date. Unfortunately, the couple couldn't make their marriage last, and Griffin filed for divorce in December 2023, a couple of days before their fourth wedding anniversary citing "irreconcilable differences," per People. Shortly after the news broke, Griffin shared her feelings via X, writing, "Well...s***. This sucks."

Kathy Griffin has been in several age gap relationships

In 2001, Kathy Griffin married Matthew Moline, who was 10 years her junior. The couple called it quits in 2006, and later in the year, she put him on blast during an appearance on CNN's "Larry King Live" by accusing him of stealing her money. She explained that Moline had withdrawn $72,000 from her bank account without her permission or knowledge. Griffin added the incident had deeply affected her trust in the marriage, so they tried couples therapy to mend things but ultimately couldn't make it work. 

After that, she dated Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who was 10 years older than her. In 2009, she attended the Teen Choice Awards with 19-year-old Levi Johnston when she was about 48. Then, in 2010, Griffin shared a light-hearted YouTube video of her crying as she looked at photos of him in magazines post-breakup. In 2011, an insider told Us Weekly that Griffin had sparked a new romance with Isaiah Mustafa, who you may know as the man from the Old Spice commercials. 

Speaking on "The Howard Stern Show," she confirmed her 14-year age gap relationship with Mustafa but maintained that things were relatively casual. A day later, Mustafa told Extra TV that he wasn't seeing anybody. While she hasn't commented about the age gap in most of these relationships, she defended her Randy Bick romance in a Larry King interview, saying, "I don't want one iota of judgment from you because he's a little younger than I am."