Home Town: Erin Napier's Cousin Jim Steps In For Injured Ben (& We Bet He Wishes He Didn't)

Even before the premiere of the second half of Season 7 of "Home Town" was finally announced, it was no secret that the demolition-loving half of the husband and wife team, Ben Napier, faced shoulder surgery in March 2023. His wife, Erin Napier, lovingly took care of him post-operation but couldn't stay away from the job site for too long. Similarly, the renovations and rebuilds for their home design TV show had to move along without Ben's help and talent.

In the season premiere, we see Ben offer as much assistance as he can with demolition before taking up residence on the couch courtesy of some pretty strong pain medication. Afterward, he can only use one arm as his repaired shoulder rests in a brace. Thankfully, the crew wasn't down a man the entire time — well, sort of. The Napiers invited a very special guest who, according to Ben, is "like me but better in so many ways. He's got more muscle in his entire body than I do in my left arm." Erin adds that he is "super smart," while Ben concludes that he is "great with numbers."

Unfortunately, most of these statements are just as untrue as the hilarious reasons Ben gives for his shoulder injury, as the special guest is none other than the Napiers' financial advisor, Jim Raspberry. Jim is also Ben's best friend and Erin's first cousin, but that familial relation by no means makes him a renovation expert.

Jim faces a few mishaps on the job

At first, things seemed to be going okay for the accountant turned handyman. Jim Raspberry helps demo the home and even has the wise idea to preserve a few of its sturdier items for reuse. But while he excels at tearing things down, putting them back together is a different story. For a guy who's so good with numbers, it surprises the Napiers and their crew that the measurements for the door frame are more than just a few inches off.

"We trusted him with some measurements," the installers reveal to Ben when he questions whether or not the frame is centered. However, Jim won't be dissuaded, vowing to fix the problem and persevere — only to be bested by the doors once again when it comes to the installation. Jim chalks it up to a learning process, while Erin admits in an interview, "I think everybody deserves second chances, third chances too, sometimes, maybe fourths." Ben then quickly grabs a power tool to remedy the situation.

Fortunately, Jim eventually proves himself, though it's not on the job site. Ben is blown away by Jim's woodworking skills while at his shop, Scotsman Co., particularly his technique on the lathe. Still, by the time the project nears its end, Jim is more than ready to sign off on "Home Town." As Erin releases her cousin from his duties, Jim emphatically nods, "This is the end of the line." 

Jim isn't a totally new face on the show

Though this is the most Jim Raspberry has been involved with a "Home Town" home renovation project, he's not a stranger to the HGTV series. His wife, Mallorie Raspberry, has been featured heavily as Erin's BFF, co-owner of Laurel Mercantile, and fellow woman on a mission to revitalize the Mississippi community. She is also an accountant, running her and her husband Jim's financial business, Raspberry Financial.

Like his wife, Jim is a jack of all trades, too. He's popped in occasionally to help Ben with projects as part of the HGTV series. Even when he's not directly on camera, Jim's been a part of "Home Town." On the Laurel Mercantile blog, it was revealed that the setting of the Napiers 2021 interview with "CBS Sunday Morning" was actually Jim and Mallorie's porch. And, as a major fan of the show and its hosts, Jim was close by watching the entire thing. 

The group of friends goes way back, with Erin divulging in an Instagram post that she and Mallorie were roommates in college when she introduced her to her cousin, Jim. To be sure, the Napiers and the Raspberrys are inseparable, but that doesn't necessarily mean Jim wants to become a full-time "Home Town” crew member. If his stint on the season premiere was any indication, he much prefers the financial office or Ben's woodshop to the home reno job site.