Inside Gypsy Rose Blanchard's Relationship With Her Husband

There are few names in the true crime world more prolific than Gypsy Rose Blanchard. In 2016, Blanchard was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the second-degree murder of her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, who abused Gypsy Rose for decades by claiming her daughter had various illnesses, including cancer, and forced her to needlessly use a wheelchair . The case has received widespread attention, thanks in part to the 2017 documentary "Mommy Dead and Dearest" and the 2019 miniseries "The Act" starring Patricia Arquette and Joey King. Because of the extenuating circumstances surrounding her mother's murder, many people sympathize with Gypsy Rose. Since she was released on parole after serving eight years — and her life is really only just beginning at the age of 32 — all eyes are on her and what she will do next. But there's one thing that is piquing interest more than anything else — her relationship with her husband, Lousiana native Ryan Anderson. 

Considering that Gypsy Rose's romantic history has been less than palatable (her first boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn, was convicted of killing Dee Dee Blanchard and received a life sentence), it's only natural that people are curious to see what Anderson is really like — especially since the relationship began while Gypsy Rose was still in prison.

The pair hasn't been shy about flaunting their love for one another since Gypsy Rose's release in December 2023, so is this finally happily ever after for the ex-con? Here's what we know.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Ryan Anderson connected via letters

It's easy to think that inmates serving time in prison can't possibly find love, but that's not always the case. Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Ryan Anderson connected when Anderson sent her a letter. He knew all about the case and why Blanchard was in prison, as he had watched the 2017 documentary "Mommy Dead and Dearest," as revealed in an interview with People. It might have been enough to deter some people, but the special education teacher decided that Blanchard was worth getting to know. When he made contact in 2020, he likely never thought it would lead to marriage — but it did. 

Anderson may not have reached out to his future wife at all if it wasn't for his co-worker, who wanted to send a letter to "Tiger King" star Joe Exotic, who was the talk of the town at the time. They made a pact, as Anderson explained to People: "I said, 'I'll tell you what, if you write him, I'll write Gypsy Rose Blanchard.' And I had watched her documentary ... like three years before that."

While Anderson didn't expect that Blanchard would return his letter, she did. The pair soon began to exchange correspondence on a regular basis. Blanchard was taken by Anderson's caring nature, including how he stepped in to help raise his nephew. 

They didn't meet in person until a full year had passed

Many may think a love affair struck up in prison can't possibly have a stable foundation. After all, how well do you really know someone when you're limited to sending letters and the occasional visit? While it's understandable that some have expressed concerns over Gypsy Rose Blanchard jumping into a romance with Ryan Anderson too quickly — especially since Blanchard already had one failed engagement to a man named Ken, who was also a prison pen pal — the pair didn't exactly jump into things, either. They spent a year writing letters and talking before they met in person, making it a long time coming by the time they finally laid eyes on each other. 

Due to the pandemic, visitors were restricted in prisons, which meant the pair couldn't meet until 2021. However, Blanchard insisted to People that this separation and long-distance relationship helped to develop their bond. She explained, "We've been able to build this emotional bond that within two seconds of talking on the phone, he knows my emotions. And he'll be like, 'Are you okay? Do you want to talk about it?'" She also admitted that she struggled emotionally during this period and while she admitted that she can be "a lot to handle," Anderson is patient and compassionate with her. 

Gypsy Rose Blanchard went on to explain that she is grateful to have a partner who is open with his emotions so she can do the same. The match made in prison appears to be working for the pair.

The couple tied the knot in prison

True love doesn't care if one of you is in prison. In August 2022, the Springfield News-Leader reported Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Ryan Anderson had said "I do" in a small ceremony at the Chillicothe Correctional Center where Blanchard was serving her 10-year sentence. As revealed in Blanchard's interview with People, her dad and stepmom wanted her to hold off until her release to tie the knot, but the couple just couldn't wait to be Mr. and Mrs. Even so, they're not done with wedding celebrations. As Blanchard told People, "We do plan on having a reception/redo wedding with all of our family and our friends and the dress and the cake and everything because we deserve that. I deserve that. He deserves that."

While it may not have been the traditional affair either of them wanted, it did make their union official. Blanchard explained that the couple's "prison wedding was just something to where we can make our vows to each other." She continued, saying, "And I think the party is kind of for everybody else and us, but mostly for everybody else." What exactly the "redo wedding" will entail — and who will make it on the guest list — remains to be seen, but at least all the paperwork is done and dusted so they don't have to worry about the legalities further down the line. 

Gypsy Rose Blanchard's husband says he is 'a very private person'

Considering just how well-known Gypsy Rose Blanchard is, some may think Ryan Anderson is in it for less than honorable reasons. However, he has gone on record to say that the attention is something he dislikes the most. Anderson is no fool, though, and is well aware that people are interested in Blanchard's post-prison life. In an interview with People, Anderson admitted, "It's going to be a whirlwind and there'll be a lot of attention. I'm still very nervous about that. I'm a very private person." Despite his stance, Blanchard isn't about to become a wallflower, thanks to her upcoming projects and her wish to help other people overcome abuse. As of this writing, Blanchard already has over 6 million followers on Instagram.

Both Anderson and Blanchard feature in the docuseries "The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard." Made by Lifetime, the series chronicles Blanchard's hope for release and also goes into further detail about her relationship with Anderson. Needless to say, it's going to keep them in the public eye for an extended period of time. 

Despite the media storm raging on, Anderson told People that they have a plan to deal with it all. "We've decided that every night, we're going to lay in bed, we're going to talk to each other and check on each other and see how we're doing, because it is going to be crazy for a minute," he explained.

Gypsy Rose is fiercely defensive of her husband

Considering everything that Gypsy Rose Blanchard has been through in her life and the disastrous consequences of her actions a few years ago, it makes sense that her followers would be protective over her and have questions about her new husband. That being said, Blanchard isn't about to sit back and take people criticizing her beau online. Trolls have been persistently leaving disparaging comments on Ryan Anderson's Instagram posts, but Blanchard stepped in to let her husband know she has his back — and also gave us some spicy details while she was at it. 

Anderson shared a selfie on Instagram in late November 2023. Some commenters chimed in — some branded him "creepy," one wrote that he looks like "Family Guy" character Peter Griffin, and another stated, "Something off about you." Blanchard jumped to her partner's defense after her release, leaving a lengthy retort on January 3, 2024. 

"Ryan, don't listen to the haters. I love you, and you love me. We do not owe anyone anything," she wrote before explaining that nasty comments simply didn't matter. Oversharing clearly isn't in Blanchard's vocabulary, as she finished off with, "Besides they jealous because you are rocking my world every night ... yeah I said it, the D is fire. happy wife happy life." While it doesn't seem her fans asked, everyone now knows that Blanchard has no complaints!

Ryan Anderson wants to wine and dine his wife

Planning a first date is hard in the best of times — but how do you go about planning a date when one of you is behind bars? Of course, Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Ryan Anderson didn't get their first official date in the real world until after they got hitched. Luckily for Blanchard, this Southern boy wanted to wine and dine her and give her a taste of what a real relationship should be like. After all, her dating history has been complicated, to say the least.

While talking to People before her release, Anderson detailed his plans for Blanchard's first night of freedom. After kicking the evening off with his special homemade gumbo, Anderson had plans to "hit the town" with his wife. "That night is when I'm going to get her to myself and have a romantic night out and take her on her first date," he elaborated. "Gypsy's never been on a real date where you go and sit somewhere and eat and go to a movie or do whatever."

According to Blanchard, the only other date she had been on in her life was a chaperoned meet-up with Nicholas Godejohn, who went on to murder her mother. The bar is low, but it seems that Anderson's standards are high, which we'd say is a positive.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Ryan Anderson hope to start a family

There was a time when Gypsy Rose Blanchard's life looked so bleak as a child that she probably never envisioned herself being able to start a family of her own. Under the thumb of her mother, Blanchard wasn't allowed to have control over her own health, let alone anything else. Fast forward to 2024 and the ex-con is already thinking about the future — and hearing the pitter-patter of tiny feet appears to be on her to-do list. As she confirmed to "Good Morning America," "We've talked about a starting a family. We just don't know when at this point. Our lives are pretty hectic right now."

Talking to People, she expressed hopes for growing her family with Ryan Anderson and for a vastly different, much healthier household. "I know the home that I'm going home to is with my husband, and I'm going to have a really supportive family dynamic," she said. "And I think that that's what I've been missing this whole time." It can't be easy for Blanchard to think about becoming a mother, given her experiences with her own mother. Blanchard has been candid about her complicated feelings about Dee Dee, telling People, "I'm still really trying to come to a place of forgiveness for her, for myself and the situation. However, she added, "I still love my mom."

Blanchard is close to her father and her stepmom, who have been there for her throughout her incarceration, so she has a good structure in place.

Gypsy Rose is keen to make sure their relationship stays healthy

Relationships are hard, anyone who's ever been in one knows that it's all about balance and respecting one another. Unfortunately for Gypsy Rose Blanchard, her previous romantic liaisons and her relationship with her mother haven't exactly provided healthy examples. When someone has been incarcerated for second-degree murder, are there worries about how arguments might unfold? If Anderson is concerned, he's stayed quiet about it. However, Blanchard has been open about how different they are when it comes to figuring out disagreements. 

She told People, "I think the only fear that I have is, honestly, just making sure that we have good conflict [resolution]," before going on to explain that she is more impulsive than her new husband and likes to fix things as they happen. Anderson, on the other hand, is the opposite, according to Blanchard. "He has to sit on things and think about it, and then come back a couple of hours later and resolve it." 

Oftentimes, being aware of the problem is half of the resolution, so perhaps Blanchard and Anderson's differing communication styles won't lead to any unsurmountable problems as they navigate their new lives together. Still, Blanchard being a free woman is a big change for both of them. As for Blanchard, in particular, she never lived under the same roof as a male (be that a family member or otherwise). We hope it's smooth sailing for these unconventional but dedicated newlyweds.