Travis Kelce Once Had His License Taken Away After A Bad Car Accident

Travis Kelce, possibly better known these days as Taylor Swift's boyfriend, has a pretty clean reputation compared to her previous romantic interest, Matty Healy. When some of the 1975 singer's comments were unearthed and found to allude to racism, many Swifties were not enthused about the duo's relationship. Travis, on the other hand, is becoming a fan favorite. When a deep dive was made into his old socials, Swiftie snoopers found little more than recollections about his trip to Olive Garden with his grandpa and copious amounts of comical spelling errors.

However, the NFL player isn't completely immune from scandals. He appeared on Jason Kelce's podcast, "New Heights," to reflect on their past just in time to ring in the New Year. On the January 3rd, 2024 episode, the brothers detailed an incident when the Kansas City Chiefs star was just 17 years old. Raised in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, by their dad, Ed, and their mom, Donna, who makes regular appearances at their football games, the Kelce siblings often found ways to get themselves into trouble. Apparently, it started from a young age, as Travis and Jason were each asked not to return to their preschool after various incidents.

But being kicked out of preschool doesn't compare to the car accident Travis was in as a teen. The high school athlete was driving a "hand-me-down Dodge Caravan," once belonging to Jason, joyriding with some of his football teammates before slamming into three cars parked along the side of the road. While no one was seriously injured, the accident did cost him his driving privileges. 

Travis Kelce lost his license for a while

Although Jason and Travis Kelce may have shared a laugh on the podcast when thinking back to their youth antics, Travis admitted that his actions were dangerous. I "put everyone's life in danger," he stated, noting that in 2007 when the accident occurred, he ultimately ended up being banned from driving in Ohio. His van, which he called "Purple Dragon," didn't survive the incident, but fortunately, he and his friends were okay.

The pro footballer had a few words of advice for those younger than him, stating, "Kids, wear your seat belt... don't do this, this was very dumb, and I'm very glad everyone came out okay; it was lucky." Unfortunately, it wasn't just his life he was putting in danger, but also his friends and former teammates, who he confessed were in the backseat. Jason agreed with his brother that while they were typical teens who felt invincible, it was very foolish. He remarked about the incident, "It sounds like something you should have your license taken for. If there's one thing not to mess around with, it's a motor vehicle."

Travis may have been a bit rowdy as a teenager, but it appears he has since turned things around, something his parents are likely very proud of because they've revealed he wasn't the easiest kid to raise.

He was suspended from college

On a previous episode of "New Heights," released on December 29th, 2023, Travis and Jason Kelce sat down with their mom, Donna Kelce. She confessed that while attending a festival when Travis was little, she had to have him wear a child "leash" because he would take off running. Donna recalled, "I couldn't catch you, Trav, you were so fast... You were just a terror." As he grew up, things didn't get much easier for Mama Kelce, who confessed that Travis "showed no fear for anything."

That could have included the University of Cincinnati administration and coaches. It was there while in college that the two-time Super Bowl winner was suspended in 2010 after testing positive for marijuana. Page Six reports that in the documentary "Kelce," Travis explained that he was one of the randomly selected players called for NCAA THC off-season drug testing. He recalled, "I was finally playing college football and having a blast. I was partying my a** off," which likely contributed to his positive test result. The quarterback even teared up when he remembered, "I got kicked off the team, scholarship was revoked, and I got to live with the embarrassment of it and I got to live with trying to get back into the university, so I could try and work my way back onto the team."

Eventually, he did (with help from Jason), and since has cleaned up his act and reached great career heights.