Inside Prince William's Brotherly Bond With Mike Tindall

Is this the beginning of an epic royal bromance between William, Prince of Wales, and Mike Tindall, son-in-law of Princess Royal Anne? We sure hope so. Prince William and his brother Prince Harry had their falling out over Harry's move to the United States and the subsequent publishing of his mind-boggling memoir "Spare" (which featured some shocking claims about Prince William). 

Since then, the two sons of the late Princess Diana and King Charles III have barely had any bonding moments while out in public together. Royal fans are sorely missing the sight of the male royal family members hanging out together and bonding, and since Catherine, Princess of Wales and Meghan Markle don't look like they're becoming best friends anytime soon, we've been left empty-handed.

Or at least we thought so. However, the relationship between Prince William and Mike, husband to William's cousin Zara Tindall, has given us hope that there is at least one happy royal friendship around. The two royals may have very different personalities, but they have the most adorable friendship. 

They have the best banter

Mike Tindall, former rugby champ, joined the royal family in 2011 when he tied the knot with Zara Tindall, the daughter of Princess Anne. Their royal wedding took place just three months after William and Kate, Prince and Princess of Wales, were wed. Even back then, it was clear that the two men were destined to become friends.

A sign of any good friendship is the ability to tease one another. And, surprisingly enough, Prince William and Mike have some of the most hilarious bits of banter we've yet to see from a royal friendship. Royal expert Rosa Silverman revealed that Mike had a friendly greeting prepared for William's 27th birthday. Per the Telegraph, Mike was overheard saying "How's it going, baldy?" when he saw William, and William just as cheekily replied with "What's it to you, fatty?"

While making an appearance on fellow rugby pro Rob Burrow's "The Total Sport Podcast," Mike poked fun at Prince William for being a lightweight when it comes to drinking alcohol. Tindall couldn't help but laugh as he revealed that his nickname for Prince William is "One Pint Willy," a funny name given to his friend for his inability to handle more than a few drinks. The comical podcast had both Burrow, Mike, and his wife Zara in absolute stitches. It was a funny moment that shows just how well Mike and William get along behind the scenes.

Their kids are also great friends

Not only do Prince William and Mike Tindall have the sweetest friendship, but so do their families. The families of both Mike and William have been seen together on occasion, but it was during a festive Christmas 2023 when rumors began flying that these two were better friends than anyone imagined.

The royal family was spotted attending service at Sandringham Church on Christmas Day. On their way to the historic church, Mike's daughter, Mia Tindall, was photographed walking with William and his children instead of further back with her parents. She was even holding hands with William's youngest son, Prince Louis, and the sight is enough to make your heart melt.

Mike seems to dote on his royal cousins' children as well. He was spotted hanging out with his pal William's children on the same Christmas Day outing. In one candid moment, Mike was seen pulling a smiling Prince George in for an affectionate, fatherly hug. The touching Christmas Day camaraderie had all of us thinking the same thing: Prince William has found a friend for life in Mike Tindall.