Awkward Princess Charlene Moments Caught On Camera

Princess Charlene of Monaco is an elusive character in the world of royalty, and it's hard to really know what to think of her. From her mysterious ear, nose, and throat infection (leading to a forced monthslong stay in South Africa) to her seemingly strained marriage, the former Olympic swimmer keeps her cards exceptionally close to her chest.

However, with cameras following her every move, it's no surprise that Charlene has been caught in some pretty awkward moments, and no matter how much of a poker face she puts on in public, body language doesn't lie. We're diving into those candid instances when the poised princess veered off her royal script, often with her husband Prince Albert by her side. It's a glimpse beyond the polished facade, revealing the human side of royalty.

In a world where her every move is meticulously documented, these snapshots capture more than just cringe-worthy moments; they offer a rare glimpse into the complexities of royal life. The body language, facial expressions, and subtle nuances of discomfort paint a vivid portrait of a princess navigating the pressures of life in the spotlight. The following pictures and videos capture the vulnerability and challenges Charlene faces, showcasing her as more than just a figurehead. The images, in which she's often accompanied by Prince Albert, add layers to their relationship, stirring curiosity and sparking conversations about the dynamics behind the royal curtain.

A tense conversation that looked more like a job interview

Royal engagement interviews are often romantic and giggly, as it was with Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales, or straight-up awkward, as was the case for Prince William's parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana. ("Whatever in love means," right?) Princess Charlene and Prince Albert certainly fall into the latter category, with the prince explaining very quietly why he took four years to propose. After he finished speaking, Charlene suddenly blurted out, "I'm a very stubborn person." She went on to say, "I took my time," to which Albert awkwardly retorted, "We both took our time." 

Charlene went on to defend her critics, telling her interviewers that if things had been the other way around and Prince Albert had to adjust to her country, her customs, and her cuisine, he would also have a hard time, especially under the glare of the media spotlight. Later on in the interview, Albert went on to say he thought it was the goal of all unions between a man and a woman to have kids, which they would in due time. 

The entire interview was incredibly awkward, and even the interviewers seemed to feel the tension in the air, shifting uncomfortably in their seats and looking at them almost pitifully. It was one of the first times the Monégasque people had gotten to hear Princess Charlene speak, however, so it was quite a revelation to hear her soft-spoken speech.  

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene have an awkward on-camera exchange

Weddings always lead to a bit of angst, stress, and nerves, so it's normal for a bride and groom to feel slightly nervous at the prospect of walking down the aisle. However, looking at a couple who is about to get married and seeing how in love they are should be easy. Yet, with Princess Charlene and Prince Albert, that was not the case. The pair were interviewed by Euronews backstage before a pre-wedding concert looking decidedly awkward in their interactions with each other, and in general. 

In one of the strangest moments OF the conversation, Prince Albert said, "We're really looking forward to this evening," before looking over at Charlene, and pointedly saying, "Aren't we?" Princess Charlene laughed uncomfortably before saying, "Oh, I am, for sure." In another odd interaction, Prince Albert stuttered, "I'm very proud of her," before Charlene looked at him and awkwardly said, "Thank you." 

An understanding person might watch it and assume it was simply pre-wedding jitters, but the body language between the pair certainly didn't show any warmth or affection, nerves or not. 

Princess Charlene was allegedly a runaway bride

Tears at weddings are often to be expected given their heightened emotions, all the love, and perhaps relief that all that stressful planning is finally over. However, Princess Charlene's wedding day to Prince Albert of Monaco was marked by emotional turmoil, with rumors swirling about her attempt to escape the union prior to the ceremony. The event, held on July 2, 2011, gained significant attention due to reports that Charlene tried to flee Monaco three times leading up to the wedding, to no avail. It all sounds very Hallmark movie-esque, though without all the cheesy acting. 

On the actual wedding day, the ethereal bride couldn't conceal her distress, and this was tough to watch at times. As she walked down the aisle during their religious ceremony, tears streamed down her face, capturing the attention of onlookers and photographers. The tears Princess Charlene shed were a poignant manifestation of the emotional challenges she faced, creating an unforgettable and uncomfortable scene during what was supposed to be a joyous occasion. Body language experts and media outlets have since commented on the awkwardness of the ceremony, highlighting the strained dynamics between the couple and citing it as evidence of problems in the marriage dating very far back. 

Trying to calm this speculation, Charlene told The Times, "Everything was just so overwhelming. ... There were all the mixed emotions because of the rumors and obviously the tension built up and I burst into tears."

Princess Charlene laughed awkwardly when asked how married life is

During a CBS interview in 2012, just one year after their massive wedding, the newlyweds were asked how married life was, and things could not have felt more awkward. In a surprisingly low voice, Prince Albert smiled tensely and replied, "Well, I think it's, wonderful. I can't speak for Charlene, but she will be able to answer you. But we're having a wonderful time." Things didn't look all that wonderful, though, as Princess Charlene laughed uncomfortably. Granted, not everyone is made for the spotlight, and many people get nervous during interviews.

Prince Albert even paused the interview several times, putting a stop to things when Charlene was asked what it was like to be a princess. She replied, "Yeah, it's great. It's — I don't know how to answer that, honestly. What's it like being a princess?" Perhaps he sensed a PR disaster? Later on, Prince Albert was asked what drew him to Charlene, and a palace official who apparently felt that was too personal didn't allow him to answer. The entire thing felt awkward, staged, and entirely too nerve-racking given they were simply answering normal questions about married life. 

Of course, considering that the media had once dubbed him a "playboy prince," it's not entirely surprising palace officials would be worried about every minor response to a question. Though, Charlene also said in the interview, "I mean, to be honest with you, I really do not read anything that's printed."

A competitive atmosphere between Princess Charlene and Prince Harry

In a unique convergence of royalty and sportsmanship, Princess Charlene of Monaco and Prince Harry attended a rugby match together on November 12, 2016, at Twickenham Stadium. The event marked an intriguing union of European and South African royalty, adding a touch of glamour to the typically robust and competitive rugby atmosphere. Looking at Charlene's face tells a story of competitiveness marked by a forceful smile as if she's hoping Prince Harry's team is going down. Her bright red lipstick even added to her fiery body language, while Prince Harry looked entirely enthusiastic; the contrast would have been funny to look at if it hadn't been so awkward and uncomfortable. England later won the match, 37-21, and Harry lived to tell the tale. 

Princess Charlene's twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella were just babies at the time, so it's also likely she was simply a tired mom. Later, in a 2019 interview with French publication Point de Vue (via People), Charlene spoke about motherhood, calling it "often exhausting" but praised the sweet bond her kids have with one another, adding that they have "incredible affection and gentleness for one another." The mom of two praised her toddlers, calling motherhood "stimulating" and adding, "Me, as their mother, I discover, I learn. I find it marvelous following their evolution, accompanying them on this path."

A strained smile as Prince Albert wraps his arm around Princess Charlene

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert graced the IAAF Diamond League's Herculis International Athletics Meeting in July 2017, held in Monaco. Charlene, adorned in a striking one-shouldered green dress, stole the spotlight not merely for her attire but for her intriguing behavior. When Prince Albert embraced her in a side hug, Charlene responded with a strained smile, maintaining a noticeable distance. Her arms tightly clasped at her waist and her strained neck conveyed a sense of separation, creating an unmistakably awkward atmosphere. Prince Albert, mirroring this discomfort, playfully contorted his face into an expression reminiscent of the cringe face emoji. Albert and Charlene are certainly not known for tactile displays of affection the way Prince William and Catherine Middleton are or even overt displays of PDA such as the hand-holding we see between Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

In the context of the annual Herculis gathering orchestrated by the Monégasque Athletics Federation (MAF) in Monaco, the event aims to curate an electrifying night of top-tier athletic prowess. Initiated in 1987 and overseen by Prince Albert himself, the MAF consistently champions the promotion of sports in the principality, contributing to Monaco's esteemed status as a paramount hub of athletic significance. Given their shared athletic background, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert naturally lend their support to this cause.

A look of love from Princess Charlene?

On the cusp of some of her darkest years, Princess Charlene stepped out with Prince Albert for the annual Red Cross distribution event in November 2019 looking incredibly uncomfortable as she exited the car and gave him a look that certainly didn't appear loving. The pair were there to hand out gift packages to the elderly and poor people, as Prince Albert has been the president of the Monégasque Red Cross for over 40 years.  

Unbeknown to the public, Charlene was going through an incredibly difficult time behind the scenes, however, having lost two close friends just 10 days apart, and coping with her father having surgery. Just a month later, Charlene explained her public appearances. According to People, she spoke to South African magazine Huisgenoot in December 2019, saying, "[P]eople are very quick to say, 'Oh, why isn't she smiling in the photos?' Well, sometimes it's hard to smile. They don't know what's going on in the background." She later candidly admitted that she is often homesick, sadly telling the publication, "I have the privilege of having this life, but I miss my family and my friends in South Africa and I'm often sad because I cannot always be there for them." While it's always easy to speculate, that's all totally understandable, and most of us can relate.

A deer in headlights at King Charles III's coronation

Princess Charlene made a rare appearance when she stepped out for King Charles' coronation in May 2023 and looked as if she would rather be in the dentist's waiting room before a root canal. She donned a nude skirt suit and a dour fascinator and failed to raise a smile in several pictures from the event (although neither did King Charles, so we can't fault her for that).

Charlene's body language throughout the coronation was tense, uncomfortable, and dare we say, awkward. Considering that the event took place in a church full of members of the British royal family who put the cringe in cringe-worthy at times (we're looking at your Prince Andrew), it was pretty hard to get any attention for one's behavior. But Charlene managed to do just that as she strode into the church with Prince Albert, who was decked out in uniform.

An awkward appearnce at a Red Cross Gala

While Princess Charlene certainly looked much stronger in 2023 than in the past, her awkwardness during public appearances with Prince Albert hasn't dissipated much. While she stunned in an ethereal white, glittering ballgown, reminiscent of a wedding dress at the Red Cross Gala in August 2023, her facial expressions looked like she would rather be changing diapers than attending the glamorous event. Of course, her awkward body language might have had something to do with her company as she was photographed arm in arm with her husband who doesn't bring out the best in her publicly. 

While their public appearances haven't done much to quell rumors of problems in the marriage, the couple has been extremely pointed about shooting down any mention of a divorce in the media. Earlier in the year, the Monaco royal palace was forced to hit back at more split rumors about the couple. This time they came from French publication Royauté, which said the pair are in the process of separating, which a spokesman for the couple claimed are "malicious rumors" and "totally unfounded." Palace sources later told People, "The article is made up of old stories which weren't true to begin with."

Trying to put on a united front at National Day celebrations

Amid the grandeur of Monaco's National Day celebrations in November 2023, Princess Charlene and her family, led by Prince Albert, seemed to exude an air of palpable awkwardness. The festivities, designed to be a showcase of regal unity, took an unexpected turn as the royal family's body language and interactions appeared strained. While the keyword on National Day is "celebrations," Charlene looked awkward, Prince Albert looked tense, and their twins, Prince Jacques, and Princess Gabriella looked like they were on their way to the principal's office at school. Despite the cheerful atmosphere, candid photographs revealed subtle body language cues suggesting all was not right at the royal palace. 

According to the Daily Mail, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene are living apart and only see each other by scheduling an appointment, as if they're colleagues. Media outlets in Germany and France claim Charlene has been living in Switzerland, with a source telling the French publication Voici that the pair are a "ceremonial couple." However, back in 2021, Albert tried to shoot down rumors of issues in the marriage when he revealed his wife was seeking medical treatment outside of Monaco. He told People, "I'm probably going to say this several times, but this has nothing to do with our relationship. I want to make that very clear. These are not problems within our relationship; not with the relationship between a husband and wife. It's of a different nature."

Creating distance between herself and Prince Albert

In 2023, Princess Charlene stepped back into the public eye a lot more, though still with her trademark awkward body language around her husband Prince Albert. While the couple have made an effort to put on a united front, especially with the eyes of the media upon them, their body language is hard to ignore. During the Christmas season that year, Charlene and Albert attended a whole host of events, including the annual Red Cross distribution event in November 2023 at which she was seen squirming under her husband's touch. 

Most happy couples tend to lean into one another, even if they're not fond of public displays of affection, such as Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales, who are obviously happily married even when they don't show PDA very often, if at all. However, as Prince Albert touched his wife's back, she looked stiff, created distance between them, failed to raise a genuine smile, and appeared as if she was allergic to her own husband. Of course, it can be difficult to tell from body language alone what's going on behind the scenes in Monaco, or Switzerland, or wherever Charlene is living now.