A Look Back At Christina Applegate's Fling With Brad Pitt

After rising to fame in the late 1980s in the popular sitcom "Married...With Children," Christina Applegate became one of Hollywood's most adored young acts. Her comedic talent and on-screen charm in her role as Kelly Bundy contributed significantly to the show's 10-year television run. In that era, the teen sensation entered into a brief romantic tryst with another up-and-coming heartthrob was none other than Brad Pitt.

Both of them made several appearances in the series "21 Jump Street," so it seems fitting that sparks would fly between these two. The pair didn't blossom into one of Hollywood's power couples, with both moving on to their respective highly publicized relationships. However, their whirlwind love affair is solidified in '80s pop culture history, marked by a handful of photos of them together. That includes their date at the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards and the abrupt end of their fling, which ironically occurred the same night.

Brad Pitt was a regular at Applegate's family barbeques

It's not precisely clear when the turning point was in Christina Applegate and Brad Pitt's friendship. However, aside from their filming together on the set "21 Jump Street," what is known is that Pitt was a regular at the Applegate home. As the privileged daughter of "The Aliens Are Coming" actor Nancy Priddy and record producer Robert Applegate, famous people stopping by was likely a regular occurrence in their home. Of those was Pitt, who attended the Los Angeles home regularly for barbeques. Actor Jason Priestley also accompanied him to the family fun days at Applegate's residence.

It's unclear if sparks flew before or after these visits. Nevertheless, the pair hit it off and attended the Amnesty International Event in 1988. Then they showed up together at the MTV Video Music Awards the following year. Applegate stunned in a strapless floral dress with a matching wrap, while Pitt looked dapper as ever in a black blazer. While cameras captured the two on their outing, Applegate pulled a disappearing act on Pitt to hang out with another handsome entertainer.

Applegate ditched Pitt at the VMAs for a rockstar

Yes, Christina Applegate ditched Brad PittĀ at the 1989 VMAs for another guy. The identity of the rebound guy remained undisclosed for a long time. In August 2015, on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live," Andy Cohen pressed Applegate about the incident, which she confirmed did take place but still kept mum about who the other man was. However, after the show aired, the enigmatic figure was revealed to be Skid Row rocker Sebastian Bach.

During the press run for his memoir "18 and Life on Skid Row," Bach spoke with the "Elliot in the Morning" radio show, revealing himself as Applegate's replacement date. "She was interviewed recently on, like, Entertainment Tonight, or something, and they said, 'What was the dumbest thing you ever did?' And she goes, 'One night I ditched Brad Pitt for this other dude.' And that dude would be me," Bach shared during the December 2016 broadcast [via Loudwire]. "So there was a time on this earth when Sebastian Bach was, like, a hotter lay than Brad Pitt. Of course, that's going in the book." They only went out on a few dates, though nothing more came of their romance.

As for Applegate and Pitt, they never went out on another date after she left him at the award show. Still, there doesn't appear to be any hard feelings between the two. Pitt hasn't spoken publicly about the courtship, and Applegate is happily married to musician Martyn LeNoble.