A Look At Hallmark Star Jesse Metcalfe's Love Life

Jesse Metcalfe, the ultimate Y2K heartthrob, gained everyone's attention with his role as John Rowland, the handsome gardener in "Desperate Housewives." He went on to play the villain John Tucker in the popular 2006 romcom "John Tucker Must Die" and headlined the TNT reboot series "Dallas" in 2012. Later on, Metcalfe solidified his celeb status as a Hallmark Channel favorite by starring in numerous original movies for the network, including "A Country Wedding," "Christmas Next Door," and the "A Martha's Vineyard Mysteries" franchise.

Alongside his successful Hollywood career, Metcalfe's romantic escapades have been a frequent topic of public discussion. The Hallmark star had several public relationships, including ones with "Girls Aloud" singer Nadine Coyle and model Corin Jamie-Lee Clark. Notably, he was also engaged to Cara Santana, known for her role in the television series "Vida."

After a series of high-profile relationships, Metcalfe shared on the Betches' "U Up?" podcast in April 2023 that he was single and working on himself. Reflecting on his romantic experiences, he also admitted that he might not be the best person to ask for dating advice. While he humorously acknowledged his lack of wisdom in the realm of relationships, Metcalfe shared that he was ready for a more serious commitment, which may not have been the case during his previous romances.

Jesse Metcalfe was in a two-year relationship with Nadine Coyle

Jesse Metcalfe's first relationship known to the public was with an Irish musician, Nadine Coyle. The singer reminisced about the start of their two-year romance while participating in the reality survival series "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!" During the episode, as reported by the Daily Mail UK, Coyle revealed that she was aware of Metcalfe before meeting him, describing him as her ideal type, looks-wise. "I used to think he [was] so gorgeous, and I was doing an interview; it was one of those 'who do you fancy' things, and I said the gardener from 'Desperate Housewives,'" she shared.

Coyle revealed that she met the actor during a night out, and they hit it off immediately. The year was 2006, and for Coyle, everything seemed perfect. "We had a great time. He was really passionate, super passionate, and fun," she said.

Notably, Metcalfe checked into rehab in 2007 for an alcohol addiction, which proved to be a challenging ordeal for Coyle as it ultimately resulted in their breakup the following year. Despite Coyle fondly remembering their time together, Metcalfe did not share the same sentiment. Following their separation, according to a Mirror UK report, Metcalfe was allegedly overheard criticizing Coyle at a nightclub, saying: "I have never grieved over our relationship. It was ruining my life; it was ruining my career."

The Hallmark star was engaged to Cara Santana for years

In 2009, Hallmark star Jesse Metcalfe began dating actor Cara Santana. They kept their relationship under wraps, though, rarely appearing in public together during the first few years of their romance. The couple got engaged in 2016, with Metcalfe telling Us Weekly, "It's been a long time coming, but we couldn't be happier." When speaking to People about planning the wedding, Santana shared: "Now that we're engaged, I feel this total sense of calmness. Like, we'll get to the wedding. We've got the rest of our lives."

The relationship headed downhill in 2020 when Metcalfe was photographed cuddling up with two different women on the same day, as reported by the Daily Mail. According to an insider cited by Us Weekly, Metcalfe was not so sincere about his situation with Santana. "The girls Jesse has been with are aware of Jesse's relationship with Cara, and he has been telling them along with other friends that 'it's complicated' between the two of them." Another source claimed that Santana wasn't aware they had officially separated.

Despite ending their decade-long relationship, Santana and Metcalfe continued to live together during the initial COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, People reported. However, sources claimed that they were not working through their issues and had definitively concluded their romance.

He went on to date Corin Jamie-Lee Clark

After ending his relationship with Cara Santana, Jesse Metcalfe was romantically linked to model Corin Jamie-Lee Clark in August 2020. The couple officially went public with their romance in December 2020, when Metcalfe wished Clark a happy birthday on his Instagram account, according to a People report.

In February 2022, Metcalfe opened up to Us Weekly about the relationship, sharing, "I kind of feel like treating your significant other well and romancing and courting your girlfriend; that's a daily ritual." The Hallmark star added, "That's something that you should be doing all the time." Although rarely seen together in public, the couple actively shared their relationship on social media. Metcalfe has since deleted all posts related to Clark, while the model still has most of her photos with him on her page. In one particular post featuring the former couple cuddling, Clark wrote: "Happy birthday, my love, @realjessemetcalfe. This is home to me."

Despite their seemingly perfect relationship, Metcalfe and Clark decided to part ways in December 2022, as reported by People. According to an insider who spoke to the outlet, Metcalfe didn't see himself getting more serious with Clark, which is why he opted out of the relationship.