Why Niki Taylor's Return As A Covergirl Was 'Easy, Breezy'

It's brag-worthy enough to be a CoverGirl once, but imagine scoring that coveted title twice and with 30 years in between. Supermodel Niki Taylor did just that, proving that not only does she have what it takes to be the ultimate makeup model, but she's also got some serious staying power.

Back in the 1990s, some of the most popular models around graced CoverGirl ads. The makeup brand was known for its "easy, breezy, beautiful" slogan and the famous faces who uttered it while donning perfect makeup. Taylor was one of the originals; she modeled for the brand from 1992 to 2000. In fact, Taylor was quite the big deal during that decade, as she was so in demand that she graced the covers of a half-dozen magazines during the same month, according to NikiTaylor.com.

In 2021, two decades after her contract ended, Taylor became a CoverGirl once more. At 46 years old, the supermodel got back to her roots, representing CoverGirl's Simply Ageless collection. The saying goes, "You can't go home again," but Taylor proved that sometimes, you can, and it may actually be easier, breezier, and more beautiful the second time around.

CoverGirl came full circle for Niki Taylor

In the early 2020s, '90s fashion trends certainly came back into style. And, as it turns out, so did '90s fashion models. CoverGirl's Simply Ageless collection is made up of makeup that aims to nurture skin and help with the look of aging. So, who better to represent it than someone who has aged as gracefully as Niki Taylor? Surely, this is what the minds behind CoverGirl were considering when they called Taylor back to reprise her role as the face of the brand after a decades-long hiatus. And, since she was an old pro, they let her run the photoshoot herself. She took the photos herself at home on her iPhone. "I even did my own makeup, so the whole experience has been very easy, breezy!" Taylor said (per Parade). 

It seems that having Taylor return to CoverGirl wasn't just a win for the brand; it felt right for her, too, as she has fond memories involving the brand's products. "I remember watching my mother apply her CoverGirl makeup, and she used to put just a little blush on me before we went to the bus stop — it was in elementary school," she told Harper's Bazaar. It seems that Taylor's life was leading up to this CoverGirl reunion. 

It was a long road back to CoverGirl for Niki Taylor

When Niki Taylor returned to CoverGirl after a very long hiatus, she looked as beautiful and cover-ready as ever. Of course, despite it being 20 years that she has been away from CoverGirl, she was still only 46 years old when she returned. This was thanks to a record she broke in the '90s, as she had a major six-figure contract and was the first model under 18 years old to do so, according to NikiTaylor.com. She then graced many more coveted covers from Cosmopolitan to Vogue. 

When Taylor's original CoverGirl contract ended, the modeling world was her oyster. Unfortunately, a year later, a devastating car accident derailed her life. Taylor was in a six-week-long coma and had nearly 60 surgeries on her damaged spine. "I took a lot of time off because it took a good three years to heal and to get my body back to — not normal — but I'm just glad I'm here," Taylor explained to Fashionista. "I got to fall in love again and have two more babies. Then I got really, really healthy and I got to go back to work and I have an incredible manager and an incredible agent." 

Getting back to representing the makeup brand that her mom used to apply to her cheeks in elementary school seems like the perfect way to get back to business. So, we couldn't agree more with the star when she told Harper's Bazaar, "I love how things come full circle."