Sofia Richie And Elliot Grainge Have A Quiet Luxury Approach To Pregnancy

Model and all-around It girl Sofia Richie and her husband Elliot Grainge are getting a visit from the stork soon. That's right; the daughter of famous singer Lionel Richie has a baby on the way. Sofia dropped her big news in an interview with Vogue, revealing in the process that she found out she was expecting very early. However, Sofia didn't realize the symptoms she was experiencing then were due to pregnancy. "I was about four weeks pregnant. I was on a trip to Milan for Fashion Week, and I was going to the Prada show," Sofia recalled. "I was doing a really quick 24-hour turnaround, and I felt terrible but didn't think much of it. I thought it was jet lag."

When the model made it back to Los Angeles, she knew that her sickness, coupled with a late period, had to be something more. Sofia and Grainge had been trying for a baby since their wedding in April 2023, and, after she took a handful of pregnancy tests, Sofia discovered that she was indeed finally expecting. After her France-based wedding to Grainge made waves with its glitz and glamour, including a total of three different Chanel wedding gowns, Sofia's pregnancy is sure to spark even more interest. However, don't expect too much flair. The fashion icon and her husband have decided to take a very quiet yet still luxurious approach to this journey.

The couple wants to enjoy their space during pregnancy

How Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge handle their pregnancy may just set a precedent for future celebrity pregnancies. In her interview with Vogue, Richie divulged some of what she's done so far, and it's all very low-key and even somewhat relatable. To announce her pregnancy to both her and Grainge's parents, Richie put her positive pregnancy tests into a designer box to trick them into thinking they were receiving an expensive gift, sharing, "I want to say it was a Hermès box or some sort of box — and I told everyone that I had bought them a gift from Milan Fashion Week."

The soon-to-be grandparents' reaction to the minimal yet cute pregnancy reveal was priceless, morphing from thinking they were getting one kind of gift to another significantly more exciting one. Richie also noted how sweet and simple her gender reveal was, even though it also perfectly encapsulated how close of a couple she and Grainge are. Instead of throwing a huge party, they purchased pink and blue party poppers to reveal their unborn child's gender. 

Her assistant chose the right one, and the happy couple popped it together — no fanfare, no crowds — and discovered they were expecting a daughter. Richie held off on sharing the news publicly due to anxiety over how the journey would go, and it seems she and Grainge want to continue to keep their privacy intact, which we can totally respect. Even her Instagram posts have been understated, with the model writing simply "And then there were three" alongside shots from the Vogue shoot of her and her husband posing while showing off her prominent baby bump.