What Brooke Shields Loved About Starring In Hallmark's Flower Shop Mystery

Brooke Shields is most known on the Hallmark channel for headlining the movie series "Flower Shop Mysteries," in which she stars as lawyer-turned-florist and amateur detective Abby Knight. The feel-good mystery franchise pairs the leading lady with Brennan Elliott, who plays her former private investigator ex-boyfriend, Marco Salvare.

While the cozy mystery series appears to have joined Hallmark's ever-growing list of popular, but canceled programs, Shields has opened up about what she enjoyed most about starring in the movie franchise. "I wanted to do something that my kids could watch," she shared with Today. "I also really wanted to do something light-hearted and funny and it's really nice to just be entertaining."

If you're unfamiliar, Shields is the mother of two daughters shared with husband Chris Henchy. Her oldest daughter, Rowan, was born in 2001, while her second daughter, Grier, was born in 2003. In addition to creating content that she could share with her children, joining the Hallmark family also landed the iconic model her first executive producer gig.

The Hallmark star is a fan of the cozy mystery genre

The family-friendly nature of Brooke Shields' "Flower Shop Mysteries" franchise is wrapped up in its cozy mystery roots. The actor has expressed a real appreciation for classic series like "Magnum P.I." and "Murder, She Wrote," mentioning them as the inspiration behind Hallmark's very own lighthearted mysteries. "That genre of television that didn't push the limits too far and appealed to families," she told TV Insider.

Beyond television, Shields also revealed in a Facebook clip that she's a big fan of cozy mystery books, having grown up on "Nancy Drew" and "The Hardy Boys." This also includes the books that the "Flower Shop Mysteries" franchise is based on, which are written by Kate Collins. "People who read the books shouldn't hide them," Shields shared with TV Insider. "Be proud!"

Other than that, Shields mentions the comedic elements of "Flower Shop Mysteries" as a big highlight for her. "Ours is very comedic, so for me I love the comedy," the "Pretty Baby" actor told Showbiz Junkies. "We've amped up the comedy a lot more and I think that's different for them with regards to the Mysteries."

Shields worked as an executive producer on the franchise

Brooke Shields also debuted as an executive producer on Hallmark's "Flower Shop Mysteries," marking another major reason why she enjoyed working on the franchise. "I wanted to really be involved and be part of something I could learn from," she told TV Insider. "It was my first foray into executive producing. It's been a real education for me."

While she learned a lot in this new role, Shields was able to utilize her long-running industry experience to inform her decision-making. If you're unfamiliar, the "There Was a Little Girl" author has been in the industry for her entire life, making her modeling debut at just 11 months old. As she told Global News, "[I] realize that I actually — all the years that I have been around — I've been picking up on things and I do have an opinion, you know."

While it looks like Hallmark won't be bringing Shields back for any more flower-themed mysteries, we'd love to see the feel-good network and the iconic actor collaborate again in the future.