Ben Affleck's Dunkin Donuts Commercial Was A Perfect Fit For The Coffee-Loving Actor

Hollywood actor Ben Affleck eats, breathes, and sleeps everything that has to do with his home state of Massachusetts. That shouldn't surprise any of his fans as they probably already know that if Affleck is not cheering on the Boston Red Sox at a game, then he's most likely filling up on caffeine at a local Dunkin' shop. 

Simply put, Affleck's heart belongs to the Bay State, which is why his Dunkin' commercial was a perfect fit for the actor. Sure, he's starred in big-screen hits like "Argo" and "The Town," but his commercial for Dunkin', headquartered in Canton, Mass., might be his best work yet.

While Affleck's love affair with Dunkin' was well documented during the lockdown period of 2020 when he would often have his iced coffee delivered to his home in Los Angeles, it took some time for the company to truly realize that the father-of-three might be their best spokesperson since the original Dunkin' Donuts guy, Fred the Baker.

Ben Affleck's love for Dunkin' runs deep

Ben Affleck loves his Dunkin' iced coffee so much so that he is probably the only resident of Los Angeles who will forgo a Starbucks coffee for his hometown brand instead. The man has been runnin' on Dunkin' for years now and even thinks that he's responsible for making the brand just as hip as their Seattle-based competitor. "It's amazing! I have Dunkin' Donuts every day," he told Collider in 2019. "It's very weird, I have it every day and people are always like, 'Where is that? Is that near here?' So, I feel like I'm spreading the word."

That's probably why Affleck and his wife Jennifer Lopez agreed to star in a commercial for the company during the 2023 Super Bowl. One source told Entertainment Tonight that Affleck was paid "several million dollars" for the spot and a donation to his organization, Eastern Congo Initiative.

The commercial sees Affleck working the drive-thru with a very strong New England accent until Lopez shows up and demands a glaze. One customer by the name of Lisa Mackay explained that Affleck even had the Boston attitude behind the window counter when filming for Dunkin'. "He took my order and I handed him a $10 and he threw it right back at me and handed me my iced coffee," she said, according to Entertainment Tonight. "He was super nice, very funny, and handsome, of course."

Now, as far as why Affleck loves Dunkin' so much, there's an explanation for it.

Ben Afflecks is still sipping on other brands

In an interview with People, Ben Affleck explained that Dunkin' was very much a part of his childhood when he was growing up. Just like so many other kids who grew up in the '70s and '80s, Affleck said that ordering assorted munchkins after a Little League or basketball game was the thing to do. Plus, there are few things that Affleck loves more in his life than coffee and the city of Boston. "I've always associated coffee with community and talking to friends — and conversations and socializing — which I think is part of the appeal," he said.

But just because Affleck and his wife Jennifer Lopez decided to star in a Dunkin' commercial together, that doesn't mean he only gets his loyalty card punched at the franchise. Back in December 2022, the actor was spotted leaving a — gasp — Starbucks while Lopez is known to walk around the city with a holiday Starbucks cup in her hand, too. Let's just say that Fred the Baker would never do Dunkin' that dirty.