Christina Aguilera Can't Escape The Ozempic Gossip At 2024 Grammys

Singer Christina Aguilera wowed at the 2024 Grammy Awards. Wearing a pale blue dress with long sleeves and a long train, barely an inch of skin was left showing — but the dress left little to the imagination where her figure was concerned.

After she gave birth to her son Max in 2008, Aguilera began showing off newly padded curves in body-hugging dresses and outfits. Over the years, her weight has fluctuated between kids, performances, movie roles, and personal life moments, like a divorce. No matter what number the scale revealed, though, she has always embraced her figure with no apologies or explanations. 

When she stepped onto the red carpet at the music awards show with a less voluptuous frame than seen in more recent years, rumors and assumptions started flying at warp speed. As the public has been used to doing lately, cries of Ozempic-aided weight loss filled social media.   

Her thinner frame has people buzzing

No stranger to having her weight commented on, Christina Aguilera's shape and size have been the topic of conversation on more than one occasion. When she had a fuller figure, headlines like the one written by International Business Times, "Christina Aguilera Weight Gain: Fat or Unflattering 'Super Skimpy Outfit?'" and a controversial fat-shaming battle with Britney Spears were just the tip of the iceberg. 

Now that she's showing off a slimmer figure, there are still comments being made, mostly about her method of weight loss. While Aguilera has talked about healthy eating and exercise, others are talking about pharmaceutical methods, namely, Ozempic — the diabetes injection that has the potential side effect of causing pounds to drop. 

In response to photos of the singer on the red carpet, commenters on X (formerly known as Twitter) had opinions. One user posted notes like "Oh oh oh Ozempic," mimicking the well-known jingle from the brand's commercial, while another expressed her dismay, saying "Not the Ozempic face." One more came right out with a direct assumption: "She most def took Ozempic."