What Would Lead Hallmark Hunk Tyler Hynes To Leave The Network

Since the Great American Family channel launched in 2021, multiple fan-favorite actors have departed from the Hallmark channel to join the up-and-coming feel-good network. This includes notable stars like Candace Cameron Bure and Cameron Mathison, previously Hallmark veterans.

However, avid viewers of the channel can rest assured that Hallmark hunk Tyler Hynes doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. In a 2023 interview, the "It Was Always You" actor opened up about what would lead him to actually leave the channel, explaining that it would have to be a change in the network's environment.

"If I start showing up on set and I start to feel like this is no longer immersive or interesting," he told Vulture. "If it ever gets pretty unpleasant, I'd be out. If the vibes go toxic, I would leave." Otherwise, the Hallmark star remains completely committed to the network, attributing his loyalty to the channel's feel-good vibes and dedication to the romcom genre.

Hynes has commented on the GAC departures

While Hallmark heartthrob Tyler Hynes has remained committed to the channel, he's also expressed brief opinions about those who've decided to depart from the network. When talking to Vulture alongside his "Three Wise Men and a Baby" co-stars Andrew Walker and Paul Campbell, the "Winter in Vail" actor was asked about his opinion on Candace Cameron Bure's decision to leave Hallmark for GAC.

"I can't imagine how complicated or nuanced her relationship was or wasn't," Hynes told the outlet. "All I know is, for us, it's very simple why we're here. We know what we're doing." While this brief comment didn't express more than an acknowledgment of the situation's complexity, Hynes has otherwise commented on his personal loyalty to the Hallmark channel, a statement that shines a bit of light on what he might think about the Hallmark departures.

"I think loyalty is dying, and that kind of purity. I think it's a beautiful thing," he told Culturess. "It should be supported. So I'm here for it. As long as the fans and folks will enjoy it and it doesn't get too stale, I'll be there." While we're sad to see fan-favorite actors like Bure leave the network, we're very happy to know that Hynes is in it for the long haul.

Hynes appreciates Hallmark's atmosphere

Tyler Hynes' long-standing loyalty to the Hallmark channel lies in what he appreciates most about the channel, which he's opened up about in several interviews. From the beginning of his feel-good career, which kicked off with "Falling for You" in 2018, Hynes has been a big fan of the positive atmosphere fostered by the Hallmark channel.

When talking with Media Village in March 2023, the Toronto native revealed that Taylor Cole, his first-ever Hallmark co-star, introduced him to this supportive environment. "She laid it out for me, and it's been exactly as she described since the beginning — a truly lovely place," he shared. "I think that's in no short order due to the people who watch the network and the people who run it. It's a tapestry we're all in and such a fun environment."

Additionally, Hynes has expressed an admiration for Hallmark's dedication to romcoms, one of his personal favorites. "I think I love the romance genre," he told Culturess. "I think Hallmark picked up the baton that no one else was and ran with it, and I think that's incredibly smart and admirable to see the resurgence of that."