90 Day Fiancé: Jasmine And Gino's Top 5 Biggest Fights

TLC's "90 Day Fiancé" franchise stands out as with its unique reality show concept — a non-U.S. citizen and an American must decide within 90 days whether to marry. The period in question is the duration of a K-1 visa, also known as a fiancé visa, which allows the non-U.S. citizen to enter the US and, in most cases, meet their partner for the first time. The spin-off series, "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days," delves into the period preceding the approval of the K-1 visa, showcasing the often tumultuous journey of the couples involved.

Among the many couples featured on TLC's hit shows, Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda stand out for their unique dynamics. After meeting online in 2019, the couple began sharing their romance with TLC's audience in 2021, initially appearing on "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days" before transitioning to the main series in 2023.

Jasmine, a native of Panama City, and Gino, residing in Michigan, have had numerous explosive conflicts on screen. Given their 18-year age difference, with Jasmine being the younger of the two, and their distinct cultural backgrounds, it's no surprise that their disagreements often escalate dramatically. Here, we've highlighted five of their biggest fights, so if you're not caught up on all the episodes, be wary of spoilers ahead.

When Gino shared Jasmine's intimate photos with his ex

While Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda have been a fiery couple ever since we first met them in Season 5 of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days," their first big fight left everyone speechless. A couple of months after Gino and Jasmine got together, Gino shared intimate pictures of Jasmine with his former girlfriend without Jasmine's knowledge. Jasmine only learned about this sometime in 2021, when the ex-girlfriend sent her screenshots of their conversation.

Upon confronting Gino, he initially denied the incident but later confessed, admitting he did it to provoke jealousy in his ex-girlfriend. "That was rubbing it into her, yes," Gino said on the show as Jasmine started crying. Understandably hurt, Jasmine said that she had lost all trust in him before walking away. Soon after, Jasmine discovered Gino had also mocked her jealousy while texting with his former partner. Feeling betrayed, Jasmine decided to confront Gino again, stating, "You did bad to me; you'll pay for it."

Despite Gino's attempts to downplay the situation by claiming the photos weren't explicit, Jasmine lost her temper. "That was a part of my privacy," she wailed in response. Eventually, Gino acknowledged his wrongdoing, but Jasmine retaliated, threatening to expose his intimate photos to the public. The confrontation escalated, with Jasmine even lunging at Gino before being escorted by producers. While the two eventually made up, Gino continued to downplay his actions in a subsequent tell-all special episode.

When Gino refused to pay for Jasmine's $3000 apartment

In an August 2023 episode of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days," tensions flared between Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda over their lifestyle preferences. Gino traveled to Panama to visit Jasmine, who was awaiting approval for her K-1 visa. The couple first clashed over the visa process, with Jasmine expressing frustration at its slow pace.

During their argument, Jasmine asked Gino if he would help pay for their $3000 per month apartment if they couldn't be together, to which Gino suggested finding a more affordable place. However, Jasmine flat-out rejected the idea. "You sound a little spoiled," Gino responded (via People), after which all hell broke loose. Jasmine started listing some of the expenses Gino cashed out on for his former partners, stating, "For one week's vacation, you paid more than what I'm begging you for one month for me to live in a comfortable place."

Their disagreement escalated into a chaotic scene in which clothes were thrown out of closets, doors slammed, and insults exchanged. Eventually, they calmed down and attempted to discuss their issues, with Jasmine accusing Gino of not providing enough financial support, which he vehemently denied. "That is bulls***," he said, reminding her that he'd been financing her needs ever since they met. When the two sat down with TLC's cameras to dissect the incident, tensions reignited.

Jasmine wasn't happy when Gino compared her to his family

During their confessional in the August 2023 episode, Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda attempted to discuss their earlier incident but found it difficult to remain calm. Initially, Jasmine claimed that Gino was more of a priority to her than she was to him. "That's what hurts, because I should be the most important person in Gino's life," said Jasmine, adding, "More important than his family or anyone."

Gino responded by saying that he placed equal importance on his family and Jasmine, which failed to satisfy her. "Are you serious?" she retorted before erupting into another bout of yelling. She went on to reprimand Gino for comparing her to his family, prompting him to become enraged. "You don't think my family is f***ing important?" he shouted back, triggering a barrage of insults exchanged between them.

After Gino walked away from her, Jasmine insulted his family, calling them trash. "I'm out of here," declared Gino, to which Jasmine responded, "I'm gonna go and f*** my ex, who knows how to f*** me. He's the best man that I have ever had, and I'm going back to him." She continued, "He's the most important person in my life." Jasmine then proceeded to say that she had cheated on Gino with her ex-boyfriend Dane, a claim she later admitted was untrue. Subsequently, the couple broke things off on camera, but they eventually reconciled despite the explosive fight.

When Jasmine spent her wedding dress budget on a BBL

Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda's love story made its way onto "90 Day Fiancé" in Season 10, but despite their passionate connection, they still faced tumultuous moments. This time around, Jasmine went behind Gino's back to get a Brazilian butt lift. In an October 2023 episode, Jasmine explained that she had lost too much weight in preparation for her upcoming wedding with Gino, which left her feeling insecure about her buttocks. As she didn't have money, she spent the $8000 Gino had given her as a wedding dress budget to get implants in her derrière.

During a subsequent episode, while enjoying a couple's massage during a getaway, Jasmine had to request the masseuse avoid her behind due to pain, arousing Gino's curiosity. Upon learning of Jasmine's procedure, Gino expressed disappointment, stating that they could have spent the money on more essential needs. This led to a tense moment, resulting in Gino walking out, visibly upset.

However, the worst part of it was that Jasmine's ex-partner, Dane, contributed an additional $2000 towards the BBL procedure, which Gino didn't know at the time. As they prepared to return home, Jasmine disclosed Dane's financial help to Gino, who, though not displaying too much outward emotion, admitted feeling deeply hurt. Consequently, he asked Jasmine to cease all communication with Dane, which she promptly did. Although not as dramatic as some of their previous arguments, this might be the worst thing Jasmine has done to Gino, in our opinion.

The lip gloss drama almost broke them up

In a November 2023 episode of "90 Day Fiancé," tensions once again rose when Jasmine Pineda came across a tube of lip gloss (not her own) beneath the seat of Gino Palazzolo's car, sparking a heated exchange.

Gino vehemently denied any knowledge of the lip gloss or its owner and insisted he had never been unfaithful to Jasmine. However, she remained unconvinced and became distraught, wailing, "I want to go home." While driving, Gino became visibly annoyed with Jasmine's reaction, telling her, "You are so ridiculous, it's sickening." As she bawled in the passenger seat, Gino suggested she shouldn't be with him if she didn't trust him. Jasmine then requested to be taken home, but Gino opted to arrange an Uber for her to go to a hotel instead. He dropped her off in a parking lot, prompting Jasmine to angrily tell him, "You're dead, Gino. You're dead," before slamming the car door. Stranded and upset, Jasmine cried, "I don't have my passport; I don't have anything." 

In a subsequent interview with ExtraTV, tensions between the couple persisted as they discussed the origins of the lip gloss. Gino maintained that anyone could have left it in the car over the years, while Jasmine revealed she had contacted the lip gloss manufacturer, determining it couldn't have been older than a year. Although they eventually moved past the incident, the owner of the lip gloss remains unidentified.