The History Behind Cindy Crawford's Everlasting Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial

More than three decades later, Cindy Crawford's 1992 Pepsi commercial remains a memorable ad. In fact, the legendary supermodel herself has an annual tradition of rewatching it — that's how good it was. "It was just one of those commercials that everyone loved and it made people happy," Crawford explained to People in 2018. The ad, which touts a revamped can design for the soft drink, features Crawford roaring into a gas station in a red Lamborghini. Wearing a white tank top, prominent hoop earrings, and cut-off jean shorts, the supermodel saunters over to a vending machine to purchase and savor a Pepsi.  Decades later, Crawford revealed that she still owned the shorts she wore onscreen. Originally a pair of well-worn jeans from Crawford's closet, they got transformed into cut-offs by the commercial's wardrobe stylist. 

Crawford was a serendipitous (and last-minute) addition to the commercial after the ad's creative director spotted her on a drugstore calendar. Scheduling was tight since Crawford had a commitment later in the day, but she nailed her part in two takes. "No matter what you do, she has that piece of magic that she brings," director Joe Pytka, reminisced to Yahoo Entertainment. "It was Cindy that made the commercial memorable above anything else."

In addition to representing a key moment in Crawford's early career, the supermodel has continued to pay homage to the commercial by remaking the spot on multiple occasions over the years.

Cindy Crawford's kids have joined her in new versions of the classic ad

In 2002, Cindy Crawford referenced her own life changes in an updated version of her 1992 Pepsi ad. In this version, the supermodel arrives at the same gas station in a white SUV. While her signature cut-offs are a re-wear from the original,  she's traded in the tank top for a white peasant top. After enjoying a Diet Pepsi, Crawford opens the SUV's door to reveal her two young kids, Presley and Kaia Gerber

In 2018, Presley joined his mom when her iconic ad was referenced in a new Pepsi Super Bowl commercial. Crawford's son Presley was all grown up with a modeling career of his own, and this time, he was the one at the vending machine while Cindy stepped out of the red sports car.  "We drove to work together, we shared a trailer," Crawford recalled to People. "I was the proud stage mom standing by the monitor." While Kaia was disappointed she didn't get to participate, Crawford hoped her daughter could star in a future version of the classic spot.

Three years later, Crawford revisited the original ad for a fundraiser for American Family Children's Hospital, where her brother had received treatment for leukemia. To capture the look of the 1992 commercial, Crawford returned to the same location and sported her original outfit, although she posed with the Pepsi alongside a different red car — a vintage Cadillac Eldorado convertible. 

The supermodel's also incorporated her Pepsi ad into comedy

Even though Cindy Crawford feels a lot of nostalgia for her Pepsi ads, the supermodel has also explored comedic takes on her iconic performance, like in 2016 when she parodied her 1992 Pepsi commercial for "The Late Late Show with James Corden." This version starts out the same way as the original, including the red Lamborghini and Cindy's white tank top and cut-offs. However, when she strolls over and uses the vending machine, it doesn't work. Corden then steps out of the Lamborghini's passenger seat, wearing his own version of Crawford's signature outfit, running a hand through his hair just like the supermodel. After hitting the machine to get it unstuck, Cordon then proceeds to drink Crawford's Pepsi while she looks annoyed with him. 

In 2023, Crawford took things in a new direction, borrowing elements from the original, like her white tank top and big hoop earrings, while savoring a decidedly adult beverage. The video, which Crawford posted on Instagram, features the supermodel drinking a margarita to promote Casamigos Tequila, a brand that Crawford's husband, Rande Gerber, created with George Clooney. While the video starts out straightforward with Crawford strutting onto the scene and sensuously drinking her margarita as the bartenders look on in awe, things take a comedic turn when the supermodel is unceremoniously bumped out of the frame and the action turns into a music video featuring That Chick Angel, the actor/comedian Angel Laketa Moore.