The Untold Truth Of Sofie Dossi

Sofie Dossi uses her body as an incredible instrument, showing that it's capable of things that sometimes seem impossible or that look like an optical illusion. The contortionist and hand balancing artist bends herself into positions that defy the imagination. If you don't believe it, head on over to her Instagram page, where her ability to shape-shift into a human pretzel is well documented. It's a serious trip like nothing you've ever seen before.


On top of being unbelievably flexible and ridiculously strong, Dossi has a genuine sense of humor, and will post videos of herself cramming into seriously tiny spaces or eating pizza with her feet. She even crashed a crowded In-N-Out Burger and proceeded to eat a cheeseburger with her feet in front of tons of people. Talk about a hoot!

But there's more to Dossi than her insane flexibility, her willingness to engage in goofy antics, and her serious strength. Dossi has all kinds of ambitions, in addition to the many awards and accolades the young performer already has to her name. So if you're curious about how Dossi came to be, read on. This is her untold truth.

She's self-taught

When you first see Dossi doing that thing she does so well, you likely wondered how long she trained at an Olympic gym to be so flexible. Or perhaps you figured she went to some kind of special sports academy. But surprisingly, that's not the case — homegirl is self-taught. "I was 12 years old and watching Cirque du Soleil videos on YouTube seeing performers bending and twisting and thought, 'Hey, I can do that!' So I kept watching and started to teach myself," she revealed in an interview with Everly Mag. "I've always been naturally flexible but never thought it was anything unique until then." After that, she followed up with consistent training and practice. It sounds completely impossible, but it's totally true. What an accomplishment!


Dossi did start building some of her contortion skills when she trained in gymnastics and dance as a kid, but that was just the jumping off point. "I always loved gymnastics and dance and it was like combine those two together, plus my unique skill of having a flexible back," she shared in an interview with ABC News. She really just knew what she was born to do.

A Golden Buzzer performance

In 2016, Dossi was introduced to the world in a big way when she appeared on the wildly popular show America's Got Talent. She did well, too, moving all the way into the finals, which is not an easy feat! But clearly Dossi was up for the challenge, wowing the judges at every turn. People were constantly on their feet giving her riotous applause, and Dossi was there for every second of it.


Even though she didn't take home the ultimate victory, Dossi had a wonderful time on the show and looks back on it with extreme fondness. "America's Got Talent was the best experience of my life," she gushed in an interview with Everly Mag. "It pushed me beyond the boundaries of what I ever thought I could do." What an incredible adventure that must have been for her!

That's not all, either — Dossi got to live out one of the biggest AGT dream moments. "Getting the Golden Buzzer was the most euphoric moment ever," she continued. "It doesn't get much better than glittering gold raining down on you and a huge audience plus celebrity judges giving you a standing ovation!" We bet!

AGT launched her career

Some people go on America's Got Talent to get their big shot at fame, but, in the end, many return home, never quite gaining the traction needed to jumpstart their career. But that was exactly the opposite of what happened for Dossi, who was just getting started when she finished her time on the show. In fact, she said that life after AGT has been nothing short of "great." "I've been doing a ton of live performances all over — from NBA halftime shows to corporate and private events," she shared in an interview with Celeb Mix. "Sports Illustrated named me 'Halftime Performer of the Year' in honored!" That's a heck of an accolade to get, especially for someone as young as she is.


On top of that, Dossi caught the eye of the biggest talk show host in America. "I've been working on fun behind the scenes projects with Ellen DeGeneres and I've TWICE been on her show to perform and interview," she continued. She also added that she'd be on the premiere of the Disney show Bizaardvark. It looks, then, like Dossi's dance card is going to be full for the foreseeable future. 

A returning champion

It takes a lot to appear on America's Got Talent, and even more to rise through the ranks as Dossi did. So when she was among the 50 performers who were summoned back to NBC for AGT: The Champions in 2019, it wasn't that surprising. After all, she did get a golden buzzer the first time around, which is proof positive that she's, well, got talent.


But that didn't mean that Dossi let that go to her head — rather, she once again went above and beyond, and brought her boundary-pushing A-game to the champion stage. At one point she was spinning high in the air while holding onto a hula hoop with only her neck. That's right, just her neck. That sparked comments from the judges, who pointed out that there was no net beneath her to break a fall. You know everyone's palms got sweaty in that room!

While Dossi did indeed dazzle and bring an entirely new routine to life this time, she was eventually eliminated and didn't make it into the finals.

Who's her favorite AGT judge?

One of the most entertaining aspects of shows like America's Got Talent, American Idol, and The Voice is arguably who's sitting in the judge's chairs. Each celeb who snags one of those enviable and coveted positions brings their own personality and flavor to the forefront of the show and can really have an impact on the performers. 


So who among the AGT judges is it that Dossi enjoyed performing for the most? "I love Heidi and Mel because I'm all about girl power," she gushed in an interview with Heavy. "But, Simon is the one whose opinion means a lot. He actually chatted with me a few times on stage and the red carpet about how amazing my performance was and how he loved my song choices and costumes and all." Of course, that meant a lot to the young performer — Cowell's a legend, y'all!

Whether or not Dossi was factoring guest judges into that answer is unknown, as you know she has to be grateful for Reba McEntire, was the one who hit the golden buzzer for her. We're pretty sure that's not lost on Dossi, though.

This is how she prepares to perform

Everyone prepares for performing on stage a little differently, depending on how experienced they are or how confident they feel. For Dossi, getting ready to do one of her mind-blowing routines requires a little personal time before she steps out. "A few minutes before I perform on stage, I get quiet, focus on my breath, and feel my heart beat calming," she explained in an interview with Everly Mag. "I know I've done the work and it's the moment I get to share it. When the performance is over, I feel light and can't stop smiling." Our girl was just made for this life!


When it comes to getting anxious or super apprehensive, well, that's just not Dossi's way. "I don't get worried but I get a low-key nervous, excited energy," she continued. "It's not the kind of energy I want to overcome because it adds to my excitement and even helps me focus." That confidence and composure certainly comes through in her performances, and adds an element of joy to Dossi's stage presence.  Keep it up, boo!

It's a family affair

Dossi may appear on stage by herself in competitions, but that doesn't mean she's the only person putting in the work. In fact, her entire family shows up for Dossi 100 percent of the time, even though you wouldn't know it just by watching her perform. For one, Dossi is home-schooled, and her parents work from home, so they spend a lot of time together. "My dad is always around if I get a crazy idea to make something," she revealed in an interview with Heavy. She noted, "My mom is the one who home-schools me and also the one I collaborate with on the girly stuff like costumes and makeup and other girly details." They really must like each other a lot to get along so well, y'all!


Being together all the time has additional advantages for Dossi, too. "What's cool is that if we get an idea, we get to pause during the day and talk about it," she continued. "So I have the freedom to be inspired and act on that inspiration when it happens." If this is not the very definition of a supportive family environment, we're not sure what is.

Girl has some pipes!

On top of being an insanely talented contortionist, hand balancer, and aerialist, Dossi also has quite the lovely set of pipes. At one time, videos featuring her singing and collaborating with her brother, Zak could be found on her Instagram page (though, as of this writing, that's no longer the case). 


Zak does more than jam around with his sister at home, as, at the time of this writing, he's in college studying music and math. He also, as it seems is family tradition, helps Dossi with her performances. "I owe all the awesome music you've heard to my brother," she proclaimed in an interview with Heavy. "His passion is music and he's got all that professional software to create and edit. Because of him I get to customize the songs to my acts to make a more powerful performance." Not only is that a whole extra level of awesome, but it's super impressive that the music she performs to is original. 

Zak also co-stars with Dossi on her YouTube channel, and he shoots, edits, and co-produces her videos, according to ABC News. Talent clearly runs in this family.


Her dream performance venue

It's not lost on Sofie Dossi that she's very clearly living her absolute best life. She's blown away the competition on national television, has over 4 million YouTube subscribers and over two million Instagram followers, and has been to all kinds of interesting places. "When I was actually younger ... I had written down on a dream board, 'When I grow up, I'm going to travel the world and do what I love,' and it's happening," she mused in an interview with ABC News. Girl, that is some stunning self-actualization, and you aren't even all grown up yet! 


Even though Dossi has been to all kinds of exciting locals — like Hawaii, New York, and courtside with the Golden State Warriors — there's still one place she wants to perform the most: in Paris, on top of the Eiffel Tower. That would be one seriously amazing show! And until it happens, Dossi will be out there dropping into poses like it's no big deal and stunning people with surprise performances on the street. Talk about #goals.

She's also an actress

As if Dossi didn't have enough going on already, she also has acting credits to her name. "I've been on a few TV shows in the past and have loved the whole experience of being on set and really love the friends I make," she explained in an interview with Everly Mag. "Acting is definitely different than performing!" We would imagine it's a lot easier, but, with Dossi's talents, who knows?


So what kinds of roles has Dossi landed thus far? She played a contortionist in the television series K.C. Undercover, Dani in the family Christmas movie Holiday Spectacular, and a cheerleader with special talents in the show Boss Cheer. "It's a really fun series about a pair of new cheer coaches who take on an embattled competitive cheerleading team," she mused about Boss Cheer in an interview with YAYOMG. "Danielle is a humble and hard-working character who really wants to get on the cheer team at her new school while trying to hide her poor family life." Sounds like Dossi is able to stretch and flex her acting muscles and her actual muscles when she's on set.

Her own clothing line? Check!

Like many of her fellow Instagram influencers, Dossi has paid sponsorships that help pay the bills. She's posed with a bag of candy for Airheads, flaunted her figure in a dress from Call It Spring, and showed off her perfect skin for bioClarity, to name just a few. Ain't no shame in that game, girl, so go get that green.


On top of repping for other companies, Dossi also launched a clothing line of her own with a positive focus. "I wanted to start an apparel line that expressed the message that anything is possible with heart and hard work," she explained in an interview with YAYOMG. "I was inspired by my experiences of following my heart to do something I loved even though it didn't make sense to anyone else." Well, since she's found so much success by marching to the beat of her own drum, that's an apt message to be sending.

Leading by example is fitting for Dossi, who's truly done things her way. "Amazing things can happen when actions come from the heart and you stay true to yourself," she added.

She's also a beach bum

Despite the fact that Sofie Dossi is already world-famous and has all kinds of exciting events to attend, she's also just a regular girl at heart. "I love to hang out with my friends at the beach," she shared in an interview with Heavy. "In fact, in the summers, I train as a junior lifeguard." Given that she lives in SoCal, that makes perfect sense. Surf's up, Sofie!


Dossi's love of the beach is well-documented on her social media accounts, too. In one video on her YouTube channel, she and her brother clown around on the sand with their friend Larry in tow, just being silly. She's also posted numerous snaps of herself at the beach, sometimes in pretty incredible positions. And if you wanted additional evidence of just how hardcore Dossi is, check her out landing a back bend on a surfboard. Talk about core strength!

Her advice to young people

Even though Sofie Dossi has already accomplished so much, chances are we can still expect to see a lot more from her in the future. Her social media following only continues to grow, as does the list of everything she's checking off of her bucket list — all before she even learned to drive!


Plus, a lot of young people look up to Dossi because of her strength, talent, and commitment to her dreams. Her advice to them? "Do one thing every day to learn your new skill and practice it — even if you spend just a few minutes doing that," she advised in an interview with Everly Mag. "Over time, you'll be amazed by how much you've advanced. It takes love, consistency, and hard work to be successful." That is some sound advice, and you don't need to be young to follow it! 

We'll definitely be keeping our eye on Dossi, and we can't wait to see what she does next.