What The Inside Of Kaley Cuoco's Gorgeous Mansion Really Looks Like

The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco, who played Penny, listed her California mansion just as CBS aired the final episodes of her mega-hit series. Located in Tarzana, a San Fernando Valley neighborhood in Los Angeles, Cuoco's home is just a hair under 8,000 square feet. With six bedrooms and eight and a half bathrooms, there's ample space for Cuoco and her husband, Karl Cook.

The star originally listed her home for $6.9 million. However, by the end of May 2019, she'd reduced the asking price by over a million dollars. Cuoco may be anxious to move out of L.A., but she's not leaving Hollywood. The star secured the role of Batman villain Harley Quinn in the DC Universe animated series of the same name. Cuoco also signed on to executive produce and play the lead role in The Flight Attendant, a thriller film based on a novel by Chris Bohjalian

It's hard to picture Cuoco selling the home she's had customized to a T, but we're sure her next place will be just as cool. In the meantime, here's a detailed look at her incredible Tarzana mansion.

A home with "vibrant energy"

When Cuoco purchased her sprawling Mediterranean-style mansion back in 2014, the previous owner had already gotten the house professionally decorated by interior designer Jeff Andrews. And — because this is L.A. — the previous owner just happened to be Khloé Kardashian. The reality TV star shared the home with then-husband Lamar Odom, Los Angeles Times confirmed.

"I fell in love with the house but also everything that came with it," Cuoco wrote in the foreword of Andrews' design book The New Glamour (via People). Along with the home itself, Cuoco bought some of Kardashian's furniture. And, although she was already a fan of the overall aesthetic, she recruited Andrews to help her personalize the mansion.

"Kaley asked for a home with vibrant energy — something that captured her own voice," the interior designer detailed in his book. "Kaley is so drop-dead funny that it felt as if I was translating her cheerful disposition into the design itself."

The "feeling of a resort"

The interior of Cuoco's home is stunning, but can we just take a minute to talk about this home's exterior and the property on which it resides? For one thing, it's one of ten homes in the super private — and gated and guarded — Mulholland Park. Despite being in a small community, the mansion still sits on a sizable 0.75-acre lot.

When it comes to curb appeal, this house has got it all going on. The car court at the front of the home features a Mediterranean fountain and allows for plenty of guest parking. Several large palm trees accent the front elevation of the villa and tower above the terracotta tile roof.

The backyard is somehow even more impressive. The listing states that the property offers "the feeling of a resort" thanks to its large pool — with water features, of course — spa, fire pits, outdoor kitchen, and covered arbor. The wrap-around balcony allows for a near panoramic view of the property, which is "surrounded by abundant, lush vegetation [and] mature trees." 

The luxe foyer

If you were to enter the front door of Kaley Cuoco's Mediterranean-inspired mansion, your jaw would likely drop due to the "dramatic [two]-story foyer [and] sweeping staircase," which, according to the listing, sets "the tone for this breathtaking home." We'd say that's accurate. 

A large modern pendant provides a focal point in the center of the room. Mirrors were also added to the second story walls, which makes the already impressive foyer appear more grand. From the hall, you can enter one of several arched entrances which will lead you to the living room, dining room, or family room, which is connected to the kitchen. Head up the curved staircase and you'll find Cuoco's collection of eight unusual and playful portraits on the second floor. A set of French doors opposite the stairway leads to a small balcony overlooking the front of the home. It's pretty much the epitome of modern opulence.

A living room with a focus on art

When "translating [Cuoco's] cheerful disposition," interior designer Jeff Andrews used lots and lots of color. Just off the foyer, the sunken living room is most certainly welcoming and cheery. A circular rug with a bold geometrical pattern anchors a retro-style mustard couch and two deep coral armchairs. Citing Andrews' A New Glamour, People reported that the rug was "custom-made to match the colors in the actress's favorite painting." The similarly colorful abstract painting can be seen hanging on a wall covered with what the listing described as "textured wallpaper" — which was used to "entice the senses." 

If your eyes were immediately drawn to the bright textiles in the room, you might've missed that it's not just one wall that's covered in wallpaper. The entire space — even the ceiling — is cloaked in black and white wallpaper. Although the minimalist aesthetic has picked up steam in recent years, Cuoco has certainly not abandoned her love of color or pattern.

There's a swing in her house

Pops of color may not have been the only thing you spotted in Cuoco's living room. Across from the marble fireplace sits a swing. "So, I kind of like weird stuff," Cuoco prefaced in an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, "and I sent an email to my interior decorator one night ... I said, 'Hey. What do you think — I know this is crazy — what do you think about having a swing in my house?'"

The star revealed that Jeff Andrews didn't respond to her email right away, but he eventually wrote back asking for clarification. Cuoco said, "He's like, 'Are you thinking, like, in the bedroom?'" Prompting laughs from Jimmy Kimmel and the audience, Cuoco said she had to explain to her designer that it wasn't a "sex swing" she was after.

The actress simply thought that it would be nice to be able to watch TV while swinging her legs. Although she says the swing is as awesome as it looks, her dogs have claimed it as their own. She joked, "It's the most expensive dog bed I've ever bought."

The "badass" bar

Adding to the living room's Mad Men vibe, the space features a large alcove with a built-in wet bar. In June 2017, interior designer Jeff Andrews shared an in-progress picture of the bar on Instagram. "Sneak peak at the bar we just installed," he captioned the photo. "I'm obsessed!" The combination of white and gold geometric tiles with the marble countertop and gold faucet was drool-worthy even before it was all decorated. Now that it's styled in Cuoco fashion, it's that much more impressive.

Like the living room, the bar space features the same black and white wallpaper on the ceiling and side walls. There are also pieces of vivid artwork, modern lucite barstools, and, of course, copious amounts of booze and barware. "The bar is just so badass," the actress explained in an interview with People. It is. It really, really is. You can definitely understand why Cuoco was filmed in this space — drink in hand — during her interview with Vogue back in March 2018.

A breakfast nook for horsing around

There is a central theme running throughout Cuoco's home: horses. "All the horse touches in the house make it feel like home," Cuoco told People. The sitcom star was an avid horseback rider until 2010 when, in what Cuoco described as a "freak accident," her horse got spooked and leaped onto her leg, resulting in a serious injury that nearly required her to have her foot amputated.

Despite her gnarly injury, Cuoco told The Talk (via Insider) ahead of The Big Bang Theory series finale that she was looking forward to getting back into competitive horseback riding. "I'm an equestrian. I love horses," she explained. "I'd actually really like to challenge myself a little bit more in that area."

Cuoco isn't the only equestrian that lives in the Tarzana mansion, though. Her husband, Karl Cook, is also an accomplished horseback rider. You can imagine that the couple probably loves starting their mornings in their breakfast nook, complete with its horse print Hermés wallpaper (via People).

A funky kitchen

Cuoco's kitchen is almost indescribable. "The [large] bright kitchen is a chef's dream" is how the property listing describes it. While she's not a professional chef, Cuoco enjoys cooking. Back when she shared her home with her now-ex Ryan Sweeting, she told Redbook, "I cook for Ryan five nights a week: It makes me feel like a housewife; I love that." The top-of-the-line appliances would certainly make cooking more enjoyable.

The pale gray cabinetry and white marble countertops with black hardware give the kitchen a more minimalist feel — but there's nothing minimal about the use of pattern in this space. The ceiling is covered in a black and white metallic patterned wallpaper and the kitchen walls are tiled with geometric tiles from counter-height to ceiling. A large copper farmhouse-style sink, which sits beneath a window overlooking her property, adds another metallic touch.

The bold kitchen also features plenty of place for both food prep and eating. The center of the kitchen is fitted with a large island with an additional sink. At the opposite side of the room, there is also a two-tier island with seating on both sides.

A glam jungle dining room

Welcome to the jungle. Uh, we mean, the dining room. Cuoco's bold aesthetic is carried on through to yet another space in her home. That's not to say the style doesn't work — because it actually really does.

Textured wallpaper lines all of the walls in the dining room, but it is a much more understated — even neutral — kind than the one found in her living room or breakfast nook. The burlap-colored drapes are similarly calm. If you're wondering how a primarily beige room could be bold, we hear you. But it's actually the furniture and accents that do all of the talking in this space. 

Gold chairs — with velvet backs and furry seats, no less — flank an expansive, low-profile glass dining table in the center of the room. Hammered brass chairs at the head and foot of the table serve up some added glam. Above the sideboard, you'll notice an interesting painting of a tiger with, um, something between its jaws. A dining room is for chowing down, after all.

A space that could make laundry fun

According to the results of a Clorox survey published by Real Simple, laundry is the least despised — we're reluctant to say favorite — chore in the United States. For those who hate the task of washing, drying, folding, and putting away laundry, though, it can be hard to understand how this chore isn't hated across the board. Though, when you see what laundry rooms some people are using, you can see how the chore becomes more enjoyable. Cuoco's laundry room is a perfect example. 

The large galley-style room features built-in cabinetry just the same as the kitchen. Far from a little closet, this space has two windows that overlook the property. If you get bored of staring out at the great outdoors, there's even a flat-screen television to watch while mindlessly folding clothes. The room also has two large washing machines and two dryers for doing multiple loads at once. Plus, there's a sink for hand-washing delicates. Although it may be a functional room, Cuoco added wallpaper and an amber-colored chandelier to the ceiling. Okay, we're ready to do our laundry now.

Six bedrooms to relax in

The six bedrooms in Cuoco's home have a more relaxed vibe than some of the other rooms in her house. For one of the guest bedrooms, interior designer Jeff Andrews chose a metallic, cream, and gray color scheme and purchased furniture from Wayfair, according to Glamour. In the end, the room was given "both masculine and feminine qualities" and "a quiet sophistication." Since Cuoco handed over the reigns of designing the living areas of her home, it's no surprise she trusted Andrews with the bedrooms. "He gets me and my taste," Cuoco said of the designer when speaking with the publication. She noted that he's also "so easy-going."

In an interview with Allure, Cuoco gave a partial tour of the more intimate areas of her Californian mansion and dubbed a downstairs bedroom with ensuite bathroom her "special boudoir," which is where she gets styled and has her hair and makeup done. She also has "a more personal boudoir" — the master bedroom with adjoining bathroom and large walk-in closet — upstairs. That room also makes use of a bright — yet zen — metallic color palette.

A room to binge-watch The Big Bang Theory

You can't be a Hollywood actress without an in-home movie theater, right? Cuoco just so happens to have an awesome space to screen The Flight Attendant or Harley Quinn or rewatch all 12 seasons of The Big Bang Theory, or, you know, anything else she might want to watch. 

The room has a different vibe than the rest of the home. In fact, if you didn't notice the equestrian art in the space, you might not think it was in Cuoco's mansion. Unlike the bold or metallic rooms elsewhere in the house, this room has a cigar lounge feel to it. A pale pink sofa and two neutral chaise loungers are arranged to comfortably view the giant screen, which is housed in a dark wooden built-in. It's way more regal than your local Regal Cinema. The room has paneled walls, soft pendant lighting against a dark ceiling, and even large accent panels of live-edge wood. Another fabulous room, of course.

A stunning master bath

Get ready to be impressed. Kaley Cuoco's master bathroom features a shower with "music capability," the listing reveals. While showing Allure around her home, the former Big Bang Theory actress gave a tour of what the listing cites as a "posh master bath." 

In the video interview, you can see the star's impressive soaking tub beneath a set of windows, which offers a panorama of the property. Um, forget about the pool out back — that's the place to be. According to the listing, the room also has a vanity with double sinks and the aforementioned musical shower — with added "customizable [temperature] settings," naturally. While giving Allure the master bathroom tour, she also gave a sneak peek of some of her favorite beauty products from within her medicine cabinet. Her top three being Donna Karan Cashmere Mist deodorant, Pomegranate Noir perfume by Jo Malone, and MAC Lip Conditioner.

A set of three walk-in closets

Cuoco's master bedroom doesn't just attach to a ginormous spa-like bathroom, it also attaches to not one, not even two, but three connecting walk-in closets. No, we're not making this up. "This is more of my boudoir," Cuoco said while giving Allure a tour. "As you can see, I enjoy getting ready in every area of my house."

The first walk-in closet has racks for hanging clothes and a wrap-around shelf for hats. A center island and a built-in chest of drawers may provide storage for folded clothes or seasonal items. A large gold floor-to-ceiling mirror also fills the space. This first closet leads to another walk-in, which has shelves upon shelves for Cuoco and her husband's shoes.

We may never know what's in the third closet as it can't be seen in the on-camera interviewnor on the property listing. Nevertheless, you can certainly understand why Allure's Jamie Greenberg remarked, "I feel like I'm at, like, Bloomingdales or something." The former Charmed actress added, "It's fun, yeah." We don't know about Kaley Cuoco, but we'd sure miss this house.