What The Original Cast Of Dance Moms Looks Like Now

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Dance Moms premiered on Lifetime on July 13, 2011. The show, which centered around the Abby Lee Dance Company — or ALDC, as fans know it — quickly caught on with all of its drama and shade-throwing and with the incredible talent of the young dancers. Of course, the show often switched from the intricate and impressive dance routines to the backstage drama between the mothers of the dancers and dance instructor Abby Lee Miller herself. The show quickly became iconic and was deemed to be Lifetime's answer to the Real Housewives franchise. 

Still, despite the drama and catfights, all good things must come to an end, and such was the case with Dance Moms. The reality series was essentially rebooted in 2019 with its eighth season, Dance Moms: Resurrection, taking on an almost all-new cast. But just what do the members of the original cast of Dance Moms look like now and what have they been up to?

This Dance Moms star is super successful

Fans of the original Dance Moms will easily remember Chloe Lukasiak. She was talented, blonde, and always vying for Abby Lee Miller's approval — something the instructor very rarely gave out. Due to the nature of the show, Lukasiak was often pitted against Miller's personal favorite dancer, Maddie Ziegler. Obviously, Lukasiak and her mom were involved in a lot of drama on the show, but, after officially leaving in 2014 (although she returned for a stint in 2017), Lukasiak has been doing her own thing, and she's clearly talented.

For starters, Lukasiak has a super successful YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers. Lukasiak posts videos about her daily life and routine, as well as vlogs about her travel and cooking adventures. In addition to that, Lukasiak has had a pretty successful acting career. Lukasiak has starred in the made-for-TV movie Center Stage: On Pointe, the film Loophole, and other projects. But perhaps the most important way Lukasiak has changed since Dance Moms is that she's learned to stand up for herself. "As a person, I think I've grown up a lot," she told Teen Vogue in 2017. "I've done movies, and I've found my voice."

Dance Mom's Brooke Hyland has stayed out of the spotlight

Brooke Hyland was one of the older members of the ALDC, but, with her mom and Abby Lee Miller constantly at each other's throats, she was still thrown into a lot of the drama. Along with her little sister, Paige, Hyland danced her heart out for Miller in her Dance Moms days, and she left the show in its fourth season.

Since leaving Dance Moms, Hyland has released several songs and music videos, including "Mean To Me," which was allegedly about Miller's treatment of her on the show (the music video featured a Miller lookalike). Now, Hyland is all grown up and graduated from Ohio University in May 2019, according to her Instagram. She has stayed out of the spotlight for the most part, aside from her popular Instagram account which has over 3 million followers. Following her college graduation, Hyland has been traveling the globe and documenting it all on Instagram. It's unclear what's next for the former dancer, but it's obvious that Hyland will find success in whatever she does.

Paige Hyland has been keeping it real since leaving Dance Moms

Brooke Hyland's younger sister, Paige, also had a rough experience on Dance Moms, unfortunately. As fans know, anyone who wasn't Abby Lee Miller's favorite dancer had kind of a rough time. In fact, Miller was known for ranking her young students each week in a pyramid format, which couldn't have been easy for the young girls to deal with. The younger Hyland sister left the show in the fourth season, and she didn't exit quietly. 

Hyland and her mother both filed lawsuits against Miller for emotional distress and defamation. The cases were dismissed by a judge in 2015, according to Deadline. After all the drama, the younger Hyland sister seemed to take the time to focus on herself. She had a super successful YouTube channel, but she hasn't posted a new video since 2015, at the time of this writing. According to her Instagram page (which has over 3.3 million followers), Hyland graduated from high school and made plans to attend West Virginia University. Just like her older sister, she is crushing life after Dance Moms.

Nia Sioux has been hustling since making her Dance Moms exit

Another original Dance Moms member, Nia Sioux, also dealt with her fair share of drama and arguments on the show. Sioux was known for her signature dance move, the death drop, but she still faced Abby Lee Miller's disapproval on the show. Sioux stayed on the series even while other fan favorites, including Lukasiak and the Hyland sisters, left. She ultimately left the show in 2017 (via Teen Vogue). And since Sioux is now a successful actress, she probably doesn't have time for Dance Moms anymore anyway.

Even before she left the show, Sioux started venturing out on her own in search of her next, big career move. She's released several songs and music videos, including one entitled, "SLAY." Additionally, Sioux had a 59-episode arc on The Bold and the Beautiful, playing Emma Barber from 2018 until 2019. Sioux also signed on to star in the sci-fi film The Code, according to Deadline.

Maddie Ziegler has also been killing it post-Dance Moms

Perhaps the most well-known original member of the ALDC is Maddie Ziegler. Abby Lee Miller's golden child, Ziegler got plenty of screen time on the show, as Miller tended to give her a solo every chance she could. Of course, you can't blame Miller, as Ziegler was certainly a star in the making back then. The young star left Dance Moms in 2016, and her career has only skyrocketed since. 

Ziegler first started making a name for herself when she starred in the music video for Sia's "Chandelier." The video quickly went viral, and Ziegler returned to star in several other music videos for the artist. In fact, Ziegler and Sia have such a close relationship that Ziegler told late-night host Jimmy Fallon that Sia is her godmother. In addition to her successful music video career, Ziegler also landed a role as a member of the Jets in Steven Spielberg's remake of West Side Story, which is seriously impressive. 

Mackenzie Ziegler has blossomed since her time on Dance Moms

Maddie Ziegler's younger sister, Mackenzie Ziegler, also had a tendency for stealing the show on Dance Moms. As once the youngest member of the ALDC, Ziegler had to prove herself quite often, but she did so with grace and talent. Of course, fans will remember Ziegler as the cute, little dancer from the show, but, since leaving the series, she's really grown up. 

Since leaving Dance Moms with her older sister in 2016, Ziegler has since made a name for herself in the world of dance and entertainment. She appeared on Dancing With the Stars Juniors, which premiered in October 2018. Ziegler has also written a book titled, Kenzie's Rules for Life: How to Be Happy, Healthy, and Dance to Your Own Beat, and she seems to be doing well for herself. Ziegler has over 12.7 million followers on Instagram, and she spent the summer of 2019 touring with pop band PrettyMuch. Of the original Dance Moms girls, she definitely seems to have grown up the most.

Dance Moms' Kendall Vertes has been working on her acting

To be fair, Kendell Vertes wasn't in Season 1 of Dance Moms, but she's still an original cast member. Vertes joined the ALDC in Season 2, as noted by Women's Day, and quickly became a fan favorite. Of course, her mom managed to bring plenty of drama to the show, but Vertes' dancing skills spoke for themselves. Vertes left Dance Moms in 2017, when the seventh season came to an end, but she hasn't stopped hustling. 

For the most part, Vertes has been focused on her acting career since leaving Dance Moms. She has starred in several projects, including Rapunzel: A Princess Frozen in Time. While Vertes joined Chloe Lukasiak and Kalani Hilliker on The Irreplaceables World Tour for a while, Vertes has been looking forward to her future. In addition to Rapunzel, Vertes has secured roles in Anastasia and Santa In Training.

Dance Moms' Kalani Hilliker runs a successful YouTube channel

Another member of the ALDC who isn't technically an original cast member of Dance Moms is Kalani Hilliker. Like Kendell Vertes, Hilliker joined the series later, coming in during the fourth season. While she might have joined later, she fit right in with her talent, and her mom fit right in with all the drama. Basically, it felt like Hilliker had been there all along. She left Dance Moms in 2017, and she's been doing her own thing ever since. 

Not only does Hilliker's Instagram account boast over 5.7 million followers, but her YouTube channel has over 719,000 subscribers. HIlliker is making a name for herself, and she even appeared in the 2018 television show Dirt. While many of the original Dance Moms dancers no longer dance professionally, Hilliker is still at it, though mainly just for fun. She shares videos of herself dancing with her Instagram followers, and she seems totally happy to do it without the pressure of Abby Lee Miller's pyramid ranking system.

Dance mom Christi Lukasiak is living her best life

Let's be honest, everyone knows that the real stars of Dance Moms are the moms themselves. That's not to say that the young dancers don't bring their own brand of star power, but the moms bring the drama, and that's what made the show famous. Christi Lukasiak was definitely one of the most dramatic moms on the show, and it seemed like the was constantly defending her daughter Chloe. The two left in 2014, returning briefly in 2017, and the mother of two has had nothing but exciting things to look forward to.

When Lukasiak watched her daughter return to the stage with the Dance Moms crew in 2017, she told BUILD Series that it was such an empowering experience. "I was very proud and emotional and excited to watch her," she said. "There is nothing in this world I love more than watching Chloe dance. We all know that, right?" She added, "It was really wonderful for me to see her up there again and to watch all of the girls because I've watched those girls grow up." Since leaving Dance Moms, Lukasiak has been traveling the world with her family and showing off her adventures to her 2 million Instagram followers

This dance mom has put the drama behind her

Another original member of the Dance Moms cast, Kelly Hyland, also had a lot of drama on the show. Along with her daughter Paige, Hyland filed a lawsuit against Abby Lee Miller (via TMZ) after leaving the show. The case was eventually dismissed, but Hyland was clearly done with Miller and did not return to the series.

These days, Hyland loves to brag about her two daughters to her 949,000 Instagram followers. The mom of Brooke and Paige sadly lost her own mother in 2019, and she posted a heartfelt photo to her Instagram about the passing. "My mom went to heaven today," Hyland wrote alongside a photo of herself with her mother on her wedding day. "She has always been the sweetest angel, the most giving person I've ever known." 

Fortunately, Hyland still has a lot of good times to look forward to, and her daughters seem to bring her plenty of joy.

Dance mom Holly Frazier is still her daughter's biggest fan

One of the best parts of Dance Moms was that it featured real mothers sticking up for their daughters. Of course, the arguing and fighting was addicting to watch, but the protectiveness in each mother's heart made the show what it was: relatable. One of the most protective moms of the original cast of Dance Moms was Holly Frazier, mother to Nia Sioux. Frazier constantly stuck up for her daughter (via International Business Times) and called out anyone who typecast Nia in any way because she was the only black member of the ALDC at the time. 

Now, Frazier is still her daughter's biggest fan, and she frequently posts about her on her Instagram page. Frazier has almost 2 million followers, and loves to post uplifting quotes. As fans of the show will recall, Frazier got her doctorate in education, so, basically, she's always been a boss babe — on screen and off. 

This Dance Moms star has always looked out for her kids

As the mother of two famous young girls, Melissa Gisoni is surprisingly down to earth. While she and Abby Lee Miller definitely got along more than Miller and most of the other moms, that didn't mean she wasn't privy to any of the drama fans saw. When she left Dance Moms in 2016 with daughters Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler, Gisoni didn't really think that much of it because Maddie had already taken off in her own career. 

In an essay for Cosmopolitan, Gisoni opened up about why she decided to leave the show, saying it was all about what was best for her daughters. "My kids told me they didn't want to do it anymore," she said. "When my kids aren't happy anymore, I don't care about anything else. It was also holding the kids back." As for what's next for Gisoni, being on TV is definitely out of the question. "I never thought about Maddie being famous," she wrote in her Cosmopolitan essay. "I never wanted to be on TV and I never want to be on TV again." There you have it — Gisoni is her daughters' biggest fan, but she likes to be kept out of the spotlight. 

This is one dance mom who's moved on

Kendall Vertes' mom, Jill Vertes, also took every opportunity to stand up for her daughter on the original Dance Moms, and she never really held anything back when it came to her conversations with Abby Lee MIller. Obviously, she brought a lot of drama to the show, despite not coming on until Season 2 (via Women's Day). Still, when she and her daughter said their final goodbyes in 2017, Vertes was clearly done with the series. 

In fact, Vertes actually took to Instagram back in June 2019 to share how she felt about the new cast of dancers and moms. Alongside a photo of herself with a few original Dance Moms cast members, she wrote, "Just sayin' #letitbe." Her former castmates were quick to like and comment on the photo, with Christi Lukasiak commenting, "If i could 'like' this 876 times, I would. If only people could read our group text chain now....that's a show in itself." Clearly, Vertes has moved on.

Dance mom Kira Girard is all about health and fitness

As one of the newer cast members of Dance Moms, Kalani Hilliker's mom, Kira Girard, still managed to make a name for herself on the show. The mom of three never missed an opportunity to flip her long, dark hair to emphasize her point, and viewers grew to love her sass. Of course, Girard still managed to get involved in some drama on Dance Moms, but who didn't? So, when she and her daughter said goodbye to Dance Moms in 2017, fans were sad to see her go. 

However, Girard is now doing her own thing, and she is extremely focused on health and wellness. Her Instagram lists her four main passions as fitness, lifestyle, health, and travel, and that certainly seems to be the case. Girard has over 1.5 million followers and even does a few sponsored posts here and there, mostly pertaining to health. While she may no longer be on TV every week, she's still got plenty of fans.

Dance Moms icon Abby Lee Miller has changed a lot

The namesake of the ALDC and instructor extraordinaire, Abby Lee Miller, has had plenty of drama since the show ended. When Dance Moms' seventh season came to an end in 2017, Miller was sentenced to one year in prison, as reported by Deadline. Miller was found guilty of fraud for hiding hundreds of thousands of dollars during her time on Dance Moms. After she left prison, Miller was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma (via Entertainment Tonight). Clearly, Miller has had a rough go of it, which made her return to the show that much more intriguing.

Now, Miller has been in recovery, and she continues to teach dance. The eighth season of Dance Moms premiered in June 2019, and it quickly garnered attention. There's still plenty of drama, amazing choreography, and protective moms on the show, but it definitely isn't the same. After all, the original cast of Dance Moms is practically irreplaceable.