Why Counting On's Jill And Derick Dillard Know Each Other's Social Media Passwords

Derick and Jill (Duggar) Dillard, the former stars of TLC's Counting On, seem to have a strong bond. Although they haven't been seen on Counting On lately, following Derick being fired by TLC in November 2017 for his transphobic views, fans can still learn details about their relationship on their family blog. On August 21, Derick wrote a post called "Hot Love: How to Love Your Wife Like You Mean It" that gave advice about how to have a happy marriage. He also revealed some of the rules he and Jill have for their own relationship. 

Some fans are scandalized that the couple are so open about their sex lives, but Derick maintains that intimacy is important in a marriage. Not surprisingly, a lot of Derick's marriage advice is centered on his Christian faith, and he encourages men to pray for their spouses and to be spiritual leaders of their families. 

Derick revealed in the blog post that he and Jill know each other's social media passwords and also have other "safeguards" in order to help each other "feel more secure" in their marriage. "Another thing we purpose to do is to never be alone in the same room with someone of the opposite gender," said Derick. "Sometimes this is hard and requires more intentionality. For example, if I have a private meeting with a female, I may choose to leave the door open, or if Jill needs a repairman to come work on something at the house when I'm gone then she might invite a friend over while he's there."

Most fans will probably find avoiding the opposite sex pretty extreme, but we are talking about the notoriously conservative Duggars here. Some bits of advice that people will find more practical include getting at least 15 minutes of "uninterrupted time to talk every day," being open about finances, and having weekly date nights. "Even if you can't go out, you can put the kids to bed early, have a candlelit dinner and watch a marriage video on YouTube and then discuss it together or read a marriage book together or take fun personality quizzes online!" wrote Derick. "Anything to learn more about each other and strengthen your marriage!"