What The Busbys Think Of The Duggars

When it comes to large families on reality television, two of the biggest are the Busbys of OutDaughtered and the Duggars of Counting On. Both of the families are known for having a lot of kids, and their huge families have catapulted them to fame. 

The Duggars have been on the air for quite a bit longer than the Busbys, although the Busbys are quickly catching up to them in fame. The Duggars made their TLC debut in 2008 with 19 Kids and Counting and have been on the air ever since. The Busbys are a bit newer on the scene. Their TLC show, OutDaughtered, debuted in 2015.

Duggar vs. Busby

The Duggars and Busbys are two very different families, although they have quite a few similarities. Both families are religious and, according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, both of the clans have quite an affinity for Chick-fil-A. Their families are also both close-knit. The ultra-religious Duggar clan consists of 19 kids and several grandchildren. The Busby family is much smaller, although it's arguably more hectic as their kids are all quite young. The Busbys have five preschool-aged children as well as an older daughter.

Another thing that both families have in common (aside from having many children) is that both of their families make some pretty entertaining television.

So, what do the Busbys have to say about the Duggars?

While some people might expect there to be a rivalry between the two families of TLC stars, the Busbys have nothing but good things to say about the Duggars. "We've met the Duggars," Danielle told Us Weekly in June 2019. "Super sweet."

Adam agreed with Danielle's assessment. "Very sweet family, very nice family," he said. 

Although the Busbys like and respect the Duggars, they don't actually know each other that well. At least, not well enough to pick up some parenting tips from them. "As far as like, parenting advice, no, it's usually just quick exchanges, really," said Adam.