Who Is My Big Fat Fabulous Life's Whitney Thore Dating Now?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore has been single for a while now, but that may no longer be the case. 

The reality star, who's been delighting fans with her frank take on weight loss since her show debuted back in 2015, which itself was born from a YouTube video entitled "Fat Girl Dancing," has never been shy about sharing her true feelings, on air and on social media. 

These days, Thore seems to be playing it slightly safer than she has in the past when it comes to over-sharing about her love life, but we can still speculate. And based on recent Instagram posts, it seems that Thore might just have a new man in her life.

Who has Whitney Thore dated in the past?

Thore has been somewhat unlucky in love in the past, by her own admission, which is part of why fans love her so much. 

Season 3 saw Thore's relationship with Lennie Alehat go bust amidst cheating scandals, and even though a pregnancy scare had Whitney considering a reconciliation, it didn't pan out.

Viewers of My Big Fat Fabulous Life know that things with her next beau, Avi Lang, seemed perfect when Season 5 kicked off only for their relationship to explode in spectacular fashion. Specifically, Thore discovered Lang had been planning a wedding with another woman the entire time, and there was a long line of women behind her, too. 

Life & Style chronicled the whole sorry affair in January 2018, noting Thore had initially been ghosted by Lang after he started pushing to make things more official (the reality star even considered converting to Judaism for him). She subsequently charted all 11 of the women he'd cheated with, exposing Lang for his lies on My Big Fat Fabulous Life as well as extensively on social media.

Is Whitney Thore still single?

A July 7 Instagram post featured the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star cuddled up with a new man whose handle she tagged, captioned "[alien] documentaries all. night. long." Thore didn't confirm who the man was, but when a fan questioned, "Is he gay?," the TLC star cheekily responded, "He wasn't last night."

Although he's only popped up on Thore's Instagram recently, a quick glance through his page confirms they've been in each other's lives for a while. A post from May, in which he shared some photos of the two along with some friends, reveals the photos are actually from April, and there's also a cozy pic of the pair on New Year's Eve ringing in 2019 together.

Will Whitney Thore's new man feature on My Big Fat Fabulous Life?

Thore's alleged new man remains a bit mysterious, but his Instagram page features plenty of content of him being active with friends; hiking, fishing, and generally enjoying the great outdoors. There are no real clues about his name or career, but he did seemingly confirm the relationship with the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star on June 18 when he posted a photo of the two and captioned it, "If you don't know, now ya know."

Their relationship will likely feature on the new series of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, too, judging by behind-the-scenes shots on Thore's page, so we won't have to wait too long to know for sure. For the moment, though, it seems Thore may have finally found the right guy for her.