Billy Porter's Best Dressed Moments

Emmy Award-winner Billy Porter is unquestionably one of the most norm-crushing people out there when it comes to style icons, lighting up the red carpet at every event he attends. Whether he's proving once and for all that dresses can be gender neutral or showing up to the party on the shoulders of six strong men, Porter chooses outfits that are literal works of art, made by the best designers in the entire fashion industry.

Even though Porter has been working in the music and entertainment industries for decades, it was his work in the hit series Pose that catapulted him into super-stardom and onto the most illustrious red carpets in the world. Ever since, Porter has shown the world that he's a master in the art of slaying, and he will keep doing exactly that if we're lucky for many years to come.

So what were Porter's best fashion moments? And just who is lucky enough to dress this incredible canvas of a man? Read on to see all of Billy Porter's best dressed moments.

Winter weather didn't stop Billy Porter from dazzling at a Broadway opening

New York City in December is cold. But chilly weather couldn't stop Billy Porter from looking as dazzling as ever at the opening night of To Kill a Mockingbird on Broadway in 2018, which you can see in a post on his Instagram page. Given that Porter was active on Broadway for decades before Pose, originating roles in shows like Kinky BootsDreamgirls, and Miss Saigon, it makes sense that he would want to be there for the opening of such an important and seminal play.

That night at the Shubert Theater, Porter stayed warm with a black knit sweater designed by Mr. Turk. On top of that, he wore black, wide-legged pants and an embroidered, tunic-length coat designed by Xllullan with a wide, leaf-pattern trimmed lapel. On his feet were black sustainable vegan shoes designed by Jean Michael Cazabat, co-founder and creative director of Aera. And, of course, the glasses he sported were designer as well, by Porter's trusty fave Native Ken. 

Billy Porter worked with an emerging designer for his 2019 Critics Choice Awards getup

In January of 2019, Billy Porter walked the red carpet at the Critic's Choice Awards. And according to a post on his Instagram page, Porter decided to work with Rinat Brodach, who was relatively new to the world of fashion. "I love working with emerging designers," he wrote in the caption. Hey, if Porter decides to wear your creations, chances are you won't be an up-and-comer for very long!

Porter was dressed to the nines for the ceremony in the tuxedo jumpsuit Brodach designed, which had a satin-finished, coffee-colored jacket and pants, accented by an enormous, orange cummerbund bow that tied off at the left hip and draped all the way to the ground. Underneath he wore a white shirt with subtle accents on each lapel, eschewing any kind of tie ostensibly to accommodate the statement bow around his waist. To round out the ensemble, Porter wore pointed black ankle boots designed by Jeffrey West.

Organic golden honey sums up Billy Porter's 2019 AFI Awards look

At the tail end of January in 2019, Billy Porter attended the American Film Institute Awards radiating a golden glow, according to a post on his Instagram page. Or rather, he was embracing an "organic golden honey" theme, as he was dressed head to toe in deep golden fabrics that complimented his flawless complexion.

Specifically, Porter wore a golden dress designed by none other than Calvin Klein, with an angular-hemmed drop skirt that flowed out around his feet. Over that he wore a shimmering suit jacket designed by Dolce & Gabbana, with wide lapels and a single button cinch in the middle. On his head, Porter donned a printed scarf designed by Paul & Joe, which tied in the back and sat low on the neck. As for shoes, Porter wore black shoes designed by Rick Owens, with just enough shine to compliment the bright yellow of his outfit. Finally, Porter accessorized with oversized, square-shaped sunglasses with a tortoiseshell rim, designed by Native Ken as usual. 

Billy Porter's 2019 Golden Globe Awards outfit took six months to make

Easily one of Billy Porter's best looks to date was the ensemble he wore to the 2019 Golden Globe Awards, which took a whopping six months for designer Randi Rahm to create. Porter's outfit consisted of an exquisitely embroidered and hand-beaded jacket with an attached, fuchsia-lined cape. Underneath, Porter wore a form-fitting embroidered and beaded tulle shirt with a silk collar. "I knew Billy would know how to work the red carpet just like a Pose runway, and it would require an ensemble with lots of sophisticated drama," Rahm explained in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "It truly floats and gives Billy the perfect excuse to, as he would say, 'serve the fashion.'"

Additionally, the outfit was designed to do more than just look good. "I immediately knew this look would be a very important statement for Billy," Rahm continued. "It needed to speak to his amazing personality, the importance of his role on the groundbreaking show Pose, as well as the message we collectively want to send to the world regarding the fluidity of fashion, tolerance and acceptance." We are 100 percent here for this!

Billy Porter's tuxedo dress at the 2019 Academy Awards was legendary

Time pretty much stopped when people got their first look at the groundbreaking tuxedo gown that Billy Porter wore to the 2019 Academy Awards. Designed by Christian Siriano, the outfit deliberately sought to play with masculine and feminine energies, redefining what role gender plays in fashion. "This look was interesting because it's not drag," Porter explained in an interview with Vogue. "I'm not a drag queen, I'm a man in a dress. [Siriano] came up with a tux on the top, and a ballgown that bursts out at the bottom." Porter added that he completed the outfit with shoes designed by Rick Owens. Talk about a look!

When Porter first tried the tuxedo gown on, it was a game-changer for him. "I felt alive. I felt free. And open, and radiant. And beautiful! Which has not always been the case for me," he continued. He really did look stunning!

Porter's aware that his fashion challenges people, but that doesn't bother him. "People are going to be really uncomfortable with my black a** in a ball gown — but it's not anybody's business but mine," he said.

Billy Porter went with up-cycled couture for the 2019 Peabody Awards

At the 2019 Peabody Awards, which recognizes programs that show how media can be a champion of public interest, Pose was honored for its visionary work in chronicling the lives of queer people and their families. Of course, star Billy Porter was in attendance, and he was decked out in a gown made with miles of red beaded and embroidered tulle, courtesy of the environmentally friendly design house Celestino Couture. The house makes use of up-cycled materials as much as possible, according to Vogue, showing that you can both look good and be kind to the earth while doing so. Especially that is, if you're Billy Porter.

In addition to wearing endless layers of sheer, flowing ruffles, Porter also sported a wig designed by Sabana Majeed, giving him gorgeous curls for days on end. He accented the look with a bold, dark lip, which finished off the dazzling ensemble.

Billy Porter had a message at the 2019 For Your Consideration event

It was all about shimmering silver fabric and long flowing lines for Billy Porter at the 2019 For Your Consideration event at The Hollywood Athletic Club. Oh yes, and some seriously bold accessories, with a seriously bold message, according to a post on Porter's Instagram page.

Specifically, Porter donned a long, sleeveless silver dress designed by Alex Vinash, with a straight neckline and thigh-high slits on either side that hugged Porter's flawless form. He paired that with a black, wide-brimmed hat custom designed by Christopher Jay Heller and the glasses designed by Native Ken that he wore to the AFI Awards earlier that year. And his black lace-up ankle boots were designed by Rick Owens.

However, the centerpiece of the outfit was a black handbag made by the feminist designer These Pink Lips with "F**k u, pay me" featured in bold white letters. Take it all the way to the bank, Billy!

Billy Porter stopped traffic at the 2019 Met Gala

The stars truly aligned for Billy Porter when he was invited to the Met Gala in 2019, and the theme of the night was Camp — which is right in Porter's wheelhouse. To that end, Porter went not just big, but colossal for his elaborate look inspired by Ancient Egypt and designed by The Blonds: He wore a catsuit with ten-foot wings and a golden headpiece and was carried into the gala by six shirtless men who wore golden pants, shoes, and jewelry.

Phillipe Blond opened up about the outfit in an interview with Vogue. "Customized for Billy, the catsuit was embellished by hand ... with a mix of Preciosa crystals and chain fringe, as well as gold bugle beads. This is meant to emulate the rays of the sun as they catch and move the light," Blond shared.

As for the wings Porter raised? "The wing cape is an archival piece," Blond continued. "Each wing was made to look three dimensional by using tube beads as stilts to raise certain areas. In all, Billy will be wearing well over a million crystals, beads, and chains!" Now that is how you do it! 

Women's rights informed Billy Porter's 2019 Tony Awards motif

Just when you think Billy Porter has done it all, he goes ahead and outdoes himself once again. That was certainly the case at the 2019 Tony Awards, where he wore a red velvet, gender-fluid evening suit designed by Celestino Couture, with a long train of pink tulle adorned with over 30,000 Swarovski crystals.

The outfit, which was made using a curtain salvaged from the Kinky Boots set, was inspired by the fight for women's rights. "At the fitting, we spoke about making a pattern on the train that was in the shape of a uterus, but not obvious, of course," he revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "And I thought it was awesome because women's rights are under attack right now. I'm an advocate for all who are disenfranchised. None of us are free until we're all free!"

Porter accessorized with an Oscar Heyman 25-carat ring and diamond bracelet and Medusa-themed shoes designed by Orel Brodt.

Billy Porter's World Pride looks were total perfection

If you ask Billy Porter to perform at the opening ceremonies of one of the biggest Pride festivals out there — the World Pride Festival in New York City — he's going to show up in something exceedingly fantastic. To that end, Porter walked the red carpet in a custom catsuit designed by The Blonds that was adorned with 50,000 sparkling Preciosa crystals to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. He paired that with a long, flowing coat that appeared to be inspired be Cruella de Vil's wardrobe and a custom hat designed by Sarah Sokol Millinery, according to Page Six. Once inside the venue, he traded in the trenchcoat for a bomber jacket covered in crystals, also designed by The Blonds. Porter topped the look off with a bold blue lip.

That wasn't the only outfit that Porter had custom made for World Pride. He also slayed in a sleeveless, flowing rainbow dress designed by Christian Siriano, which he wore to London Pride, according to a post on his Instagram page. Talk about fabulous!

Broadway wasn't ready for Billy Porter's NYFW ensemble

Billy Porter worked with his friends The Blonds to create the perfect outfit for their September 2019 runway show on Broadway during New York Fashion Week, according to a post on his Instagram page. The show was staged at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre, which is where Porter previously starred in Kinky Boots, making it the perfect venue for Porter to work his fashion magic.

Porter positively shimmered in his custom biker bride outfit, which consisted of a white and silver blinged-out unitard, cinched at the waist with a matching corset. Over that he wore a beaded and embroidered white and silver coat, accented with sculpted fabric flowers. On his head, he wore a glittering, showgirl-style headpiece, and on his feet were custom Christian Louboutin boots, according to a post on his Instagram page. Finally, Porter's fabulous fingerless gloves were designed by Majesty Black, putting the finishing touches on one truly memorable costume. 

Billy Porter served serious looks at London Fashion Week

Billy Porter brought his A-game and all the glitz and glamour to London Fashion Week in 2019, impressing people at multiple events. For starters, he attended the Victoria Beckham runway show in a bright shirt and pants combo designed by — you guessed it — Victoria Beckham. After that, he donned a black dress designed by Rick Owens while repping for Fashion for Relief, and over it wore a black feathered jacket by Adrian Manceras, with a matching feather hat by Stephen Jones.

Later on in the week, Porter stepped out for the Richard Quinn show wearing one of the designer's blue and green oversize frocks paired with black velvet pants, bright pink gloves by Wing & Weft Gloves, and a hat designed by Hat Couture Creations. At the Roskanda runway show, Porter changed it up and wore an oversized orange ruffled dress paired with a black hat by Sarah Sokol Millinery. Those were just some of Porter's incredible looks.

Porter even got to sit with the ice queen of fashion herself, Anna Wintour, at the JW Anderson runway show. Yas, queen!

Michael Kors designed Billy Porter's 2019 Emmy Awards outfit

In September of 2019, Billy Porter made history by becoming the first openly gay black man to take home the Emmy Award for best lead actor in a drama series, according to the Los Angeles Times. Congrats, Billy!

Of course, the Pose star looked incredible for the occasion, this time working with famed designer Michael Kors on a custom suit meant to evoke '70s disco. "It is very edgy, very on the pulse," he revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "We're excited. It is a classic silhouette yet heightened." Additionally, to match the black and silver pinstriped suit, Porter turned to designer Stephen Jones to create a custom hat, which nearly stole the show in and of itself.

As for accents, Porter wore custom nails by CND World and jewelry designed by Oscar Heyman, which provided just the right flourishes. All in all, it was the perfect get-up for a history-making evening.