Grace And Frankie Season 6: Details We Know So Far

Grace and Frankie Season 6 will soon be coming to Netflix... and the show will soon be coming to an end. By the time the credits roll for the last episode of the Netflix comedyit will be the longest running show that the streaming platform has ever produced. That's quite the honor, as Netflix is arguably the king of television, with shows like Orange Is the New BlackHouse of Cards, and Stranger Things under its belt. But with its star-studded cast, it's not entirely surprising that Grace and Frankie had the staying power that it did.


But before the final season begins, there's still Season 6 to get through. That means there will be more laughs, tears, conflicts, and tender moments to share with Frankie, Grace, Sol, and Robert. 

So when can fans expect Grace and Frankie Season 6 to finally drop? Will all of the cast from Season 5 be returning or not? And what will happen in the plot of Season 6 of Grace and Frankie? We gathered all of the important details, so read on to find out.

What is Grace and Frankie Season 6's release date?

The first season of Grace and Frankie debuted on Netflix in May of 2015, according to IMDb. That's when viewers were first introduced to characters Frankie and Grace, who had been left reeling after learning that their husbands were not only gay, but in love with one another. Additionally, the men had been carrying on an affair in secret for two decades, only coming out because they wanted to get married now that same-sex marriage was finally legalized. Talk about a shock!


Season 2 was released a year later, followed by Season 3 ten months after that. That was followed by Season 4 in January of 2018, and Season 5 in January of 2019. And just before Season 5 started, Netflix confirmed that there would be Grace and Frankie Season 6, according to a tweet the streaming giant made. Additionally, Netflix broke the news that Season 6 will be ready for streaming in January of 2020 in another tweet. It's happening!

These are the returning cast members that will appear in Grace and Frankie Season 6

The cast of Grace and Frankie is one of the best parts of the show, with enough star power to light up a dark sky. So it's good news that the four main cast members in the comedy — Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Sam Waterston, and Martin Sheen — will all be returning for Season 6, according to an article in Variety. June Diane Raphael, Brooklyn Decker, Baron Vaughn, and Ethan Embry will also be back to reprise their roles.


Additionally, Ernie Hudson, who plays Jacob, will be returning, which creator Marta Kauffman confirmed at a panel at PaleyFest (via Deadline). That's thanks in no small part to his acting abilities and his chemistry with Tomlin. "The electricity between them was so vibrant," she mused, adding, "We will be seeing him in Season 6." 

While it's still up in the air for how the romance will ultimately play out, the fact that Hudson is returning in Grace and Frankie Season 6 is a good sign for fans of the relationship.

Production for Grace and Frankie Season 6 started in early 2019

If you're looking for something to tide you over until Grace and Frankie Season 6 starts, look no further: The show's stars have been tweeting from the Season 6 set! That means that the show was in production as of March of 2019, which is excellent news, as the new season is officially in the works. Additionally, that means there are a few precious morsels of behind-the-scenes action to fill the Grace and Frankie-shaped hole in your life.


For starters, a tweet from the Grace and Frankie fans account showed Lily Tomlin looking especially like Frankie in her hippie attire while descending the stairs. She was present in another tweet as well, surrounded by several of her co-stars in Grace and Frankie. A third tweet showed Sam Waterston striking a pose while wearing decidedly grandpa-like gear and Martin Sheen giving the camera some serious attitude. Is it January 2020 yet?

Will there be any new actors starring in Grace and Frankie Season 6?

One of the things that Grace and Frankie is known for is having celebs play characters in special guest parts that are really well-written. For example, Nicole Richie did an incredible job playing Kareena G, the woman who purchased Frankie and Grace's beach house. Additionally, RuPaul was the perfect fit for Benjamin Le Day, the fast-talking assistant to Kareena G. And Friends star Lisa Kudrow was hilarious as Sheree, Grace's manicurist, who eventually became her roommate. 


So who will be guest starring in Grace and Frankie Season 6? For one, Kauffman confirmed during the PaleyFest panel that Mary Steenburgen will be making an appearance in Season 6, as reported by Deadline. So will Michael McKean and Engelbert Humperdinck — believe it or not! As to whether or not we'll ever see Dolly Parton make her much-anticipated appearance on the show, that remains to be seen. Apparently the singer has quite the busy schedule!

This is where Season 5 of Grace and Frankie left off

The final episode of Season 5 of Grace and Frankie was a bit of a departure, as most of it played out in the imaginations of the two leading ladies as opposed to in real time. But fans are glad that things snapped back into reality before it was over, even if only to escape Frankie's questionable hairstyle and Grace's bizarre "Carly Simon" plastic surgery. Plus, Grace and Frankie are always better when they're in it together.


By the very end of Season 5, on the heels of a fight that nearly ended their friendship, Grace and Frankie have reconciled, pledging to put their differences behind them. But just as they are ready to return to the beach house, Grace throws Frankie a curve ball. She confesses that she married Nick the night before, which clearly breaks Frankie's heart. Certainly that will need to be explored going forward in Grace and Frankie Season 6, as the women's living situation might get a little more complicated.

What will happen in Grace and Frankie Season 6?

If the previous five seasons of Grace and Frankie are any indicator, Grace and Frankie Season 6 is sure to have plenty of action, ranging from light-hearted vibrator jokes to heavy themes like being pushed into assisted living by your own children. But what specifically can fans expect to see in the penultimate season of their favorite Netflix show?


Marta Kauffman let a few details slip at the PaleyFest panel, mainly that Grace and Frankie will start a new business together. What that spells for the future of Vybrant, who knows, but after the whole free donuts and vibrators fiasco, it would make sense if Vybrant ends up folding. And as far as Sol and Robert go? Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen were mum when pressed, as discussing anything would apparently be a spoiler. Sounds like their plot line is going to be juicy!

Finally, given Nick's desire to travel the world with his new bride, what will that spell for Grace and Frankie's friendship in Season 6? Kauffman and the crew didn't dangle any hints, but we hope they make it work like they always do.


When will the Grace and Frankie Season 6 trailer drop?

There are all kinds of possibilities for the trajectory that Grace and Frankie Season 6 could go in. Will everything work out for newlyweds Grace and Jacob? Will Sol and Robert manage to keep things together, despite the temptations that are out there? And what will become of Grace and Frankie's sometimes contentious relationships with their adult children?


Of course, fans of Grace and Frankie will have a better idea of what to expect in Season 6 once Netflix drops the trailer for it. As for when that will happen? That's still up in the air, but if it debuts at the same time that the Season 5 trailer did, chances are it will drop in January of 2020 before the season premiere.

There's also the possibility that it could come out sooner, if Netflix execs are feeling generous and want to appease fans. Whether or not that happens, we'll just have to wait and see!