What Does The Little Couple's Bill Klein Do For A Living?

In season 13 of their hit TLC show, The Little Couple, the lovable Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold, along with kids Will and Zoey, packed up their home in Houston, Texas to move to a stunning new home in St. Petersburg, Florida, for which they paid a whopping $2.1 million, according to Realtor.

They're obviously hugely popular reality stars in their own right, but fans were still curious how the couple affords such a great place.

Arnold has a great job, having taken on the role of medical director at the Simulation Center at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, but what does Klein do to contribute to their household?

Bill Klein is a busy businessman

According to his biography on The Little Couple's official site, Klein earned a degree in biology from NYU, meaning he and Arnold were originally looking to work in the same field. However, his career has focused predominantly on sales in the years since.

Klein has worked various high-profile senior-management gigs at companies that bank from $45 to $250 million in annual revenue, reportedly getting promoted wherever possible. The TLC stalwart also previously worked in Houston, consulting with clients independently in the areas of strategic direction, sales, and operational efficiency, as well as assisting start-ups. That work will no doubt continue in Florida.

The Little Couple also works together

There's also Klein's business with Arnold, Candu Enterprises, which provides a variety of media services including public speaking and philanthropic appearances at schools to assist anti-bullying campaigns. The reality stars appear at various events to promote ventures close to their hearts, utilizing their celebrity to spread awareness.

Elsewhere, the busy father also owns Rocky & Maggie's, a pet supply business with both an e-commerce platform and a physical location in Houston, which is named after the family dogs and supports local rescues and charities, as well as selling various pet goods. 

Ultimately, Klein hopes The Little Couple shows what he and Arnold are capable of, saying (via Bustle), "We wanted to educate folks on the fact that we are very much a couple. We have similar dreams and aspirations. We lean on each other. There's not a thing in this world that can slow us down." It seems he's certainly made his own dreams come true, regardless.