This Hotel Hanger Hack Will Get You A Better Night's Sleep

Sleeping in a hotel can be hit or miss, but one thing many travelers loathe is that annoying gap in the curtains, which means they don't quite eliminate the piercing light that can creep in when they're trying to snooze. Whether it's a parking lot light that's shining inconveniently just outside your room or that ball of fire that can come up way too early in the morning, it's definitely unwelcome when that blaze hits you right across your slumbering eyes. 

Thankfully, there is an easy hack you can use to clamp those curtains so they're actually tightly closed — closed so well, in fact, that nary a spark of light can shine through. It's nothing more than your hotel hanger, a half dozen of which are hopefully waiting there for you in your room already.  

How to use a hotel hanger to keep the light out

Hotel hangers usually include two clips to hang your pants on, and as Twitter user @rklau wrote, they just so happen to perfectly close the curtains, making a good night of sleep that much easier to obtain when you're away from home. "I don't remember who posted this on Twitter a few years ago, but whoever you are: you have improved every night I've spent in a hotel since," he writes, noting that this isn't the first time this particular hack has made its way to the masses via the social media platform. 

If you have a particularly problematic situation, such as multiple gaps that one hanger won't quite take care of, there are usually several hangers in your room's wardrobe that you can use to seal off the blinding light. Even if your room doesn't seem to have an issue at nighttime, but the curtains don't close together nicely, it's a good idea to clip them up to prevent that morning burn from waking you up before you're ready. 

Crack of light, begone — and all you need is a hanger (or two).