The Real Reason Jana Duggar Is Still Single

Out of the older Duggar kids, Jana Duggar is something of an anomaly. Most of the Duggars marry quite young and start having kids right away, but Jana is 29 and still single. While 29 is by no means old, fans have long wondered what Jana's deal is. Is she not interested in men? Is she just planning on not getting married? Why is Jana Duggar still single? 

In a Counting On sneak peek released by Us Weekly on October 22, Jana Duggar explained why she's still single — and why that's okay.

Jana Duggar does want to find love

Jana Duggar wants to find a husband, but that doesn't mean she's going to make her whole life about getting hitched, either. She may be single, but the Counting On star has courted in the past. She just hasn't found anyone she cares enough about to marry, yet. 

"There can be that pressure, I guess," she said of being single. "Everyone's always giving their suggestions. Some will pressure in some ways, I'm like, 'Y'all when the time comes.' ... If I was sitting here waiting to get married, I think that would be more depressing but instead, I really look at this as, okay what are other things that I could be doing right now that maybe I can't do later? I've really enjoyed the different opportunities that I've had [like] travel; even still being able to travel with my family that maybe my married siblings can't do."

Jana Duggar says it's okay to break off a courtship

For most of the Duggars, courtship eventually leads to marriage. Jana, however, has been approached by many men, but none of her courtships have ended in marriage for one simple reason. "None of them worked out," she said. "Different ones of us have been in relationships, courtships, whatever you want to label it as. Of course, it doesn't always end in marriage and that's okay."

Jana Duggar is determined to find the right man for her, and she's not in a rush. "You have to sometimes talk to someone, get to know someone and realize, you know what, it doesn't have to end in marriage," she said.