The Trick To Quickly Drying Your Hair Without A Blow Dryer

There's nothing quite like a fresh salon blow out. Volume, bounce, and shine are all we could dream of but when you're in a rush (or on a budget), what's the trick to quickly drying your hair without a blow dryer? While leaving your hair to dry naturally is the obvious option, it's not exactly a fast-dry solution. 

There are two things to take into consideration when looking for tricks to quickly drying your hair without a blow dryer. The first thing you should do is look to your products. According to Byrdie, "Conditioner not only smoothes your strands but can help them dry faster, too. The silicone coats each strand and seals it down, repelling water in the process," explains beauty editor Faith Xue. Use a wide-tooth comb before you wash out your conditioner and when you get out of the shower your hair is likely to dry faster. If you've already showered, use styling products containing alcohol. "I'm a huge fan of mousse — it has alcohol in it that helps hair air-dry faster," hairstylist Mark Townsend, who often air-dries Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's hair, told Allure.

Dry your hair faster with a microfiber towel

The second thing that can help dry you har fast is your towel — but not just any towel. When towel-drying hair, Byrdie suggests ditching your regular bath towel in favor of a soft microfiber towel. "The softer texture soaks up twice as much water, and it does it without frizzing up your strands," claims Xue. Elizabeth Siegel at Allure takes things one step further and recommends blotting hair with a few sheets of paper towel to really soak up the excess water, saying they're incredibly absorbent. Whatever your choice, it's important to be gentle with your hair to avoid damage. Slowly squeeze and blot when drying with any towel, and avoid any sort of rubbing movement as this can cause frizz and breakages.