How Much Does It Cost To Hire Marie Kondo?

There are those of us whose homes are pristine, sleek, and minimalist. Then there are those of us who have still have the receipts for when our children were toddlers and we first traveled to Disneyland as a family. If you're a chronic hoarder, chances are you'll be unable to get rid of your own stuff, no matter what the Internet advises you to do, but thanks to Netflix, we know there is also the possibility of enlisting the assistance of She Who Sparks Joy — if you choose to take the leap. 

There is a shortlist of options you can look into before you hit the nuclear button and begin plans to persuade/cajole Marie Kondo to come to your home and work her magic. Her book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which first introduced us to the concept of "Spark Joy," hit global bestseller lists and took the declutter guru from anonymity to fame. Then came Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, her Netflix television show that triggered a storm of debate over the KonMari method, which invites people to hold their belongings to decide whether or not they spark joy, keeping those that do, and discarding those that don't.

Those who love the KonMari concept, and the woman behind it even more, would likely pay hand over fist to get her into their cluttered homes to work her organization magic. But can you even hire Kondo, and if so, how much do her services cost?

You won't get Marie Kondo herself

Bad news, KonMari hopefuls — you can't actually hire the queen bee of organization any more. Having Marie Kondo in your home might have been an option many moons ago, but you can only now settle on hiring one of more than 300 KonMari Consultants who range from Certified Green (30 tidying hours and one client who completed their tidying festival) to Certified Master (1,500 tidying hours and two clients who completed their tidying festival). 

House Beautiful reports that as of January 2019, a Platinum Consultant (just under Certified Master) charges $100 per hour and an additional $50 in travel fees. But the rates are not set in stone. House Beautiful says if you're in a high demand area you'll pay more, however, lower ranking members adept at the KonMari method ask for less. Of course there is the added option of saving the money and becoming certified yourself, which could kill two birds with one stone — you could tidy up your home and save money in the process.