This Is Tori Roloff's Biggest Fear For Her Son

Being a mom in today's social media-focused age can be a hard experience to navigate, especially because Instagram and Facebook provide platforms for people to post only the highlights of their lives as opposed to the private, messy moments we experience every day. 

In an act of vulnerability that's rarely seen on social media, Little People, Big World's Tori Roloff opened up her Instagram comments on International Dwarfism Awareness Day to host a Q&A about having little people, also known as LP, in her life (via InTouch Weekly). During the Q&A, Roloff revealed that her biggest fear for her son is that he'll be treated as younger than he is. 

Tori Roloff fears her son Jackson won't be treated like the age he is

Jackson, who also has the same form of dwarfism as his dad Zach, is featured frequently on Tori's Instagram. Many fans comment often about how cute he is, but when someone commented asking about what challenges she faces as the parent of a dwarf child, things got real. "I think my biggest fear is him being treated younger than he is," she responded. "He is completely capable, and I never want him to think he can't do something because I do it for him."

Tori noted on Instagram a while back that while she and Zach did learn about Jackson's achondroplasia before he was born, the couple has chosen not to find out if the daughter they're expecting in November will also have some form of dwarfism (via InTouch Weekly). After users continued to ask about their daughter, the expecting mother cleared the air, saying, "The answer is we don't know, and we won't know until she's born... We love her and we can't wait to meet her." 

Tori Roloff admits she knew nothing about dwarfism before she married Zach

On the same post, another user asked, "What was the one thing you didn't know about dwarfism before you married into a family with dwarfism?"

Tori answered this query as well, and admitted that before she met Zach, she didn't know anything about dwarfism — at all. "I knew NOTHING about dwarfism before I met Zach," she wrote. "Zach was the first LP [little person] I'd ever met. He... made it so 'normal' to me, though." She added, "I've never thought about him being different in the aspect of having a disability. Instead, he's different to me because of his character." 

This pregnancy has been harder on Tori Roloff

Good Housekeeping noted that the Little People, Big World star hasn't been feeling the best during this second pregnancy. She had previously opened up in an Instagram caption in August, under a maternity photo she initially didn't want to take. 

In the caption, she writes about how she isn't one of those women who "loves being pregnant," and while she's incredibly thankful for being a mother, this pregnancy had been hard on her. Ultimately, however, she's glad she participated in the shoot. "My growing bump is a symbol of a healthy girlsie," she wrote. "It's a reminder that I'm in a position that many women dream of and trust me... I do not take it for granted."