What KaDee Strickland Has Been Doing Since Private Practice Ended

For six years, KaDee Strickland graced viewers with her presence playing the hardworking and tough-as-nails physician Charlotte King on Private Practice. The character wasn't always loved by audiences, but she definitely added that special something to the Grey's Anatomy spinoff (via Los Angeles Times). The show ended after its sixth season in 2013, but that wasn't the end of Strickland's career. 

Since the final episode of Private Practice aired, Strickland has kept busy acting in several pilots and films, parenting her son with husband Jason Behr, and advocating for victims of sexual assault with the RAINN organization. And she goes to SoulCycle a lot. In other words, the actress has been keeping plenty busy since her days as Charlotte King.

KaDee Strickland has continued acting

After the Shonda Rhimes show ended in 2013, Strickland made appearances in a few pilots and episodes of shows that ultimately got canceled. However, she did complete a two-season stint as Linda Haverford on Shut Eye, a Hulu original drama that followed the stories of a community of fortune tellers in Los Angeles (via AV Club). Strickland played the wife of Charlie Haverford, played by Burn Notice's Jeffrey Donovan, who discovers he actually has psychic powers after he suffers from a concussion at the hands of a client's boyfriend. 

She actually found her role on Shut Eye to be quite terrifying. However, Strickland told The Observer in 2017 that there were reasons why she ultimately took the role. "I knew that the producers involved, [in particular Breaking Bad's John Shiban] were ones I respected," she said. "I've seen what they've done with characters that are seemingly unredeemable, and then you can't believe how much you fall in love with them." 

In addition to her role on Shut Eye, she's also appeared in the TV movie Bloodline as well as the short-lived TV series The Player (via IMDb). Most recently, she wrapped up filming on The Time Capsule, which also stars Todd Grinnell (from Desperate Housewives) and Brianna Hildebrand (best known for her role in Deadpool 2). 

KaDee Strickland and her husband welcomed a child in 2013

In May 2013, a rep for the couple confirmed that Strickland and her husband Jason Behr were pregnant with their first child (via Us Weekly). Their son, Atticus, was born in October 2013 (via Entertainment Weekly). 

Strickland met Behr on the set of The Grudge in Japan in 2004, and the couple married in 2006 in Ojai, California. In a since-archived interview, Strickland revealed how the proposal went down. "It was completely shocking, and it happened on my 30th birthday," she recalled to Glamour. "I thought the celebration was for my birthday and had no idea that the flip side of that would be an engagement. Pretty special."

On top of her family life, Strickland is also a fierce advocate for victims of sexual assault, and she regularly voices her support for the RAINN organization, which provides support, information and advice for victims. Strickland told InStyle, "RAINN is a remarkable organization. The more I worked with these people, the more these experiences laid on my heart."

We love hearing that Strickland is using her voice to stand up for what's right.