What Celine Dion Really Thinks Of The Controversial Titanic Ending

In the more than 20 years since Titanic came out, fans have done two things: The first is argue over whether or not Jack could have really fit on that door. The other is sing "My Heart Will Go On" at karaoke bars. 

Now, Celine Dion, aka the woman whose extraordinary pipes made "My Heart Will Go On" such an iconic song, has finally weighed in on the Jack/door debate. Even though we never see Dion's face on the screen, her powerhouse vocals made Titanic, so we can safely call her an authority on the film. But will we agree with her verdict? 

Does Celine Dion think Jack could have fit on the door?

While many people think that Jack could definitely have fit on the door with his soul mate, Rose, and survived the sinking of the Titanic if Rose had only told him to hop on, Celine Dion pins the blame on Jack. The topic came up on a recent episode of The Tonight Show

Dion was on the show to promote her new album, Courage, but Jimmy Fallon asked her the question that has been destroying friendships for decades anyway. "You know that's a long time ago, right?" Dion joked at first. "Don't put me in trouble. What if they want to do a Titanic No. 2?"

Finally, after being pushed by Fallon, Dion gave an answer. "Listen. First of all, if you look closely to the picture, Rose is maybe dead or totally frozen and she's not quite all there," she said. "Okay? Second of all, he doesn't need an invitation."

She added, "Come on baby, make yourself comfortable! Jump in, you know? And then, who did not think about this guy who is in the middle of the frozen ocean and that maybe all his body is so frozen that he didn't have the strength to jump in."