How Jameela Jamil Almost Died Because Of Ted Danson

Actress Jameela Jamil, who plays Tahani on The Good Place, recently revealed how she very nearly ended up in the afterlife herself thanks to her co-star, Ted Danson.

Jamil appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on November 25 and told the story of how Danson took her under his wing during the first season of the show. "He taught me how to act, but mostly he was just very good at teaching me how to stay alive," said Jamil. "He told me early on, because I kept on getting a fever just from filming... A doctor once told me I'm clinically weak, which isn't a condition, it's just sad. But Ted noticed that I was fatigued and yet was running circles around me."

Jamil realized she wasn't exercising enough because of Danson, but things didn't go exactly as she had expected when she tried to get some cardio in. "I started trying to jog because of him," said Jamil. "And the first time I tried, I almost died!"

What happened next is pretty wild.

Jameela Jamil had the unluckiest run ever

"I went jogging," said Jamil. "I went out dressed like a ninja, head to toe in black 'cause L.A. doesn't feel very safe on the street. I'm jogging, I'm running down a big road... There's three lanes of traffic on either side, I stop because of the traffic. I'm listening to Beyoncé very loud. And I guess because I'm very tall, I have disturbed a branch on the tree."

Running into a tree would have already been bad enough, but things got even worse for Jamil. 

"What I don't know is — and I find this out as kind of a cloud of black descends upon me — that there's a beehive on that tree," she said. "And I had very much so pissed off the beehive that are now all over me, so I just start running into traffic."

Somehow, things escalated even further. 

"I run in, a car hits me," said the unlucky star. "But the car's, thankfully, slowing down because it sees a woman covered in a perm of bees, so hit they hit me while slowing down."

Jameela Jamil managed to escape without getting stung

After getting hit by the car, Jamil kept running as the bees kept chasing her. She finally ended up at a club. "There are people standing outside smoking, and I think to myself — and it's terrible when you're in a moment of emergency to realize what an awful person you are — but I looked at those people smoking and I was like, 'You already don't care about your lives, so I'm gonna run at you with these bees,'" she said. 

Jamil ran towards the crowd, got on the ground, and crawled into the bar next door "and watch[ed] everyone get stung."

Miraculously, Jamil escaped without a single sting. Maybe she really does live in the "Good Place!"