Will There Be A Season 3 Of Sweet Home Sextuplets?

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans finally have the news they have been waiting for. Season 2 of the TLC series, centered on the Waldrop family and their set of sextuplets, wrapped up in July, and since then fans have been wondering if the show would be renewed for a third season.


People just revealed in an interview with the Waldrops that the show will, in fact, be returning for a third season. While an air date hasn't been announced yet, we can likely expect to see more of the sextuplets, Blu, Layke, Tag, Rawlings, Rayne, and Rivers, and their older brothers, Saylor, Wales, and Bridge, in 2020. 

The Waldrops didn't say if filming is underway for Sweet Home Sextuplets yet, but if cameras are rolling, they'll be capturing a lot of activity as the family of 11 celebrates the holiday season.

The Waldrops are getting ready for the holidays

"This time of year is very busy for us as we plan and look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas as a family of 11," Courtney and Eric Waldrop told People. "The holidays have always been special for Eric and I and celebrating with our three big boys — but now that we have our six babies to share it with, it makes everything a little more special."


The sextuplets' birthday falls during the holiday season, making things even more hectic for the reality television stars as they prepare for the kids' second birthday. "The sextuplets were born Dec. 11, so not only do we have the holidays to enjoy with one another, we also have the celebration of our six miracles being born during the sweetest time of the year," said the Waldrops. "Saylor, Wales and Bridge also celebrate birthdays during this time of year."

The news of the renewal comes at the perfect time. "So for us, the holiday season brings many reminders of all the things we have to be thankful for!" said the Waldrops.