How Much Does It Cost To Rent The Yachts On Below Deck?

Watching Bravo's Below Deck, it's kind of impossible not to fantasize about renting one of the featured luxury yachts for yourself. For most of us regular folks, the idea of lounging around having every need tended to by a crew of hot, young twentysomethings is an experience we're only going to get watching this particular show (and its drama-filled spin-off, Below Deck Mediterranean, of course).

Still, it's fun to dream. And if our funds ever permit us to, the first stop would be one of these huge boats replete with gold bathroom fixtures, luxuriously expansive guest cabins, and Michelin-star service. So, how much exactly would that set you back?

The Below Deck yachts do not come cheap

According to Worldwide Boat, the cheapest you can rent one of the featured yachts (the Ohana, from season 2) is $140,000 per week. The rest range in price all the way up to a whopping €231,000 (around $256,000 per week) for the Talisman Maiton, which was featured on Below Deck Med season 3.

According to Yacht Charter Fleet, the smaller super-yachts, including the Ionian Princess, the Valor, and the Sirocco, rent for approximately $154,000 to $199,500 per week, depending on the season and the boat. The good news, though, is the Ohana is $140,000 per week at any time of year, so it's something of a bargain compared to the others.

As for the mid-range yachts, the Eros is currently not available for rent, nor is the recently-redone Honor. The biggest super-yachts, meanwhile, are way out of seemingly anybody's price range. The aforementioned Talisman Maiton goes for the same massive fee no matter the time of year, while My Seanna, at 185 feet, is $294,000 a week in the winter and $315,500 a week in summer. 

Appearing on Below Deck might save you some money

Those looking to appear on Below Deck might get a discount as, according to The Forward Cabin, charter guests who feature only pay around $11,000 each for the privilege, and that includes airfare, hotels, and more. The charters are shorter, however, clocking in at just a few days each according to Worldwide Boat

It's still a massive discount considering the show's own Kate Chastain told ET"Generally a boat that size, 150 foot — this one's 160, Valor — but around that price range, for seven days, is around $150,000. But that does not include airfare, fuel, food, wine, docking, tip. So, I would say for a boat like Valor, for a week vacation, it would be around a quarter of a million dollars."

If you're more interested in owning rather than renting a yacht, be forewarned; Denison Yachting advises it'll cost around $4.75 million annually for a 180-foot vessel, including around $400,00 for fuel, $350,000 for dockage, $240,000 for vessel insurance, $1 million for maintenance and repairs, and $1.4 million for crew salaries.

They're definitely pricey, but the Below Deck yachts are worth it

Chartering a luxury yacht, particularly one featured on Below Deck, costs so much for one major reason: You're getting a first class experience. As noted by Worldwide Boat, the expert crews working these boats are the best of the best (despite what the hit show and its spin-off, may lead us to believe), and the amenities boasted by each truly have to be seen to be believed. Put simply, this is a once in a lifetime vacation.

Take the Ionian Princess, which boasts a sun deck featuring a Jacuzzi and breathtaking views. The gorgeous boat, originally built in 2005, also includes luxury accommodations across six cabins for up to 12 guests. Likewise, the Dutch-built Sirocco, which was made in 2006, also features a sun deck but it's equipped with a gym, making it even more special. Elsewhere on-board there's an alfresco party deck, theater, and plenty of other amenities for fun both on and off the water. 

The yachts featured on Below Deck are basically floating luxury hotels

The mighty Talisman Maiton, meanwhile, fittingly named for a stunning Thai island, is a superb, tri-deck yacht. Although it accommodates 12 guests total, the boat also features a master suite and a VIP stateroom, so exclusivity is key. It was refit in 2016 (the yacht was originally built in 2006) and now features a glorious sun deck and spa pool complete with a bar, gym, and an all-important observation deck with panoramic views.

The huge My Seanna also boasts a master suite and VIP stateroom, as well as a chic beach club, fittings brushed in 22 carat gold, a sundeck sauna and gym, helipad, and even an outdoor movie theater. Act quickly and you might just get a discount on it, as Yacht Charter Fleet previously advertised that the first three charters to the Bahamas this past summer were subject to an insane 35 percent price reduction. 

Chartering a Below Deck yacht is something most of us will only ever dream of doing, but it's not hard to understand why those who have the cash choose to splash out for the privilege.