Why Do My Armpits Itch So Bad?

If we had a list of our least favorite body parts, we can probably add armpits to that list. Not only do they demand regular maintenance, (think of all the money we spend on razors and deodorants), they can be embarrassing (pit stains and body odor). But what if our pits don't just actually sweat and smell weird, but they also itch?

Women's Health identifies one of the most likely culprits behind a pit itch: the perfumes or scents used to make personal care products such as soaps, lotions, and deodorants, as well as household care items like laundry detergent and dryer sheets. If you've got small nicks and cuts around your pit area (usually from when you are shaving), these scents may irritate these areas which can discomfort, such as itching, and possible redness, and chafing. A simple switch to a non-perfumed brand or a natural brand, along with the use of an anti-itch cream should do the trick.

Other causes of an itchy armpit

Healthline says other, everyday things could trigger an annoying pit itch too: prickly heat (a condition triggered by hot and humid weather); poor hygiene; a dull razor; and skin inflammations like allergic or contact dermatitis and intertrigo, which is a rash in the folds of your skin. If you've managed to eliminate these possible causes, Women's Health suggests it may be time to consider a yeast infection, because yes they can happen in your pits too. To treat, apply a drugstore antifungal, and if it doesn't clear up in five days, see a doctor. 

But there are also times when an itch could be an early warning sign that something more serious could be just around the corner. If you're washing your pits carefully and have eliminated scents and perfumes, allergies, and a yeast infection, and the itch persists, it may be time to stop consulting Dr. Google and schedule an appointment with your doctor. In some cases, Healthline warns that an itchy armpit could be an early warning symptom of something more serious, such as lymphoma or breast cancer.