Can My Dog Hear My Baby's Heartbeat?

We've all seen the viral videos of dogs snuggling up to their owner's baby bumps or "protecting" them from dads trying to get some quality time with their unborn children, and it's hard to imagine a cuter phenomenon. It's hard not to see those sweet videos and think the dogs are patiently awaiting the arrival of what they know is going to be their new best friend. 

While these videos will always attract loads of viewers looking for just a few minutes of extra joy in their day, what's the real story behind this strange (yet undeniably sweet) occurrence? Is it just another pregnancy myth we've all been led to believe? Or are dogs aware of their owner's pregnancies? Can they hear the baby's heartbeat?

Dogs are more aware of our bodies than we realize

According to Healthline, the ability of trained dogs to sense biological changes in humans is backed by research, and dogs' senses are also known to be much more acute than our own, whether they're one of the smartest dog breeds in the world or not. PBS reported that in a million gallons of water, dogs could sniff out just the single teaspoon of sugar that was added. That's absolutely remarkable, considering it's sometimes hard for us humans to determine where in our house that smell is coming from. 

Given just how good dogs are able to smell lends itself to the idea that they can also smell changes in humans. After all, dogs have been trained to smell narcolepsy, changes in blood sugar, and prostate cancer. It's certainly not out of the question, then, that dogs can smell the hormonal changes a woman's body goes through when she's pregnant. 

What's less clear, though, is whether or not dogs can hear the baby's heartbeat. However, Healthline suggests it isn't completely out of the question, considering just how much better dogs' senses are than ours. But even if our furry friends can hear what's going on, it doesn't mean they understand. There's no denying the fact, though, that it can make for a super adorable video, so keep those cameras rolling.