The Right And Wrong Way To Apply Dry Shampoo

Everyone knows you shouldn't be washing your hair every day. Washing too much can strip your scalp of the natural oils and bacteria your hair needs to thrive, and hair stylists usually recommend that women only wash their hair once or twice a week depending on their hair type (via The New York Times). So what are you supposed to do the other days? For many of us, that means turning to dry shampoo to keep our hair feeling nice and clean between washes. 

Dry shampoo is a holy grail product, but how do you know if you're using it the right way? We've collected the best tips and tricks to ensure your dry shampoo experience is going the way it should.

This is the right way to apply dry shampoo

When you spray your dry shampoo, it's important that you're spraying at least four to six inches away from the targeted spot. This way the product won't leave chalky marks, says Batiste expert Val Benavides (via Glamour UK). Benavides recommends waiting a few minutes to allow the dry shampoo to absorb the excess oil, then brushing through your hair afterward to remove any excess product. Giving the dry shampoo enough time to lock into the gunk in your hair is super important.

If you really want the tea on how to step up your dry shampoo game, then you'll want to try this hack from celebrity hairstylist Daniel Martin. He told Flare that after you've sprayed the product on your hair, you should give your mane a quick blowout with your hair dryer. "This will help distribute the product away from the scalp and a little into the mid lengths," Martin explained. "That helps with volume and removes visual residue." This trick works especially well with our darker-haired friends.

Here's what not to do when applying dry shampoo

Right off the bat, make sure you're not overloading your hair with dry shampoo — it's one of the biggest mistakes people make. The more product you use in one sitting, the duller your hair is going to look throughout the day. Start with a small dose, and then add more later if necessary (via Good Housekeeping). Other mistakes include not remembering to massage the product in or not brushing it out afterward — both of these steps are crucial when it comes to your routine. Forgetting to do these steps will leave your hair limp and chalky-looking. And lastly, make sure you get the right color dry shampoo for your hair to avoid that George Washington powdered 'do look. 

It's crucial to remember that dry shampoo doesn't actually clean your hair, so it's not a smart idea to stop washing your hair altogether in favor of using dry shampoo. Overuse can clog your hair follicles and not washing your hair enough can cause dandruff and scaly skin (via Healthline).