The Pepsi Girl Grew Up To Be Gorgeous

In the age of streaming services with little or no ads, most people really only see commercials on Super Bowl Sunday. Not so long ago, however, that wasn't the case. In the late '90s and early '00s, commercials played a huge role in a person's TV viewing experience. The super-short TV spots were often aimed at being funny or, in the case of the still gut-wrenching ASPCA ads, sentimental. Pepsi has certainly had their fair share of memorable TV spots, like their Cindy Crawford commercial Time lists among their most influential Super Bowl ads of all time. The soda company actually claims three of those top 25 spots, and have had plenty of other memorable commercials not included in the list.

The Pepsi girl commericals starring Hallie Eisenberg were huge

While she may not have the same name recognition as Cindy Crawford, any '80s or '90s baby should be able to recall the Pepsi Girl (aka Hallie Eisenberg) with relative ease, even though she's been away from the limelight for some time. The commercial series Eisenberg starred in featured her sassily requesting a Pepsi and clapping back against anyone who dared give her a Coke. She often lip-synced to voiceovers in a way that you couldn't help but laugh at. But what happened after she stopped popping up to shame our drink of choice? And, more importantly, where is she now?

Hallie Eisenberg was the Hollywood darling of the early 2000s

Aside from the hilariously adorable Pepsi commercials that seriously made us consider reaching for a blue can rather than a red one, Hallie Eisenberg's big break came in 1998, when she starred in Paulie (via IMDb). She followed that up with 2000's Beautiful and 2006's How to Eat Fried Worms, among many other small parts. In her 12 years as a child actor, Eisenberg amassed 19 credits to her name. An impressive amount that could have easily been the sounding board to a long and successful career.

For a time, Eisenberg was pretty much everywhere. She put her charm on full display with interviews on the Howie Mandel Show and The Rosie O'Donnell Show, proving that her star power was here to stay. In these interviews, she captured the hearts of audiences by hilariously correcting O'Donnell and dancing for Mandel's audience. Except Eisenberg didn't stay in the limelight and go on to become a Hollywood stalwart...

Hallie Eisenberg is part of a family of actors

In 2010, Eisenberg appeared in the film Holy Rollers and it ended up being her last acting role to date. However, that film appearance brought to light a connection to Hollywood pretty much no one had yet realized. The film starred Jesse Eisenberg (of The Social Network fame), and it's not just a coincidence that the two share a last name. They're actually siblings and come from a family that's always been a patron of the arts. In an interview with The Guardian, Jesse revealed that his and Hallie's older sister was actually a Broadway actress and he would tag along and appear in small roles. He revealed of his pre-Hollywood days, "I was not good in any of it. I was just there because my sister was doing it, and I wanted to be with her."

While Jesse has gone on to become a mainstay in Hollywood, his sisters chose a different path. While not much is known of the Eisenbergs' oldest sibling, Hallie's been active on social media, so we can see what she's been up to since her last movie role.

Hallie Eisenberg grew up to be gorgeous and lives a relatively normal life

According to Seventeen, Eisenberg left Hollywood in 2010 to go to college. Judging by her Instagram, she's lived a pretty normal life since then. 

In 2016, her then-boyfriend Owen Danoff was a contestant on The Voice. The Washington Post revealed the couple was living in New York City with her brother. Recent posts on the former child star's account, however, indicate there's a new man in her life.

Eisenberg's Instagram account offers a glimpse into her life as a 20-something relatively like all others. It shows her hanging out with friends, attending weddings and sporting events, traveling, and even features the occasional cameo from her famous brother. From her account we can tell she's a fan of goat yoga, singing, being an aunt, Game of Thrones, and so much more. Truly, a brief look at her account shows that after leaving Hollywood, she went on to become a down-to-earth, relatable, and beautiful young woman. 

The Pepsi girl, as she's affectionately known, is among other child stars who grew up to be stunning. While it's unlikely we'll see her grace our screens anytime soon, it's nice to see she's out there living life on her own terms.