The Best Kind Of Brush For Fine Hair

Let's hear it for fine hair. Its individual strands may be skinny, but as a whole, fine hair doesn't need much to look silky and smooth, and it also doesn't resist heat styling the way coarse hair does. But as with everything, having fine hair has its downsides: It tangles easily, can lack volume, and can break more easily, especially when wet — which means picking the right brush can be a right pain (via It's A 10 Haircare). None of us want to ruin our hair with the wrong brush, so which brush should fine-haired folks reach for?


Bustle recommends boar bristle brushes as a must-have for folks with fine hair. That's because its stiff bristles detangle, but they aren't liable to damage or rip out hair that is already structurally delicate to begin with. Boar bristle brushes have the added bonus of being able to stimulate the scalp, which results in healthier follicles, and they also distribute the oils evenly throughout your hair rather than letting it all sit on the scalp. And even if extended blow-drying sessions are not really recommended for people with fine hair, Bustle says that brushes with a blend of boar bristle and nylon are great for times when you attempt to dry and style your hair with a bit of heat.

Vegan brush options for fine hair

Boar bristle brushes may not sit well with some folks, though — particularly those who are vegan. Under these circumstances, hair brushes made with plant-based materials could be just the thing. German brand Redecker makes brushes out of tampico, which are fibers from the agave and yucca plants. VegByte says the fibers could pass for boar bristles because they look, feel, and can last as long as their animal counterparts, making it a viable option for fine hair. 


Another vegan option comes in the form of brushes with plastic bristles like Tangle Teezer, which is great for fine hair because, like the name suggests, it coaxes the tangles out of hair without tugging or pulling. Bustle says Tangle Teezer is so gentle it can be used on hair extensions, wigs, and weaves, making it a great option option for those with lighter locks.