Here's What All Of The Dolan Twins' Tattoos Really Mean

Ethan and Grayson Dolan may have made quite a career for themselves as master pranksters (here's how much they make on YouTube), but if there's one thing they take seriously(ish), it's their tattoos. The twins have tons of arsty images dotted all over their bodies, most with their own specific (and often quite deep) meaning. 

They've helpfully divulged that meaning in detail across two videos; "What Our Tattoos Mean," and follow-up "What Our Tattoos Mean 2." The guys have a whopping 40 tattoos between them, and some are more memorable than others. 

The Dolan twins' ink is extremely personal

First up, and arguably most importantly, the guys have a couple of matching tattoos, namely a Sagittarius constellation which is, obviously, their shared star sign. They also both have the phrase "Famiglia per sempre," which means "family forever" in Italian, which honors their heritage. Other meaningful family tattoos include the three crescents on the back of Ethan's ankle, which form part of their family crest (and which the twins' father also has tattooed on his arm).

Elsewhere, on the outside of his right ankle, Grayson has the word "matters" with a line through it, though he admitted it's often mistaken for the word "haters." It was the first tattoo he ever got, with the YouTuber noting, "The meaning of 'nothing matters' is to not get caught up in the small, stupid things that you stress about in life — that aren't going to matter in years to come." The first tattoo Ethan ever got, at the age of just 15, was their birthday in Roman numerals. It's modeled after a tattoo the twins' grandfather has. 

The Dolan twins like fun tattoos to match their personalities, too

Grayson, meanwhile, has a tattoo meant to invoke the guardian angel he believes helped him survive after complications at birth, while he inspired his bro to get a magnifying glass with the word "now" inscribed on it to push him to always focus on the present. Elsewhere, Grayson has the pretty self-explanatory "grind" on his inner lip, his second tattoo ever, while Ethan has "create" in the same spot. 

On the other, more fun side, there are spooky skulls celebrating the guys' love of Halloween, crowns, lucky numbers, and plenty more Sagittarius-themed imagery. The Dolan twins love trippy, mind-bending messaging, too, from reminders to stay calm to professions to live each moment to its fullest. When they switched places for a day for a YouTube video, they even picked out tattoos for one another, with Grayson giving Ethan a purple flower and his brother choosing their secret handshake for him.