The Reason Your Sun Sign Meaning Is More Important Than You Thought

Even folks who can't tell their moon signs from their rising signs usually know a thing or two about their sun signs. Masquerading in popular culture as horoscopes or "star signs," sun signs became a thing when astrology went mainstream in the 1930s (via Smithsonian). Then, an astrologer named R.H. Naylor became a regular columnist in a British newspaper after he correctly predicted the tragedy of British airship R101. 

His new column was first directed at readers whose birthdays fell during a specific week. An editorial decision was then made to use "star signs" to appeal to a wider audience... and it worked. "[The column] was embraced by an enthusiastic public with open arms and it spawned a thousand imitations," British astrologer Jonathan Cainer said. "Before we knew it tabloid astrology was born... this vast over-simplification of a noble, ancient art."

Why do sun signs matter?

Your sun sign represents the heart of your star chart, and thanks to R.H. Naylor and his column, it's also become what pop culture has long identified as our zodiac sign. Live About describes this sign as the foundation of our natures and personalities, so not only is it the image that we show to the world, but it also reflects the public side of who we are. 

Think of your sun sign as the "you" that defines who you are, as well as how people view you. Live About also says your sun sign might show you how you deal with and ultimately process new experiences. "The sun is your identity; it's your will and your sense of self," astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo says (via Huffington Post). With the important role it plays in your star chart, it helps that our sun sign is also probably the easiest to work out, because it involves just knowing our birthdate and birthplace. 

The time of birth would be helpful too, but it's an option that can be overlooked for now (via Cafe Astrology). Along with your moon sign and your rising sign, the three parts of your star chart can act as a mirror to show different sides of you who you really are.