Here's How To Get The Bachelor's Chris Harrison To Officiate Your Wedding

Bachelor Nation, rejoice. Now you, too, can have your very own Bachelor style wedding. While you'll have to take care of finding someone to give that final rose to on your own, you can at least get Chris Harrison to preside over the ceremony and live out your very own Bachelor (or Bachelorette) fantasy. 

That's right, it turns out that The Bachelor host is available to officiate weddings of people who didn't meet through the Bachelor franchise. Harrison recently launched a website with a handy dandy request form where you can hire him to preside over your wedding. According to the site, Harrison has been an ordained minister with Universal Life Church since 2012. According to People, Harrison officiated the wedding between Bachelor producers Cassie Lambert and Pete Scalettar that year and has presided over other Bachelor weddings since then.

Chris Harrison customizes the ceremony for each couple

This isn't a one package fits all sort of deal, either. Harrison won't be reading from a script (although he probably would if you asked him to). Each of his weddings is customized for the couple. Harrison is available for weddings in the U.S., although the website says he's also open to officiate destination weddings.

While Harrison doesn't list any prices on his website, we're willing to bet that getting the reality TV icon to officiate your wedding doesn't come cheap. A disclaimer at the bottom of the request form warns that Harrison is in popular demand and that there are a limited number of wedding dates available. We'd expect nothing else from the Bachelor host.

If getting Harrison to officiate your wedding doesn't work for your budget or your schedule, there's another option available to Bachelor fans. For a mere $500, you can request Harrison to record a video for your special day, or any day really. Harrison is offering "customizable shout outs" for any occasion you can think of. For an extra $250, you can even have the video filmed at the Bachelor Mansion.