The Hair And Eye Color Combo That Guys Like Most

Ladies, ever wonder what hair and eye color combo men find most attractive in a potential partner? Blue-eyed blondes get a lot of play in the media, as do slightly more exotic green-eyed redheads, but actually, a survey by the dating app Badoo, which is used by 330 million members in 190 different countries, had some interesting findings (via Evoke). 


Badoo didn't poll all 330 million members of course, but they did survey 2,000 of their male members regarding preferences in women's hair color, eye color, and even dress size. As far as hair color/eye color combo went, 60 percent of the 2,000 men surveyed said they preferred blue-eyed brunettes (via Your Tango)! Wow, sorry, hair bleach manufacturers — looks like blondes don't always get to have more fun.

Other findings from the survey

While blonde was the preferred hair color of 29.5 percent of men surveyed, 28.6 preferred black hair and fully one-third went for brown as their fave. Even if you add in the 8.8 percent of men who preferred redheads (with or without freckles), that still adds up to dark hair out-polling light hair by a margin of two to one. Blue eyes, though, were preferred by 40 percent, with brown coming in second at 29.2, green third at 17.5 and hazel dead last with only 13.1 percent — but that might just possibly be influenced by the fact that there were possibly a few men surveyed who really couldn't tell the difference between brown and hazel anyway.


The real shocker, however, was the survey result about dress sizes. In this diet-obsessed world, it's reassuring to know that the vast majority of men preferred women who fell in the 12 to 14 size range — you know, that size where the saleswomen start steering you toward the "plus" range and/or suggesting something "less form-fitting." Survey says: only 10 percent of men want women in the size 6 to 8 range.

But what about gay men?

Unfortunately, it does not appear that there has been a similar survey conducted regarding the hair color, eye color, and body size preferences of gay men. There was, however, research conducted at the University of Glasgow (via Reader's Digest) which polled LGBTQ as well as straight couples regarding their preference in eye color alone. According to the findings, gay men were twice as likely to be dating someone with an eye color similar to that of their father. This preference also held true for straight women, whereas straight men and lesbians preferred their lovers to have eye colors matching their mom's.


Make of that what you will, but if you're single, take heart: there's somebody out there somewhere who thinks your particular hair color/eye color/size combo is absolutely perfect.