Is TLC's Unexpected On Hulu?

Late last year, the announcement that Hulu subscribers would have access to shows from Discovery, TLC, OWN, and lots more, had reality TV fans salivating. From December onward, Hulu customers had the opportunity to watch 4,000 episodes of shows including Deadliest Catch, Naked and Afraid, and Alaskan Bush People from Discovery along with Say Yes to the Dress, Counting On, and Dr. Pimple Popper from TLC. 

With Unexpected (TLC's take on MTV staple 16 and Pregnant) entering its third season this year, the time seems right for it to be available on Hulu too. Or will these teen moms be relegated to only TLC — for now, anyway?

TLC's Unexpected is easily accessible

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, although you can stream TLC via Hulu, there's a limit to the shows available via the service itself. As annoying as it might be, the best place to catch Unexpected is still TLC. The good news is, the show is on the schedule almost constantly, so catching it shouldn't be an issue.

Season 3, which premiered August 4, was met with controversy as OG stars McKayla and Caelan returned, leading fans to criticize producers. In particular, they felt how the teen mom, who was pregnant with her second child during filming, behaved towards her baby daddy was unacceptable. As the season rolled on, Caelan grew increasingly tired of McKayla's antics and a custody battle even reared its head.

Much of the sympathy lies with Caelan, with YouTuber user Surfergrl72Roxy I admitting, via TV Shows Ace, "I actually feel bad for Caelan, he looks like he's actually trying. He seems like he's really grown-up since last season and there's just no way to get through to McKayla. It's what she wants on her terms and her terms only. At least he's actually working to support his family and nothing makes her happy. The last thing they needed was another child."