The Best Botox Alternatives To Get Rid Of Wrinkles

We've either been there or at least are heading in a similar direction — we looked in the mirror and discovered lines and wrinkles that weren't there before. While there are those of us who have charted a clear path to Botox since we first heard about it, there are others who are willing to try a few other things before entertaining the thought of using a needle to inject the toxin that causes food poisoning into a facial muscle... because really, that's what a Botox procedure entails (via Newsweek).

Mayo Clinic says Botox isn't the solution for all wrinkles because of how our facial lines are formed and the way Botox works. The toxin relaxes or paralyzes muscles, so it is most effectively used on dynamic wrinkles, which are formed on our forehead and around our eyes, when we use our facial muscles to do things like smile, laugh, frown, or squint.

But our skin can also wrinkle as a result of elasticity and collagen loss, leaving us with what dermatologists call static wrinkles, or small lines and wrinkles in the areas near your mouth. In this case, Mayo Clinic suggests you may be better off getting a combination of Botox and fillers like hyaluronic acid which lifts your skin. In both cases, it is important to see a licensed dermatologist before resorting to a needle to combat wrinkles to make sure you're getting treatment that works.

However, not everyone is all about the needles, so what do you do when you're hoping to improve wrinkles, but aren't into syringes?

Best non-needle alternatives to botox

But if all this talk of needles has made you frown even more, there are still creams and serums you can use to keep wrinkles at bay. Australian beauty expert Desiree Stordahl says (via Byrdie), "Look for a well-rounded formula that includes ingredients such as antioxidants, ceramides, omega fatty acids, niacinamide, and peptides. Those are all brilliant wrinkle fighters, but if I had to pick the superstar of the bunch, it'd be retinol. Retinol has the most impressive and extensive research to back up its ability to strengthen skin, smooth wrinkles, and improve firmness."

All skin experts, including Stordahl, agree that SPF protection is critical to the fight against wrinkles and aging. "Sunscreen is king when it comes to preventing wrinkles and other signs of aging, like dark spots," she explains. "Think about it like this: If you neglect daily sun protection, you're basically undoing and minimizing the effectiveness of any other anti-aging treatment in your regime." Skincare company Nivea also recommends that you stay hydrated, try to cut back on stress, get enough sleep, and quit smoking (if you do) to help combat early-stage wrinkles and fine lines.