What Cardi B Typically Eats In A Day

Cardi B is a force to be reckoned with. The Grammy Award-winning rapper is truly having a moment, scoring tons of Billboard hits and watching her bank balance shoot through the roof. She's come a long way from the girl she was as a child, growing up impoverished in the Bronx and later working for $250 a week at the Amish Market — quite the stunning transformation. Now the world is hers, and we're pretty much just living in it, waiting to see what she'll say or do next. Okurrr!

In addition to being a talented rapper and a colorful social media superstar, Cardi B is also in fantastic shape. That's thanks in part to her years working as a stripper, which takes a ton of strength and agility, not to mention endurance. Curious as to what Cardi B eats in order to fuel the body that makes all of the money moves? Read on to discover what Cardi B typically eats in a day, which just might surprise you.  

Cardi B only eats two meals per day: breakfast and dinner

One strategy that Cardi B uses in order to stay trim and fit is to restrict the amount of meals she has during the day, opting to skip the midday meal. "I also only eat twice a day," she revealed in an Instagram story (via Celebretainment). "I eat a big breakfast and then I eat a big dinner." What those meals may consist of may vary, but it sounds like the pattern is quite rigid when she needs it to be.

Additionally, when Cardi B wants to quell her appetite, she reaches for a detox tea that helps curb cravings. "Twice a week, I do Teami because I can't do it every day," she continued. "But I'm really thankful for Teami because I really feel it helped my uterus get smaller." While we're not sure about Teami's actual effects, Cardi also credits the tea for helping her shed baby weight and get back into her fighting shape.

Cardi B doesn't like being too skinny

Cardi B is an open book about many things, including the plastic surgery she had done while she was a stripper in order to enhance her curves. So when she found herself dropping too many pounds after giving birth, she was concerned. "I cannot stop losing weight," she lamented in an Instagram post (via Entertainment Tonight). "And it's so crazy because when I first gave birth I did everything to lose my baby weight. I was drinking Teami so I could curve my appetite." You do what you have to do, right?

This is not to say that Cardi B wanted to become plump or to increase the size of her waistline. Rather, she just wanted to maintain the fat in specific areas. "Now that I lost all the baby weight in my stomach and in my arms and in my face, now I want to gain weight, but now I can't gain weight because I have a terrible appetite," she continued. "I can literally go 24 hours without eating." Hopefully that phase passed quickly!

Cardi B eats a hearty breakfast

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Cardi B is here for it, as is evidenced by a video she posted on her Instagram page (via YouTube). In it, she chows down on a large morning meal that looked like it included scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, ketchup, bacon, salami, prosciutto, and smoked salmon. Cardi B went heavy on the hot sauce and pepper, and she washed it all down with what appeared to be fruit juice. At the very end, she dug into yogurt with fruit while extolling its nutritional benefits. "Yogurt is very good for women," she explained. "I suggest women ... eat one cup of yogurt a day."

Cardi B changed it up in another video, in which she shared that she was starting her day with quite the surprising breakfast selection. "This is what I'm eating for breakfast," she revealed. "Two slices of pizza and a caramel frap from Starbucks." Hey, when in New York, why not?

Finally, don't forget the lavish breakfast spread that Offset laid out for her in another Instagram post.

Cardi B is a longtime fan of this particular BBQ chain

If you follow Cardi B on Instagram, you know that she often posts videos showing off different aspects of her life: dancing on her private jet, celebrating her awards, or chowing down on chicken, to mention just a few. Her colorful social media presence was a driving factor in her rise to success, according to her website, as it allowed her to amplify her reach out into the world.

Additionally, Cardi B also posts photos of food to her Instagram page on occasion (who doesn't?), including one celebrating Dallas BBQ, one of her longtime favorite chains. "This what I ate for my high school graduation dinner," she wrote in the caption, the photo showing a bowl of chicken and rice. "I'm still eating the same s**t. Till this day."

Dallas BBQ has a number of locations in New York City, so, if you're ever in the Big Apple, you can drop in to see what all of the fuss is about.

When Cardi B wants to be healthy, she goes vegan

While Cardi B is an avid omnivore who loves all kinds of animal proteins, she's not afraid to try new things. To that end, she decided to give vegan cuisine a shot, which she documented in an Instagram story (via Live Kindly). "[It's my] first time eating vegan, y'all," she explained in the video. "I hope I don't waste my money. There's a burrito and there's a pancake." Sounds like a good place to start!

Cardi B had a good reason for giving vegan food a spin, as she was pregnant with her daughter at the time, and she wanted to improve the quality of her diet. "Gotta' eat a lil' bit more healthy and see what the f**k is up," she continued. Sounds like Cardi B educated herself on what really happens to your body when you go vegan – and she probably learned of some surprising foods most people don't know are vegan.

While Cardi B hadn't said she'd stick to a plant-based diet, she did launch a vegan leather fashion line, according to Entertainment Tonight. So vegan living is certainly on her radar.

Cardi B is a fan of Rap Snacks

Cardi B is a big fan of chips, including Rap Snacks branded with her name, which she gushed about in an Instagram story (via Marie Claire). "I'm not saying this because these are my chips ... but these are the best. Chips. Ever," she proclaimed in the video. "And if you wanna call my bluff, just buy some...they're 59 cents." 

In addition to Rap Snacks, Cardi B also had a hankering for another salty snack when she was pregnant. "I hate red Doritos but for some reason I want red Doritos with sour cream and cheese and guacamole," she wrote in a 2018 tweet. "I want it soo bad but I already ate my limit of junk food today." Nothing wrong with a little moderation!

And when Cardi B is craving some international flavors, she visits the snack section at Asian supermarkets, according to several of her Instagram stories (via YouTube). There she purchased everything from mochi ice cream to noodle bowls to dried crabs, rounding out her snack selection. 

Guess who gave Cardi B a lifetime supply of chips and guac

If you've ever heard Cardi B's verses in the Jennifer Lopez song "Dinero," then you know she sang the praises of "chips, guac, and queso." Well, interestingly enough, when the restaurant chain Chipotle got wind of this, they decided to give Cardi B a big gift. "When we first heard Cardi B's lyrics in 'Dinero' about just wanting that chips, [guac] and queso, it obviously resonated," a representative from Chipotle told The Daily Meal. "We just so happen to also think that guac is the best green around, so we thought it would be fun to fill a pelican case with free chips and guac cards to set her up for a very, very long time."

Cardi B was delighted by the gesture and took to social media to tell the world about it. "So I have a whole lifetime supply of chips and guacamole from Chipotle!" she exclaimed in an Instagram story (via Twitter), showing off her case of free chip cards. What a hoot!

Cardi B's favorite dinner out is super healthy

There are tons of places to eat in New York City where Cardi B grew up, as it's one of the most diverse food scenes in the United States, according to Forbes. But of all the restaurants, food carts, and grocery stores in the Big Apple, Cardi B has a special love for Philippe Chow, an upscale Chinese restaurant.

Cardi B has been going to Philippe Chow for many years, and she is a familiar face to executive chef Philippe Chow. "Whenever she comes to the restaurant she always makes a point to say hello, and that gives me the cue to go straight into my kitchen and start preparing some green prawns, her favorite dish," he gushed in an interview with Us Weekly. "Another thing that stands out about her is that she never leaves the restaurant without saying goodnight." What a class act!

Along with prawns, Cardi B's favorite dish includes a variety of vegetables, cashews, and other assorted flavors, making for a super healthy combination. 

These are Cardi B's favorite places to dine out

When asked directly about her favorite place is to dine out, Cardi B quickly name dropped Philippe Chow, this time recommending the chicken satay. As for what you can't miss in Atlanta, according to the rapper? "Soul food," she said without hesitation in an interview with Vogue. "It's the best, everywhere. Wings! They have the best wings everywhere."

Additionally, Cardi B was spotted dining out at another upscale Chinese restaurant named Jue Lan Club in October of 2018, according to Page Six. And she celebrated her birthday that same month at Beauty & Essex in Los Angeles, according to Discover Los Angeles, an upscale restaurant and bar operated by the TAO Group. And when she was in Paris, Cardi B had an incredible time dining at César Restaurant, judging by her unbridled enthusiasm in one of her Instagram stories (via YouTube).

Finally, when she's in the neighborhood, Cardi B might stop at Waffle House, just as she did in July of 2018. 

Cardi B's love of McDonald's is well-documented

Just as Cardi B enjoys eating out at upscale restaurants, so too does she like getting her McDonald's fix on occasion, something that's been well-documented on social media. For one, she famously celebrated her big night at the MTV VMAs in 2018 by making a late night burger run in Times Square, according to a video published by 247paps.tv. On another occasion, she took to Instagram Live (via Facebook) to share her thoughts on how rich people eat McDonald's food. Spoiler alert: she says they all combine French fries with ice cream, which she appeared to enjoy as well.

Additionally, Cardi B posted an Instagram story (via Metro) in 2019 after another late night run to Micky D's, in which she asked, "What are we going to do with 40 chicken nuggets?" And to top it all off, she's also taken to Twitter, imploring McDonald's to bring back their cinnamon melts because she misses them. Maybe now they will?

Cardi B may just love this fast food more than diamonds

When Cardi B was pregnant, she had a hankering for Chick-fil-A that beau Offset was happy to indulge. "My man getting me some Chick-fil-A at this time means soo much [more] to me than any jewelry he ever got me," she gushed in a tweet. While we honestly doubt that she really means that, we know that pregnancy cravings are real, and there are a number of reasons pregnant women have food cravings.

After that, Cardi B and Offset were spotted at the Chick-fil-A in the Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta, Ga., picking up a large order of food, according to 11 Alive. Cardi B also named-dropped the chicken-forward restaurant in another tweet several months later, showing just how much she's a fan of the chain.

Not one to miss out on a trend, Cardi B also jumped at the chance to try the spicy chicken sandwich at Popeye's, a Chick-fil-A competitor, according to her Instagram story (via YouTube). Not a bad choice, considering its status as one of the fast food items you need to eat before you die.

What's Cardi B's favorite food to make?

Cardi B is a busy woman. Between recording albums, going on tour, appearing in films, walking the red carpet, launching fashion lines, being a wife and mother, and never failing to stir the pot, Cardi B has a lot on her plate. To that end, it's not surprising that her favorite food to cook is a simple dish that's kid-friendly. "My favorite thing to cook is peanut butter and jelly because it's fast to make," she confessed in an interview with Vogue. It's impressive that she has time to cook at all with everything else she has going on!

Cardi B's profession also requires a good deal of travel, meaning she has to spend time in a variety of locations. To that end, she took to social media in 2019 to ask for a bit of culinary help. "Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Tired of eating the same s**t," she lamented in a tweet. "I need a chef in LA ASAP!" Of course, the comments were flooded with talented cooks hoping to get hired.

Cardi B is a fan of seafood on special occasions

If there's one food that we know Cardi B absolutely adores, it's seafood. And as we were shown in a post on her Instagram page, she will eat it anywhere and anytime, including on a plane — especially crab legs. That's something she can easily bite into despite its hard exterior, something she attributes to her "good veneers," which she famously mentions in her song "Bodak Yellow."

Speaking of seafood, Cardi B was in for a major surprise on her first Mother's Day, according to Delish. The rapper walked into her dressing room to a seafood spread that cost thousands of dollars and had her daughter's name, Kulture, spelled out in corn and sausage on top, thanks to her husband. Well done, Offset!

Finally, Cardi B was gifted a beautiful seafood platter in the land down under, when her hotel sent up a plate full of shrimp, caviar, mussels, and more, according to her Instagram story (via TMZ). Our girl was definitely living the good life that night. 

What would Cardi B bring to Thanksgiving?

When it comes to Thanksgiving, Cardi B is a big fan of the holiday meal. But she's less confident about her culinary expertise and feels she'd be a better sous chef than an executive chef. "I could help mash up the potatoes, know what I'm sayin'? Y'all want me to peel some vegetables, I'll help you with that," she shared in an interview with People. "I mean if y'all want me to cook a dish, I'll do it. But I don't guarantee it." Fair enough! You can't be good at everything.

However, there is one dish Cardi B feels she could knock out of the park, though she questions if her husband's family would let her commandeer it. "I think I could do a really good mac and cheese," she continued. "I don't play with my mac and cheese either, so I feel like if I'm gonna go in and do it, I'm gonna do it good. But I don't think they're gonna trust me enough." We'll keep our eye on your Insta to find out, Cardi.