Inside Queer Eye's Tan France's Gorgeous Home

Queer Eye's Tan France recently opened up his gorgeous home for Architectural Digest — and it's about as fabulous as you'd expect. France is the hit show's resident fashion expert, but it looks like his talent extends to interior design.

France shares his historical Salt Lake City home with his husband, Rob France, which they bought in 2017. "The house was built in 1906, and I actually ended up purchasing it over FaceTime," he said in the video tour posted by Architectural Digest on YouTube. "I was away, I called my husband. He came to the home and showed me around on FaceTime and I said, 'We're buying that house,' and he said, 'There is no way it's hideous.'" 

France convinced his husband to buy the house, joking, "I would like to believe that being incredibly gay, I have vision."

Tan France's main floor boasts an open floor plan

France was clearly justified in buying the house without so much as stepping foot in it. The spacious 3,000 foot home is absolutely stunning. The main floor has an English cottage-style layout with gorgeous archways, making the whole floor feel roomy. France showed off the lovely living room, which was decorated to perfection for the holidays.

And, just in case you were wondering, he did not get Queer Eye's interior design expert, Bobby Berk, to help out. "I wanted to show Bobby that I could do it... And so no, I didn't ask Bobby Berk. He's seen it and he seems very impressed."

Tan France's kitchen is state-of-the art

Just off the spacious living room is a generously-sized kitchen. The kitchen sports brass touches for a "classic" feel, and also features a lot of gray, which France said can be found throughout the house. The kitchen also features a concrete countertop.

"I am very comfortable with my masculinity and my femininity," said France. "But when I designed the house I didn't want it to feel like a woman's home."

France said the concrete countertop gives the kitchen a more "industrial and robust" vibe.

Tan France's closet is to die for

Since Tan France is Queer Eye's fashion expert, it will come as no surprise that he paid particular attention to the closet when designing the home. The closet he shares with his husband takes up an entire floor.

As you'd expect, France's closet is neatly organized, although he says there is room for improvement. "I travel a lot," he said. "I ain't got time to figure out my closet right now."

Tan France's bedroom is cozy and minimalist

Tan France's bedroom is as lovely as the rest of the house. The bed has a gray headboard, tying in with the home's signature color. The cozy room is lightly furnished with a couple of nightstands, a settee in the corner, and a small ottoman.

France opened up about the relatively small size of the bed, which he says people on Instagram tease him about. "I wanted a large enough bed but not too large," he said, saying that he and his husband like to be close to each other at night.

"I wanna be close to my husband," he said. "I like him a lot."