Disney Stars Who Are Unrecognizable Without Makeup

Disney stars are some of the most attractive actors in the entertainment industry. Many of them got their start on a Disney Channel show or movie when they were young, so we have seen them literally transform in front of our eyes. While this means we've gotten used to the changing looks of these stars, we're still used to seeing them wearing makeup for their roles. Without makeup, these Disney stars look a lot different. In fact, they're pretty much unrecognizable.

That's not to say that this is a bad thing. These Disney stars still look stunning without makeup — they just look a lot different from what we are used to seeing. These stars clearly have the confidence to rock a bare face because many of them have posted makeup free portraits of themselves on social media over the years. Do you recognize these Disney stars when they have no makeup on?

Disney star Emily Osment looks completely different without makeup

Emily Osment is a Disney star who looks totally different without a made-up face. In a 2018 Instagram photo, she showed off a picture of herself without makeup with tousled hair and a drink in hand. The laid-back look suited the former Hannah Montana star, but this is not the first time that audiences have seen Osment without any makeup on.

While Osment regularly sported a full face of makeup on Hannah Montana, the star revealed to Tribute that in Hannah Montana: The Movie, things were a little bit different and we got to see Osment without a face full of makeup. "I mean, you can see in the movie Miley [Cyrus] and I didn't wear any makeup at all," she said. "And we brought everything down a lot, to make it feel like a real movie, like it was real."

Disney star Monique Coleman looks like a different person without makeup

Monique Coleman has changed a lot since her High School Musical days. She looks completely different these days, and, without makeup, she looks even more different than how we remember her. The lovely Disney star is not bashful about posting photos and videos of her bare face on Instagram, and, with a face as lovely as hers, we can see why. A 2019 video on Instagram shows Coleman sporting glasses and no makeup, which is quite a departure from her High School Musical look.

Coleman has been keeping busy since HSM wrapped. She's still acting, but she's also an activist with her own company, Motivated Productions, which filmed docu-series Gimme Mo for Discovery Life. "After High School Musical, I realized that fame and success were never going to be as fulfilling as giving back," Coleman told Digital Journal. "I decided to use my platform to try and make a difference for young people around the world. This was the birth of GimmeMO, a global movement to empower, inspire, and motivate the next generation of change makers."

Disney star Zendaya isn't afraid to bare her face on Instagram

The stunning Disney star Zendaya has shown off her flawless skin on Instagram more than once. While the former child star is gorgeous without any cosmetics, she looks quite a bit different from how she looks when she's all glammed up for the cameras. She posted a makeup-free photo on Instagram with the caption "Fresh baby facededed" in 2015. A 2018 selfie on Instagram shows her looking radiant and a bit younger than she appears when wearing makeup.

She may be comfortable going barefaced and may look great without makeup, but makeup has always been a fun hobby for Zendaya. "For me, [applying] makeup is a hobby," she told Allure. "It eases my mind the same way someone would enjoy painting. It's therapeutic; it calms me down."

The Shake It Ustar, who's since starred in HBO's Euphoria, added that she has been fascinated by makeup ever since she was a little girl. "My mom had really old makeup that I'd play with," she said. "I'd try avant-garde stuff — crazy circles all over. We had a great time, but it was this cruddy '80s makeup that had definitely expired."

Sabrina Carpenter is a Disney star who is unrecognizable without makeup

Even though Sabrina Carpenter says that her selfies aren't flawless, we're having a hard time buying it. "Everyone takes a bad selfie — the first thing is to know that," the Disney star told Billboard. "Everybody takes at least 20 so even if you see a good selfie it probably wasn't the first one. So my tip is to just not take it too seriously and have fun. That sounds cliche but the obvious ones are good lighting and good arm positions."

It's kind of hard to believe that Carpenter's selfies don't all come out perfectly when even her makeup-free selfies come out stunning. Take, for example, her November 2018 Instagram photo in which Carpenter shines radiantly without makeup.

Carpenter, who's had a stunning transformation since she started in Hollywood, has loved makeup since her early days as a dancer. "When I was younger and a dancer I was so excited for recitals every year," she said. "I was like finally, I get to wear so much makeup! It was so fun."

Disney star Bridgit Mendler doesn't look the same without makeup

Disney star Bridgit Mendler has been rocking makeup since her teen years. "I think I got my first gift certificate to the makeup store in my downtown when I was like 13," the Good Luck Charlie star told Newsday. "But I was really young for my grade. I was about a year younger than everybody else. So everybody else was already kind of wearing makeup, and they were eighth-graders and were super cool. That was when I just started wearing like a little bit of mascara. Mascara can really help sometimes."

While she got the hang of makeup at a young age, she isn't always all glammed up. Mendler is a Disney star who is not afraid to go without makeup. In a July 2019 Instagram photo, she showed a fresh-faced look, captioning the makeup-free pic, "When it's too hot to nap." 

Disney star Brenda Song looks so different without makeup

Brenda Song hasn't changed much over the years. Just 16 years old when she landed her breakthrough role of London Tipton on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, the actress still looks super youthful. A 2015 picture she posted of herself without makeup on Twitter proves that her youthful looks aren't the result of beauty products, either. 

Another thing that hasn't changed much is Song's relationship with some of the stars she grew up with on the Disney Channel. She's still close with other Disney alums, including Danielle Panabaker, Aly Michalka, and AJ Michalka. "As we all grow older and spin into adult careers, seeing each other is amazing because we've all been through this crazy thing together that not very many people understand," the Disney star told Teen Vogue. "I wouldn't stay friends with them just because we worked together. These people are great, and it makes me really happy to see them all so successful. It's not easy to make that transition."

Rowan Blanchard is a Disney star whose look is completely changed without makeup

Girl Meets World star Rowan Blanchard looks quite a bit different without makeup on. In March 2015, she took to Twitter with a couple of makeup-free photos, writing, "Here is a no makeup/ no filter selfie because I feel confident today."

Blanchard is one of those stars who likes to give her skin a breather whenever she can. The Disney star told Byrdie that she only wears makeup when she is working and makes sure to take care of her skin. "When I started getting into beauty, I was already known," she said. "I was working. It definitely has an impact on me, but I feel like skincare gives me accessibility to confidence."

Blanchard invests in good skincare products, but she won't do the same for makeup. "I don't like spending a lot of money on makeup," she said. "I would splurge on food."

Debby Ryan is one Disney star who looks so different without makeup on

Without a thick layer of makeup, Debby Ryan's freckled face is hard to recognize. In a foundation-free Facebook post in 2014, the Jessie and The Suite Life on Deck star wrote, "In real life, I have freckles. hiding is exhausting. what is your makeup hiding?" A 2018 Instagram pic later showed the Disney star without makeup.

Ryan's transparency extends beyond her physical looks. The actress has also been open about her struggles with anxiety. "It feels like the world is [made of] walls and they're all closing in on you and strangling you from the inside," she told Teen Vogue. "When that begins to happen, your heart rate rises."

Ryan's anxiety has inspired her to become an advocate for destigmatizing mental health. "When you have a complicated relationship with your mind... all of the tricky things, navigating [it] does not mean that you are broken and that something is broken about you or something is wrong about you," she said in the same interview with Teen Vogue. "But something is very wrong with society."

Laura Marano is a Disney star who is unrecognizable without makeup

Disney star Laura Marano has struggled with acne in the past, but those days are gone. In 2018, though, she shared a photo of herself without makeup to Twitter, after becoming a brand ambassador for skincare line Acne Free. Marano's skin was clear of blemishes, and she thanked the line for helping her become confident "to live my life more makeup free."

In an interview with OK!, Marano said that she wears so much makeup for work that she sometimes likes taking a break from getting glammed up by keeping it simple with foundation and chapstick. She also shared a hack for perfectly made-up lips. "My makeup artist has the best trick for putting on lip gloss or even just lipstick," said the Austin and Ally star. "You don't do a kissy face or a serious face, you stretch your lips in a grin and you can get every part of your lip. It looks really good after. It's awesome!"

Disney star Danielle Fishel looks so different without makeup

Danielle Fishel is an iconic Disney star. Millions of viewers grew up with Fishel who starred on the shows Boy Meets World and its spin-off, Girl Meets World. Fishel showed her fans what she looks like without makeup in a June 2018 selfie posted to Instagram. Fishel looked quite different without makeup on. Her willingness to show the world what she looks like without any makeup is very much in keeping with her Boy Meets World character, Topanga, who was always unashamedly herself.

"She was so absolutely sure of who she was and who her friends were," said Fishel of her Disney character in an interview with HelloGiggles. "And she held them to that standard. She never let the people around her decide that it was okay to be less than the best that they could be. And being that kind of person, and being around that kind of person, is such a comforting feeling because you know you can totally trust them to not lead you astray."

Maiara Walsh is a Disney star who looks totally different with no makeup

Corey in the House star Maiara Walsh is a Disney alum whose look without makeup is unrecognizable. In 2014, she uploaded a makeup-free selfie on Twitter on a self-described bad hair day. While she looked more relaxed and laid-back than she does on TV, Walsh was nonetheless gorgeous in the photo.

The Disney star is the sort of person who can get glammed up for the red carpet but is also low maintenance. Walsh is quite practical, revealing to Flickering Myth that she knows exactly what to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse. "I would make sure I had as many transportable provisions and basic needs as I could handle traveling with," she said. "I would make sure family and loved ones were safe, have something dependable to protect myself and others with, and stay on the move. I would also diffuse as much chaos as possible with any survivors and try to inspire hope and resiliency."

Makeup probably isn't one of the "basic needs" Walsh would pack, so it's a good thing she doesn't need it!

Disney star China Anne McClain does not look the same without makeup

China Anne McClain showed off a makeup-free and filter-free selfie on Facebook in December 2017. While McClain looked amazing, as usual, it's a different look from what we're used to from the Descendants and A.N.T. Farm star. 

Going without makeup isn't the only way that the Disney star has embraced a natural look. McClain also embraces her natural curls. "Why do we let everyone else tell us what we should look like?" she captioned an Instagram post in 2017. "How we should dress? How to wear our hair? What we can't do based on our appearance or the color of our skin? Haven't ever really worn my hair natural but I'm sick of straightening this magic." She went on, "I'm a black girl and I'm hella proud. And whether you are black, white, brown, yellow, red, green, or purple you should be proud too because you're BEAUTIFUL."

Vanessa Hudgens is a Disney star who is completely different without makeup

Vanessa Hudgens is all about bold makeup looks. In 2018, she even launched a Coachella-themed collaboration with SinfulColors. "I've always thought beauty is a place where you should be able to freely express yourself," the Disney star told Byrdie. "For me, that means trying different things and kind of being fearless. Beauty is a safe place. I've always been taught to have fun with it."

The High School Musical star added that she loves experimenting with her makeup. "Like some nights when I have an idea for a look — right before I take my makeup off and normally after I've had a glass of wine — I'll sloppily throw something on and see how it looks," she said.

Hudgens may love getting glammed up, but she's not afraid to let people see how different she looks with no makeup on. A 2016 video posted on Instagram shows that Hudgens looks fresh and youthful without makeup.

Jennifer Stone is a Disney star who is hard to recognize without makeup

Wizards of Waverly Place alum Jennifer Stone looks quite a bit different without makeup. In a 2015 makeup-free photo posted on Instagram, Stone's natural freckles shone through. While Stone's makeup-free selfie proves that her good looks are effortless, things aren't always easy for the actress. In 2018, the Disney star told dLife that she was juggling acting, nursing school, and being diagnosed with diabetes.

Stone said that balancing school and her career is "a little crazy" and exhausting. "But I'm excited about doing both," she said. "To be honest, the hardest part is managing stress. My blood sugars are really stress-dependent so whenever I'm stressed, in my brain I think I'm fine but my body will tell me otherwise. I have to be good about time managing with getting enough sleep and exercising, and eating right and just keeping everything very balanced and that can be a challenge."

Disney star Raven-Symone is unrecognizable with no makeup

On her 30th birthday in 2015, Disney star Raven-Symone posted a mirror selfie on Instagram. The picture was taken right after she woke up. The That's So Raven star was still in her pajamas and was without makeup, making for quite a change from her typical red carpet look.

Raven-Symone's look has changed a lot over the years. The actress, who came out as a lesbian in 2016, was pressured by her team to dress a certain way when she was younger. "Disney has always been accepting of me, but this was someone in my own camp, like industry people, agents and managers," she told Variety. "I remember that I wore Abercrombie and Fitch jeans, a stereotypical lesbian vest, a tie and one of the members of my team went up to my mom and was like, 'She looks too much like a lesbian. Can you tell her to put on a skirt and makeup? Because then they'll accept her and come to her concert.'"

In spite of the pressure, Raven-Symone has always remained true to herself.